How to Move Thunderbird Profile to New Computer / PC

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Are you looking for a trusted way to move Mozilla Thunderbird profile to new computer? Did you just get a new computer and want to copy your old Thunderbird data into current PC including the settings? Stay tuned, as we are going to share some reliable approaches in this post that can be implemented to resolve this critical issue.

Being a desktop-based email application, Mozilla Thunderbird data and complete profile are stored in the system. Sometimes, Thunderbird users switch to a new computer/ PC but want to continue using the same Thunderbird profile. In that situation, copying only the MBOX file to the new system is not enough. Users have to move Thunderbird email profile to the new location in a complete manner. As moving the complete TB profile is not a common procedure, most users do not know the method. To help the users who are stuck in this awkward situation, we will share some techniques of exporting profile of Thunderbird from one computer to another.

Methods to Move Thunderbird Profile to New Computer

When users move from one system to another, it becomes imperative for them to move Mozilla Thunderbird’s data profile to another computer. Before starting with this method, users first need to back up their complete profile data and then start following the instructions to move Thunderbird profile to another PC.

Copy Thunderbird Profile to New Computer Windows 7

In this manual method, users have to move and import Thunderbird Profile data to another PC. To do that, copy the Thunderbird profile in a pen drive and paste it to the new system. Open Thunderbird on the new PC and click on Tools >> ImportExportTools >> Import profile. Browse to the location of the profile that you have just copied and add it. But the main limitations of this method are it may incur data loss besides failing to import attachments, header information, and embedded images.

Move Mozilla Thunderbird Profile to New Computer without Data Loss

If you do not find this method trustworthy, the same process can be done with the help of Thunderbird Import Wizard. This application can easily import the complete Thunderbird profile to a new Thunderbird located in a different computer.

Step 1: Open the system that contains the source Thunderbird profile.

Step 2: On the address bar of File Explorer, paste this path:

Step 3: Copy the Thunderbird profile located here with .default extension.

Step 4: Paste the folder to any USB pen drive.

Step 5: Connect the pen drive with a new computer where the destination Thunderbird is located.

Step 6: Launch Thunderbird Import Wizard on that computer.

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Step 7: Click on Add Folder and select the Profile file.

Step 8: All components of Thunderbird Profile will be displayed.

Step 9: Now choose Local Folder or any other configured profile of Thunderbird.

Step 10: Click on Import and the software will successfully import Thunderbird profile to new location.

How to Move Thunderbird Profile in Outlook — Use MBOX to PST Converter

While you are moving Thunderbird profile to another PC, you may wish to migrate the Thunderbird profile to MS Outlook. For this particular requirement, MBOX to PST Tool is available. With the help of this application, users can migrate Thunderbird profile to Outlook in a hassle-free manner.


If users are willing to move Thunderbird profile to new computer, this is the right post for them. Here, we have discussed two commonly used techniques of Thunderbird profile migration. Though there is a manual method available for this process, it is complicated and may involve data loss in many instances. In order to move Thunderbird email profile to another location quickly and safely, the cited software is the ideal one. Since there is no risk of data loss, this application is a completely safe utility.

FAQs Regarding Copying Thunderbird Profile


Q. Is it safe to install Thunderbird Import Wizard for Thunderbird Profile migration?

A. Yes, the application is free from all kinds of virus, malware, and spyware. Therefore, it is completely safe to download and install this utility on your system.

Q. If I use this application to move Thunderbird profile to new computer on Windows 7, will it export the existing account settings as well?

A. Yes, complete Thunderbird profile data including the account settings will be copied to the new PC.

Q. Is there any chance of data loss during profile migration?

A. If Thunderbird Import Wizard is used for exporting profile, no data loss or corruption will occur.

Q. Will Thunderbird Importer retain original folder structure and metadata?

A. Yes, this utility does not interfere with the original folder structure of the source TB profile and strictly maintains original formatting.

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