How to Protect Yahoo Email Account from Hackers to Prevent Data Loss?

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Published On December 2nd, 2022
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Do you have any prevention factors to protect Yahoo email account from hackers? In 2015, Yahoo revealed that it encountered a data breach attack that affected 3 (three) billion accounts. However, this is not the first time that Yahoo email accounts have suffered from a hacking attack. It has been lately disclosed that back in 2013, all Yahoo accounts that existed at that time were hacked.

So if you had owned a Yahoo account in 2013, you can consider that account to be hacked. Now, it is time for you to act accordingly by knowing how to protect Yahoo email account from hackers. This post is dedicated to the safeguard of Yahoo users around the world. Continue reading this write-up to learn ways to protect Yahoo email from hackers.

protect Yahoo email account from hackers

Why Not Delete Your Yahoo Account: Protect Yahoo Account Hacking

Earlier, people used to delete their Yahoo account is similar situations but this actually opens more ways for the hackers. As per Yahoo account recycling policy, anyone can use your email ID after 30 days of deletion. Afterward, hackers can open another account using your old Yahoo username and gain access to your linked services by sending a password reset request. For these reasons, permanently deleting Yahoo account is not a good option anymore. Follow the blog to understand how to protect Yahoo email from hackers.

Mothball Yahoo Account using These Simple Techniques

By saying not to delete Yahoo account, we are basically asking you to mothball it. To mothball your account means that you will not use the Yahoo account anymore but keep it in a usable state. Here, we will be describing some approaches to protect Yahoo email account from hackers.

1. Change Password

The very first thing to protect Yahoo your email from hackers is to change the account password. Do not use same password for more that one website and never use your old password again. Also remember to make your password combining letter, number and special character.

In order to change Yahoo’s email password, log in to Yahoo account and go to Account info from the icon on the top-right corner of the page. A new tab will open where you have to select Account Security from the left pane. Now, click on Change Password option on the right side. This option will allow you to change your password & protect Yahoo mail from hacking.

2. Enable Two-Step Verification:

Users can turn on two-factor verification for better security & protect Yahoo email account from hackers. One drawback of this method is that if your account gets hacked with the enabled two-step verification, hackers will have access to the emails as well as the phone number. For more security, possibly use a phone number that you do not use for any kind of online transaction.

To enable this two-step verification, go to the Account Security section following the method given in the previous part to protect Yahoo email from hackers. Now, enable the two-step verification where you will be prompted to enter a phone number and asked to verify it. Once you have done this, this verification mode will get enabled.

3. Eliminate Connected Services:

Connected services facilitate the opportunity for the hackers to get access to your social media accounts simply by hacking Yahoo account. It is wise to disconnect all other connected services from your Yahoo account.

To remove connected accounts from your Yahoo, go to Settings and then click on More Settings. Settings page will appear, from which you have to select Social Accounts to view all the other services connected to it. Remove accounts from the list to stop hackers getting information regarding your other accounts and services & protect Yahoo mail from hacking.

4. Migrating data from YMail:

The best way to stay secure from hackers is to migrate from Yahoo mail to some other client. Right now, there is no better option than Gmail when it comes to web email clients. Gmail also allows importing emails and contacts from existing Yahoo mail accounts. To import into Gmail, open your Gmail email and go to Settings. Select the “Accounts and Import” tab and select the Import mail and contacts option. Then it will ask you to enter your Yahoo id. Thus it will import Yahoo emails into Gmail without any trouble.

5. Generate An App Password For Desktop Mail Clients

When the Yahoo mail is migrated to a desktop email client, it is better to create an app password to add Yahoo mail in the desktop email client. To protect your Yahoo email account from hackers, create a unique application password to access Yahoo email on the desktop mail client. You can generate an app password in Yahoo mail.

Final Words

By reading this post, users will know how to protect Yahoo account from hackers. Every Yahoo account holder should follow these steps to secure their account & protect Yahoo mail from hacking incidents. Besides adopting these methods, they should also backup Yahoo mail data. This utility can save data in multiple file formats. Users can use this tool to backup the data and other items in their system or USB pen drive.


Ques: How to Protect Yahoo data effectively?
You can take a backup of all the data from the Yahoo Mail account to protect data from the Yahoo Mail account. To do so, download and launch the tool on your computer and follow the below-mentioned steps.
Steps to Protect Emails from Yahoo Mail by Taking Backup

Step-1: Open the tool on your computer.
Step-2: Fill in your account details to log in.
Step-3: Select File format and browse location.
Step-4: Click Start to protect Yahoo Email account from Hackers.


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