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  • Allows to migrate Google Drive to another Google Drive/ Domain
  • Transfer Google Drive storage using Admin Account
  • Admin account allows user mailboxes migration without password
  • Migrate Permissions from both files & folder to another Google drive on-demand
  • Move files between Google Drives of all types like images, doc files, videos, etc.
  • Capable to Transfer Deleted Items from Trash folder of Google Drive on-demand
  • Move Shared files option to transfer Shared with me folder data on-demand
  • Performs Delta Migration, in the case of data re-migration
  • Date-based filter option to transfer selective files from Google Drive
  • Maintain On-drive folder hierarchy during Google Drive migration
  • Pause / Resume & Stop to Move Google Drive to another Google Drive
  • Generate complete export report in CSV format for future reference
  • Compatible with various Operating Systems

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Move Google Drive Data to Another Drive With Permissions

File Permissions
  • Edit : When migrate Google Drive to another Google Drive with this permission, a user is allowed to modify the content, accept or reject suggestions, and share it with any other user also.
  • Comment : This permission let users add comments and suggestions, but not allowed to modify or share the file with others.
  • View : This will only let users view the file, but cannot edit or share it with others after transferring data from Google Drive.
Folder Permissions
  • Organize, add, & edit : After G Drive to G Drive migration, a user is allowed to open, edit, add, delete, or move files within the folder.
  • View only : When move Google Drive folder with view permission, a user is allowed to see the folder and open all files within the folder. However, not allowed to perform any other action on it.
  • Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people : This option does not let editors to share the files or change permissions even after Google Drive Migration

What's Migrated?

Transfer Files from Google Drive to Another Google Drive of Types

Archive files .ZIP , .RAR , tar , gzip
Audio formats MP3 , MPEG , WAV , .ogg , .opus
Image files .JPEG , .PNG , .GIF , .BMP , .TIFF , .SVG
Markup/Code .CSS , .HTML , .PHP , .C , .CPP , .H , .HPP , .JS , .java , .py
Text files .TXT
Video files WebM , .MPEG4 , .3GPP , .MOV , .AVI , .MPEGPS , .WMV , .FLV , .ogg
Autodesk AutoCad .DXF
Illustrator .AI
Photoshop .PSD
Portable Document Format .PDF
PostScript .EPS , .PS
Scalable Vector Graphics .SVG
Tagged Image File Format .TIFF - best with RGB .TIFF images
TrueType .TFF
Excel .XLS and .XLSX
PowerPoint .PPT and .PPTX
Word .DOC and .DOCX
XML Paper Specification .XPS
Password-protected Microsoft Office files All Type
Editor files .key, .numbers
Disk Image Files DMG

Source and Destination Account Mapping

The Google Drive to Google Drive migration software lets you perform user ids mapping between both the source and destination accounts. It offers multiple options to transfer one Google Drive data to another Google Drive account.

  1. Fetch Users: This option automatically fetches and displays all user IDs from the source domain, leaving the destination ID blank for manual mapping.
  2. Import Users: You can click the Browse button to directly add a CSV file that contains all source and destination user mailbox mappings.
  3. Download Template: Download a sample CSV file that you can use to import a list of mapped source and destination accounts.

Impeccable Features Offered by Google Drive Migrator Tool

Move Files / Folders from One Google Drive to Another

migrate between Google Drives

Move Google Drive to Another Drive

Google Drive Migration tool is designed in such a manner that it migrate Google Drive to another Google Drive very easily. A user is allowed to transfer multiple Google Drive storage at once also to save time. The tool copy all data items like photos, doc files, PDFs, videos, audio files, email clients data files, excel files, etc., maintained in Google Drive. After that, in destination drive, it saves the transferred data with the current date of migration.

In addition, a user can copy all type of Google data from Google Drive i.e., Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google Sites, Google Jamboard.

re-run option

Re-Run Migration Option

The Google Drive to Google Drive Migration tool has a unique feature to re-run or re-execute the migration after it is completed. This option renders the users to re-run G Suite migration in three modes:

  • Retry Failed Migration : Using this feature, users can migrate those items which failed the initial run of migration. This option will retry migration of all those failed data items.
  • Re-Run Full Migration : If any of the data item or category was skipped in the previous run, users can migrate those items using this feature. it ensures that there will be no duplicacy.
  • Delta Migration : The tool migrates the entire data on the first migration attempt. If the data is transferred twice on the same machine, the newly arrived data will be exported only between the same accounts.

Migrate selective data between drives

Provides Date-based Filter Option

In order to move files from Google Drive to another Google Drive within a particular date range, a user can go for date-based filter option offered by the Google Drive Migrator software. A user can specify a date range in the 'To' and 'From' the field, the tool will transfer only that specified data from one Google Drive to another drive /Domain, which falls under the specified date range. But, make sure that the tool supports only two type of date filter i.e., Date on which file is created and Date on which file is uploaded.

Google Drive to G Suite

Options to Transfer Google Drive Storage

Using this Google Drive migration tool, a user can move Google Drive to another Google Drive in two different ways:

  • Admin Account : Using this option, a user can easily perform Domain to Domain migration. Before that, one needs to add source admin ID and destination admin ID and validate it first.

Note : For validation, Add Scope first. Follow the steps discussed in the specification section.

  • Individual User Account : Using this option, a user can perform three type of migration i.e., Gmail to Gmail, Domain to Gmail, and Gmail to Domain migration. In this, a user needs to enter username and password first for each account and authorize it. on-demand

migrate personal google drive to g suite

Add Source & Destination User ID on-demand

After choosing the type of migration within Google Drive Transfer software, one needs to add the source and destination user ID using the three options offered by the tool:

  • Add User : Allows to add one user (source and destination ID) at a time to migrate Google Drive files to another Google Drive/ domain.
  • Add CSV : Allows to directly add CSV file containing multiple user IDs at once to move multiple Google Drive to Google Drive in bulk.
  • Remove User : Allows to delete already added source and destination ID from the tool while transferring files from Google Drive to another Google Drive.


Migrate Concurrently

Software to transfer one Google Drive account to another Google Drive account allows users to perform migrations for multiple users at once. Here, the user can add multiple service accounts by activating the Enable multiple accounts option in the Settings window. This option allows users to migrate up to 200 mailboxes at a single time.

Important Note: This requires a high configuration (at least 8 cores) and high bandwidth machine.

migrate shared folder permissions

Option to Transfer Permissions on-demand

The Google Drive to Google Drive Migrator tool provides the provision of migrating permissions also that are applied on files and folders to another drive. The software is capable to transfer all permissions like edit, comment, view when a user move Google Drive data to another Google Drive. Either it is files permissions or folder permissions, the software will copy all of them in proper way without any hassle.

recover google drive trash

Option to Migrate Deleted Items on-demand

Another option to customize Google Drive to Google Drive migration process is to move deleted items also to another drive. As a user check this option, the software will transfer Trash folder from one Google Drive to another. It does not maintain folder hierarchy and copy all data to a single folder. In addition, to make it is easily visible, it will create a separate folder with Trash name only.

move shared with me to my drive

Option to Move Shared Files on-demand

This alternative let users can get access to shared data also. When a user check this option, the software will transfer Shared with me folder from source G drive to destination G Drive. Moreover, at the destination location, it will create a new folder with same name i.e., Shared with me containing all files and folder.

Maintain folder hierarchy

Allows to Maintain Folder Hierarchy

This SysTools Migrator provides you an option to keep the folder structure intact as original when you migrate Google Drive to another Google Drive. It depends on the choice of a user, to maintain folder hierarchy or not. If this option remains unchecked during the migration process, the Google Drive Migration tool will create a single folder containing all files in it without any folder structure.

Google Drive Migrator Software Specifications
Download Google Drive Migrator Tool to Move Google Drive Folder to Another Account

Windows Software Download

Size : 85.3 MB

Version : 5.2.0

MD5 : 530adf041983e8d9a2c94fb353e1c9ab

Linux Software Download

Size : 87.4 MB

Version : 5.2.0

MD5 : 15ee23b154f44532f8566d43524e3df6

Trial Limitations

Trial version of Google Drive Migration software will migrate complete data of 2 user account only.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 500 MB for installation & tool requires at least 5GB of free space to store data

Minimum 8 GB of RAM

Minimum 2.2 GHz processor

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows - Windows Server 2012, 2016, Windows 10(64-bit)
  • Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    Architecture: x86-64


  • Destination User(s) should be already created at destination Admin account.
  • Make sure to Enter Service Account Client & Browse p12 Key Path of Google Cloud Platform Console Project. Know How to Create Google Console Project and Add Scope Read More



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Software Customization

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Migrate Permissions, Deleted & Shared Items
Maintain Folder hierarchy
Windows 10 / Windows Server 2012 / 2016 Supported
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Supported
Pause, Resume & Stop Migration Process
Transfer GDrive to another account Migrate 2 User Account
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Frequently Asked Questions by Users
Migrate Google Drive to Google Drive/ Domain
Does Google Drive to Google Drive Transfer software migrate all permissions that are assigned to a particular .doc file?

There are two DOC files in my Google Drive and I want to move files from Google Drive to another Google Drive. So, I just want to confirm, does this tool provide any provision to migrate all permissions also?

Yes, Google Drive Migration tool renders users an option to transfer permissions while you migrate Google Drive to another Google Drive. If a user wants to move permissions also, then one can enable the Migrate Permission option.

Google Drive Migration

6 Steps to Move Google Drive Data to Another Drive

  • Step 1 : Download & Run Google Drive Migration Tool.
  • Step 2 : From the Workload Selection, select the categories.
  • Step 3 : Provide the details for "G Suite" as a source and validate the permissions.
  • Step 4 : After this, add admin credentials for "Office 365" account.
  • Step 5 : Fetch Users from Source Domain & Enter Destination IDs.
  • Step 6 : Click on "Start Migration" to begin the migration process.

I tried to move files from one Google Drive to another. But due to some Internet connectivity issue, it did not export complete data. It also provided some fail count. So, I just want to know does the software migrate these items which failed to transferred in the first attempt during the re-migration?

Yes, the application will copy only failed items in the case of re-migration. It does not copy already transferred Google Drive data to the same destination drive. It is because the Google Drive Migrator tool supports incremental migration to move Google Drive to new Domain.

I want to add total 10 different source and destination user ID to the software, which takes lots of time if done one by one. Therefore, I want to know if there is any feature available to add all of them at once to migrate Google Drive to Google Drive.?

Yes, a user can easily add multiple user IDs at once to transfer folder from one Google Drive to another drive using Add CSV option offered by the application. In this, a user can directly upload CSV file containing multiple source and destination IDs in it to copy file from one Google Drive to another Domain.
Yes, it is mandatory to add scope while migrating Google Drive through Admin account. Otherwise, it will not validate the Admin Account ID and you will not be able to move folder from one Google Drive to another.
Yes, the Google Drive copy tool provides users an option to maintain folder hierarchy at destination drive after we migrate Google Drive to another Google Drive.
Yes, to transfer Shared with me folder from one Google Drive to another drive, simply check Migrate Shared Files option. The tool will create a separate folder with the same name in the destination drive.
Yes, when you check Migrate Deleted Items option while migrating Google Drive data, the tool will transfer Trash folder as a separate folder with same name.
Yes, the Google Drive Migration tool is capable to transfer Google Drive data from G Suite education accounts also. In addition, it supports all type of G Suite accounts i.e.,
  • G Suite Basic
  • G Suite Business
  • G Suite Enterprise
  • Drive Enterprise
  • G Suite for Education and for Nonprofits
You can move all type of data stored in your G Drive to another, including doc files, videos, images, PDF files, Excel sheets, PPTs, etc.
Yes, you are allowed to transfer Google Sheets between Google Drives. In addition, you can move Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Drawings, and Google Jamboard.
Yes, with the help of Google Drive Migration tool, you can migrate permissions also of file and folders in the Google Drive.
Yes, you can easily move complete Google Drive, including Shared With Me, Trash, and My Drive folder from one account to another account.
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