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Import MBOX file to Thunderbird





  • Import file formats to Thunderbird in bulk - MBOX/MBS, MBX, EML, EMLX, Maildir
  • Move complete Thunderbird profile to another computer
  • Support MBOX files of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc.
  • Import MBOX emails with any type of attachments in Thunderbird
  • Transfer MBOX to Thunderbird Configured Profiles & Local Folder
  • Importing single or bulk files using Add File(s) or Add Folder
  • Date filter option to transfer selective emails from the MBOX files
  • Tool allows to import files from the custom profile path of identities
  • Feature to Maintain Folder Structure of source MBOX / MBS files
  • Complete retention of metadata after adding MBOX to Thunderbird
  • Windows Operating System 11, 10 and other lower versions compatibility

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thunderbird importer tool supported emails

Supported Email Clients for MBOX to Thunderbird Importer

MBOX is one of the most commonly used file extension for storing email client data. Various email applications support MBOX files and save their data in MBOX file format at the back end. To import MBOX file into Thunderbird Windows, this software supports these email clients:

  • thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird
  • takeout Google Takeout (*.mbox)
  • G vault Google Vault Files(*.mbox)
  • Netscape Netscape
  • Eudora Eudora
  • Apple Mail Apple Mail/ Mac Mail
  • Opera Mail Opera Mail
  • Seamonkey Seamonkey
  • Mulberry Mulberry
  • Entourage Entourage
  • Evolution Evolution
  • Becky Becky! Internet Mail
  • Spicebird Spicebird
  • Mailcopa Mailcopa
  • Kmail Kmail
  • Alpine Alpine
  • Postbox Postbox
  • ConeP ConeP
  • PowerMail PowerMail
  • Berkeley Mail Berkeley Mail
  • Pocomail Pocomail
  • Turnpike Turnpike
  • Claws Claws Mail
  • Horde Horde Group Webmail

import MBOX files in Thunderbird

Import Complete Thunderbird Profile

If someone is changing their system and switching to a new one, Thunderbird Import Wizard can assist them in moving the entire Mozilla Thunderbird profile. Just go to the location of Thunderbird and select the profile. The Thunderbird Importer tool will easily import the complete Thunderbird profile to another computer including the MBOX and SBD files located within it.

C:\Documents and Settings\*username\Application data\Thunderbird\Profiles\*name.default

ImportExportTools NG Add-On


Thunderbird Import Wizard

Users often face issues such as “Thunderbird not importing MBOX through ImportExportTool NG.” To avoid such inconvenient situations, Thunderbird Import Wizard is a better option. Here we have listed the aspects in which this software supersedes ImportExportTools NG.
  • ImportExportTools NG is not fully compatible with all versions of Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • When MBOX files are moved to Thunderbird using this add-on, data loss may occur.
  • Embedded images of MBOX emails imported by Add-on do not get displayed properly.
  • It fails to import attachments while importing emails with attachments from MBOX file.
  • This add-on may give rise to issues during its installation or importation process.
  • Error: "This add-on could not be installed because it has not been verified.”
  • Thunderbird Import Wizard supports all available versions of Thunderbird email client.
  • There is no risk of data loss when Thunderbird Importer is used to import MBOX to Thunderbird.
  • Emails imported by MBOX Importer Tool display embedded images in original format.
  • All types of attachments are imported along with their corresponding Email Message
  • MBOX Importer software can be installed on systems with Windows OS 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.
  • The utility supports import MBOX to Thunderbird in any TB profile without any error or data loss.

MBOX Items Compatible for Thunderbird Import MBOX

  • Complete Message
  • Inline Image
  • Signature
  • Formatting
  • ZIP / PDF
  • JPEG / PNG
  • Multimedia Files
  • From / To
  • CC / BCC
  • Subject
  • Sent Date
  • Received Date
  • Size / Time
Mailbox Folder
  • Unread
  • Received
  • Pinned
  • Drafts
  • Outbox
  • Sent
  • Spam
  • Deleted
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Music
  • Video
  • Archives
  • Callback
  • Funny
  • Important
  • Meeting
  • Send Reply
  • To do
  • Valuable
  • Any user created label
SBD Source File As this is a sub-directory file, browse through it to find the MBOX file and import MBOX to Thunderbird using the software.
MSF Source File Since MSF file contains only the index, Browse to add related MBOX file to import MSF to Thunderbird.

Noteworthy Features of Thunderbird Import Wizard

Attributes That Make MBOX Importer Tool One Of A Kind

Import MBOX to Thunderbird

Import MBOX to Thunderbird

The main function of this utility is to add MBOX file into Mozilla Thunderbird 60 Email application. Along with normal emails, the tool can also import MBOX file emails containing various attachments. Once the import is done, restart Thunderbird application to view and open MBOX data in Thunderbird that have been imported.

Move MBOX in Any Thunderbird Profile

Auto-Detect Thunderbird Profiles

Thunderbird Importer software automatically detects all the profiles that have been configured in the installed Thunderbird application. This includes both the POP and IMAP configured email accounts. Users can easily choose their target profile from the list and the software will move MBOX data to the chosen Thunderbird profile.

Support EML files

Import Bulk EML / EMLX Files

Thunderbird users can import large number of EML files into Thunderbird account using Thunderbird Import Wizard tool. For importation, the software supports EML / EMLX files created in both Windows and Mac OS email clients including Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Entourage, IncrediMail, etc.

Support maildir

Move Maildir File

Along with MBOX file, Thunderbird also provides an option to save its data in Maildir format. In case you have some of these files that you wish to import into Mozilla Thunderbird, try Thunderbird Importer. The latest version of this software supports importing Maildir files into Thunderbird profile without changing its properties.

multiple MBOX file adding options

Add Single or Multiple Files

Thunderbird Import Wizard offers users options to add one or multiple MBOX files to Thunderbird at the same time. It also supports other file formats i.e., EML / EMLX / Maildir.

  • Add Single File: This can be done with the help of Add File(s) option.
  • Add Multiple Files: To add multiple MBOX, EML, EMLX, Maildir files, users can choose Add File(s) options. They can also choose Add Folder option to add all supported files located in a folder at once.
  • Add Thunderbird Profile: Use Add Folder option to add the entire Thunderbird profile.

import mbox to thunderbird profiles

Import MBOX File into Chosen Thunderbird Profile

Along with the facility to add MBOX data into the default Thunderbird profile, Thunderbird Importer lets users move MBOX to other profiles.

  • POP Configured Account: Any POP configured account is suitable for MBOX file transfer by Thunderbird Import Wizard.
  • IMAP Configured Account: For IMAP configured account, import into the Local Folder and then drag and drop the imported folder to IMAP account.
  • Local Folder: Any MBOX file can be imported into the Local Folder of Thunderbird email.

Selective Data Import

Selective MBOX Data Import

The application will let users import selective data / emails from the added MBOX files into Thunderbird email application. Using the built-in date-based filter, users can enter the required date range by filling the From date and To date fields. Afterwards, the application will transfer the emails of only the particular date range to Thunderbird.

Thunderbird Importer Supported Email Clients

Supported Email Clients

MBOX files created in all the major email clients are supported by this MBOX to Thunderbird file importer software. The supported email applications include Thunderbird, Google Takeout, Google Vault, Opera Mail, Seamonkey, Netscape, Mulberry, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, etc. This application is also compatible with Thunderbird Maildir files and EML files of all email clients.

 Folder Hierarchy Retention of MBOX File

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

When you choose “Maintain Folder Hierarchy” option to import MBOX to Thunderbird account, the imported MBOX emails are saved in a new folder outside all the existing Thunderbird folders. When this option is not selected and a folder already exists with the same name as the MBOX file, the imported MBOX file data will get merged in that folder.

MBOX Metadata Retention

Retention of Source MBOX Metadata

Even after moving the MBOX files of different email clients into Thunderbird using Thunderbird Importer, there will be no changes in the metadata of the source MBOX file. Besides data integrity, the tool also keeps the header information, read/unread status, etc. intact after importing MBOX file to Thunderbird.

any size accepted for MBOX

No Restriction on File Size

When it comes to opening MBOX files into Thunderbird, the software is the perfect choice. Since there is no file size limitation, users can import MBOX files of any size to Thunderbird 60 email using this tool. Even in case of large-sized MBOX files, Thunderbird Import Wizard works fine and moves files without any data loss.

Windows OS Compatible

Complete Windows OS Support

Thunderbird Importer Tool is a Windows-based software that can be run on any Windows run computer / laptop. It is compatible with Windows 11 (64-bit), Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 of this operating system. The tool also supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions of Windows Operating System to add MBOX to Thunderbird 60.

Thunderbird Import Wizard Software Specifications

Download Application & Import MBOX Files to Thunderbird

best thunderbird import software
Name :   SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard
Version :   5.2
Size :   10.3 MB
New Release :   February, 2024
UI Language :   English
MD5 :   2f01a33b6fe86028d57070384bfce018
Free Version :

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Trial Limitations

Free version of SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard will only import 25 items per folder into Thunderbird Email Client

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Minimum 100 MB of free hard disk space

4 GB is recommended

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz


Thunderbird installation and Profile configuration is mandatory to import MBOX to Thunderbird

Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or above should be installed.


Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008




Electronic Delivery


SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard Tool - Feature Comparison

Get an Overview of DEMO and Licensed Version of the Software

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Import MBOX folders into Thunderbird
Add Multiple MBOX/MBS, MBX, EML, EMLX, Maildir Files Simultaneously
Import Emails with Attachments
Selective MBOX Data Import
Maintain Source Folder Hierarchy
Complete Metadata Retention
Auto-Loading Thunderbird Profile
Support for Windows OS 10 & all older versions
Import MBOX to Thunderbird 25 Items / Folder
Also Support EML, EMLX, and Maildir Files 25 Items / Folder
Cost FREE $29

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Frequently Asked Questions about Thunderbird Import MBOX Process

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How do I import MBOX files into Thunderbird?

I am planning to buy this Thunderbird Importer software. Can you tell me how to import MBOX files using this application?

It is quite easy to operate this tool. All you have to do it to follow these steps:

Steps to Import MBOX Files into Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird Import Tool

  • Step 1 : Launch Thunderbird Import Wizard on Windows computer
  • Step 2 : Click on Add File / Add Folder to add MBOX/MBS, MBX, EML, EMLX, Maildir files.
  • Step 3 : Choose "All Mails" for complete data import in Thunderbird. Choose Mails -> Apply Filters -> Set to import selective MBOX items based on date-filter
  • Step 4 : Select desired Thunderbird profile from Select Identities list
  • Step 5 : Click on Import to import MBOX to Thunderbird.

The application showed that the MBOX import has been successful, but I do not see any imported data in my Thunderbird. Why is this happening?

If your Thunderbird program is open during the import process, then you have to close it and start again to view the imported MBOX, EML, Maildir data.

If you cannot find the transferred MBOX data in Thunderbird, check the Advanced Configuration settings of your Thunderbird account. The Message Store type has to be set as MBOX for this tool to work. If it is set as Maildir, the import will not be successful.

Download free Thunderbird email application and import the MBOX file into it with Thunderbird Importer software. Then you can easily open an MBOX file.
There is no file size limit as users can add any size of MBOX file to this Thunderbird Import Tool.

I have a folder full of MBOX file that I want to add to Thunderbird profile. Can I easily import all the files to Thunderbird Import Wizard?

Using Add Folder option of the software, users can add all MBOX files at a time to this tool.
Yes, MBS file created in Opera Mail is a type of MBOX file. This tool can be used to import MBS file also.
When users choose the IMAP profile as the destination, the tool will show a warning message and ask users to choose Local Folder as their destination. When the data transfer is done, MBOX file data can be easily dragged from Local Folder section to IMAP account.
Store all the necessary EML / EMLX files in a folder and use Add Folder option of Thunderbird Importer to add the folder into the tool. Then the application will import all the EML, EMLX files into Thunderbird regardless of its count.
No, the software carefully moves complete data of MBOX files in Thunderbird and no data will go missing in this process.

No, in order to import MBOX to Thunderbird, the Thunderbird email client should be installed in your computer. You can download Thunderbird from the following link:

Note: If the Thunderbird application is not installed on your PC then you might receive the following error message while trying to import MBOX to Thunderbird using Thunderbird Import Wizard tool.

Thunderbird error

Please configure any of your email accounts (,, etc.) in Mozilla Thunderbird to begin to add MBOX to Thunderbird using Thunderbird Importer utility.

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