Methods to Import EML Files into Mozilla Thunderbird

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EML to Thunderbird

Do you want to Import EML files to Thunderbird in a Proper Manner?
If your answer is yes, then you must be searching for the solution to import EML files into Thunderbird. Therefore, we bring forth a simple or reliable solution for the same, which will make EML to Thunderbird migration very convenient and efficient.

EML is an electronic email file that includes a single message. It also created multiple email applications i.e., Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. But, there is no option available to import EML messages to Thunderbird. In fact, it is not an easy and simple task. Well, keep calm! It becomes complex for users to import EML files to Thunderbird let us understand more clearly with the help of the user query:

In order to resolve this issue, we have come up with this article. Here we are going to disclose multiple reliable and easy workarounds for the same.

Reliable Solution to Import EML in Thunderbird

Step by step procedure explained below for Mac user and Windows user. Simply perform the steps and import EML files in Thunderbird.

It doesn’t matter that you are using a Windows system or a Mac OS system. You will get separate solutions.

Steps to Import EML to Thunderbird on Windows OS

Simply perform the below-listed steps to complete this task. These steps can be performed on Windows 10, 8, 7, and below versions. The solution is tested on multiple EML files. It also posses advanced features that you can check on Windows EML to Thunderbird Importer product page.

Download Software:

Download Now
Windows OS
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(100% Secure)

  • Step 1: – Download & Install the software on your Windows System

    Add MBOX file

  • Step 2: – Click on ADD Folder to explore folder which contains EML files & Preview complete data.



  • Step 3: – Select the destination Thunderbird account from the auto-loaded list.


  • Step 4: – Click on Import button to import EML file into Thunderbird.


Note: – After Import EML to Thunderbird process is completed, launch Mozilla Thunderbird and start using the exported file. 

Import Multiple EML Files in Thunderbird on Mac OS

Here is one such professional tool i.e SysTools Software which convert EML files to MBOX for Mac in an easy and quick manner. One can use this utility to overcome all the limitations of the manual method.

You can try the free demo version of this utility and explore its functional aspects. Once you get satisfied then, you can purchase a licensed edition and continue importing bulk EML files to Thunderbird and other different platforms as featured by the application. Moreover, the program has some more advanced features, which also, allow users to convert EML mailboxes to MBOX (Thunderbird) format in a few easy steps as mentioned below. So, let’s have a look:

Download Software:

Download Software Now
Mac OS
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  • Step 1: – Run application to import EML messages to Thunderbird 
  • Step 2: – Browse and select EML files or folders to import
  • Step 3: – Select EML items for converting MBOX or other file formats
  • Step 4: – Transfer multiple EML emails with attachment at once

After this, you can easily import your MBOX file into Mozilla Thunderbird

Why Use This Application only?

  • Maintains Emails Headers
  • Support MIME type‎: ‎message/rfc822
  • Inline Images will not be distorted
  • HTML formatting remains the same
  • Easy to use and save your important time
  • Each and every EML files are importing
  • Create separate MBOX for single .eml folder being selected
  • Performed EML to MBOX program without any data loss

Import EML Files into Thunderbird Manually

The following are the manual techniques to add .eml files into Thunderbird.

Technique 1: Import EML to Thunderbird with Drag & Drop

  • Create one new Folder >> then, Right Click on any existing folder (here we have selected the Inbox Folder) >> Hit on the new folder.

  • Now, Give Desired Name (here we used: “EML File”). Press the Create Folder Button to create a new folder.
  • In your machine then, go to the location where all EML files are stored >> and select the EML file. In Mozilla Thunderbird, choose new Sub Folder (we selected New EML Folder) >> Drag-n-Drop EML files data from your PC to New Sub Folder as shown.

  • Now, your All EML files are imported successfully in the desired folder as shown on screen. Select any email to open.

Technique 2: How to Import EML to Thunderbird with “Import/Export Tool”

  • Download Free ‘ImportExportTools NG’ Add-on. Then, save import-export tools NG.xpi in your local machine.
  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird, go to menu Hit on Tools Tab> Click on Add-ons

  • Now, press the gear icon. From drop down list click on Install Add-on will be installed automatically.

  • Then, browse the location where importexporttoolsng.xpi file is saved in your PC. choose the import-export tools.xpi file and click on the Open button.

  • Click on Install Now button to restart the Thunderbird
  • Now, Hit on Restart Now button to restart the Thunderbird

  • Create a New Folder in Thunderbird. For that, Right Click on Local Folders >> Click on New Folder option.

  • Now, give the desired name to a new folder (here we have used Test Folder). Press the Create Folder button.
  • Right Click on the Newly Created Folder > Select ImportExport Tools option > Select Import All Messaged from a Directory > Also Select from its SubDirectories (this option will import all subfolders inside the selected folder).

  • Choose Desired Folders containing EML Files in your system (here we have selected EML Folder and its subfolders for importing). Click on it OK button.

  • In Test Folder, two subfolders are imported. You can also see the count of imported EML files in total.

  • Now, select the Folder to see all imported EML files in Thunderbird.

Disadvantages of Manual Approach

  • Cannot possible to transfers multiple EML files.
  • Non-technical users do not perform this conversion.
  • Also, the process is lengthy and time-consuming.

Tip for Mac users: As there are so many limitations associated with the manual methods, in order to overcome these constraints and make the entire process concise and riskless, an expert solution i.e. the software suggested above can be used. 

Import EML to Thunderbird – User Queries

The subsequent user’s posted scenarios will help users to the understanding need for converting EML to Thunderbird email client. These queries are collected from various tech forums and social networking sites, where Thunderbird users ask questions.

“Hello! I want to transfer my all EML items to Thunderbird or other platforms like Windows Live Mail, etc. In addition, I just want to import EML folders to Mozilla Thunderbird on Mac in an eased manner. Can someone recommend me any efficient technique for the same? Thank you in advance.”

“For business purpose, I need to convert 2578 .eml files into MBOX format. I tried to search for the exact solution but couldn’t get a perfect solution. Is there any solution which can import my entire .eml file, folders to MBOX on MAC OS X?”

Let’s Sum Up

There are many users who start searching for the relevant solution to transfer EML files, folders to Mozilla Thunderbird. As the Thunderbird email application supports both Mac as well as Windows operating system, thus the various methods are available to perform the conversion depends on different platforms.

So, in the above section, we have already explained the manual migration from EML emails to Thunderbird for both environments. But, if the user wants to import EML files into Mozilla Thunderbird Windows then, an automated solution is also recommended to perform the migration process. Along with this, we have also covered the set of features to import EML messages to Thunderbird.

How to Import EML in Thunderbird – User’s FAQ

Can I Import EML Files into Thunderbird Manually?

Yes, you can import complete steps by step guide explained in this article. Visit and perform steps.

Is It Possible to Import Bulk EML to Thunderbird?

Yes, it is possible and quite easy. This article explained the complete procedure. Visit and perform.

How Do I Import EML to Thunderbird on Windows 10?

Read this article for a safe and secure solution. Both manual and automated solutions explained.

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