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Features of Yahoo Email Backup Software for Mac & Win
Download / Save / Backup Yahoo Mail to PST / Thunderbird email file format / MSG / PDF / & Apple Mail EML Formats


Yahoo Backup Box





  • Backup Yahoo emails to PST / PDF / MSG / MBOX / EML formats
  • Download Yahoo emails to Computer / Hard Drive / USB
  • Option to apply Email filter by date to take selective backup Yahoo emails
  • Extract / Download all email attachments from Yahoo Mail
  • Save emails from all folders of a single as well as multiple user accounts
  • Backup emails from (all domains),,
  • Take backup of,, and more, use Secure Key.
  • Offers Yahoo Small Business email backup with various domain name.
  • Advance Feature to Save Attachments on Disk for PDF writer new feature
  • Users can sign in and backup from various domains such as new feature
  • Incremental Backup Facility available to Download Yahoo Emails to hard drive
  • Maintain Folder structure of the Email Folders during Yahoo Mail Backup
  • This tool is globally available as it supports multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Indonesian, Netherlands, etc. new feature
  • Option of Delete after Download to remove emails from mail server after downloading
  • Internet Connectivity is need for Yahoo! Mail Backup & BW decides the download Speed
  • MS Microsoft email client installation is not necessary to download Yahoo Mail messages to PST.
  • Capable to export Yahoo emails on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & all below versions

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Why to Backup Yahoo Emails?

Yahoo Mail Outage

A situation when Yahoo Mail Web service goes Down. This may even lead to data loss. So better be at the safe side, download and save your emails before it gets lost. Also, perform Yahoo backup at a regular interval.

Attachment Download Issue

Save Yahoo attachments and view them without any problem. Download all attachments in Yahoo mail along with emails in your premise system via Yahoo Backup Tool.

Yahoo Mail Receive Issues

Deal Yahoo Mail Receive issue by switching Yahoo Mail to Gmail / MS email client and other efficient email client. Before migration, download Yahoo Mail emails locally on premise system and eliminate data loss situations with Yahoo Backup wizard.

Login Issue

Occurrence of Login Issues makes it nearly impossible for the user to access Yahoo Mail. Thus, to access data and work, export Yahoo emails to computer in desired format, using Yahoo Backup utility.

What All You Get by Yahoo Mail Backup

Email Messages Download Yahoo Mailbox emails from Inbox, Drafts, Spam, Sent, Trash and Other User Defined Folder(s).
E-Mail Attachments Export Yahoo emails along with attachment files.
Email Attributes Maintains email attributes such as To, BCC, CC, Formatting Inline Images, and Signatures.
Email Folder Hierarchy Preserves the folder structure even after the backup process.
Emails Date Range Filter One can save Yahoo Mail emails according to a particular date range.
Yahoo mail archive Lifetime
Export Data As

Software export email data into various Email clients supported file formats, such as:

  • PST: Microsoft export yahoo mail to pst file (for Windows)
  • EML: Mozilla transfer yahoo mail to email client Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Zoho Mail, Dream mail, emClient, SeaMonkey, Zarafa, Altaba mail to MS email client 2011, Ice Wrap, download yahoo mailbox Express
  • email file: move yahoo mail to email client, emClient, Entourage, Eudora, Apple Mail, Pocomail, Spicebird, Operamail, Apple Mail, Netscape
  • MSG: MS download yahoo mailbox
  • PDF

Prime Functionalities of Yahoo Backup Wizard
Yahoo Archive Tool to Add Ymail to export yahoo mail to pst file, email client, & Apple Mac Mail

Archive Yahoo mail to Hard Drive

Backup Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive

With Yahoo email backup tool you can download all the messages from each folder of a single user email account. The Ymail Backup utility will download / save all the emails from Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts and all the other customized folders of the respective Yahoo user account into your local drive / PC / flash drive. Since, Yahoo! mail has acquired and, Yahoo Backup software supports to backup emails of these Webmail services as well. In addition, there is facility to take backup of Yahoo mail from multiple Yahoo email accounts and domains like like,

Save Yahoo! mail to multiple file types

Download Yahoo Mail to PST & Other File Formats

The Yahoo Archive Tool permits the user to download Yahoo emails along with attachments. The user can export Yahoo Mail messages into different file formats such as PST / EML / MSG / PDF (save your attachment on disk for PDF Writer) / save yahoo mail to hard drive in a hassle-free way. One can easily transfer emails from Yahoo to MS download yahoo mail to pst, Mozilla email client, pst supported email client Express, Windows Live Mail (WLM), Mac mail, & other platforms. Additionally, the software also maintains the attributes associated with the emails even after the export process.

Archive Yahoo mail folders

Delete / Archive Yahoo Emails After Download

This Yahoo Archive Tool is integrated with amazing functionalities, one such functionality is Delete After Download option. This option offers the user to remove emails from Yahoo mail account once backup for Yahoo mail folders or items is complete. The user can opt. this option to archive Yahoo mail folders and empty the account space after they are successfully saved as EML, MSG, PDF, PST or sync Yahoo mail with PST files. This option prevents mail account from reaching / exceeding the quota allowed to store data.

Selective Yahoo email folder backup

Archive Selective Email Folder

Instead of downloading backup of Yahoo mail to PST File, Windows Live Mail File, email client, or Mac Mail Files, you can also select the folder that you want to save. To deal with such a situation, the Yahoo backup software renders an option to download email with attachments from selective Yahoo! mail folder. You can check or uncheck the folders as per your requirement and only the selected folders will be created at the destination having all the emails in it.

keep Email format

Keep Yahoo Emails Formatting Intact

While saving Yahoo emails into PST/EML/MSG or sync Yahoo mail to PST formats, the Yahoo email backup software preserves the original formatting of the emails unchanged. Also, the MetaData like; To, Cc, Bcc, sender's email, the recipient's email; all remain intact after the Yahoo backup is complete. In addition to that the tool will keep attachments embedded within the email.

Manage Yahoo email backup process

Manage Live Yahoo Backup

While taking Altaba backup or downloading data online, Pause & Resume option plays a significant role. Yahoo archive tool allows you to pause the download / archive process at any point of time and suitably resume it later. This will help you to save your time and finish the conversion as per your requirement too.

Resume Interrupted process

Resume Abrupt Backup Process

If the Yahoo email backup process gets interrupted and the application is closed abruptly, the archive history will be maintained by the tool. The user can re-initiate the download process by navigating to the Recent History section (Home). The Yahoo backup will resume from the position (progress state), where it got interrupted.

yahoo mail accounts backup

Multiple Yahoo Account Backup new feature

The Yahoo Account Backup Software provides the facility to take backup of Yahoo mail from a single or multiple Yahoo user accounts. Only one account will be processed at a time. The users can backup their data from Yahoo personal / Business mail, Rocketmail, and Oddpost mail accounts. It also support for sign in user with various yahoo domain like

backup Yahoo emails to my documents

Incremental Backup Option new feature

Yahoo email Backup tool has added a new feature for providing a better email backup experience. With this option, user can skip the previously downloaded emails from the Yahoo account on the premise system. The incremental backup option enhances the backup experience of Yahoo mail.

export yahoo mail folders to hard drive

Maintain Folder Hierarchy  new feature

Yahoo Email backup software has the capability to maintain the folder structure of the email folders downloading to hard drive. The folders preview the same folder list and intact hierarchy of sub folders as in the Yahoo mail account. The emails within the folders retain the email status even after the yahoo mail message is at the local end.

display yahoo mail download progress

Display Real-Time Progress

Once the Yahoo backup process is initiated, you can view the ongoing real time process to backup Yahoo emails to PST or any other format EML / MSG / sync Yahoo mail with PST. It will show you the name of folder being downloaded in real time, name of item being converted and its count, rate of conversion of item per minutes in graph, and the destination path where the Altaba / Yahoo email account backup is getting saved.

supports multi-language

Multiple Language Support

The Yahoo mail backup software supports multiple languages and during installation of application you can select your preferred language. It is possible to change the language from English (default language) to French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Netherlands and Indonesian languages. Once you select this language preference, you will be able to change it once you restart the program.

keep read/unread status

Remember Yahoo User Credentials

Similar to Yahoo Mail, the Ymail backup product also provides an option to remember account credentials to avoid filling similar details again and again. This is an optional feature, so you can use it by checking or unchecking the checkbox while logging in. Also, a logout option is present within the tool to avoid misuse of account while you are way. If you are getting an error of “Invalid Credentials”, then Remove Two-Step Verification.

keep read/unread status

Maintain Read/Unread Status of Yahoo Emails

While backing up the emails from Yahoo Mail account, the software will keep the read and unread status of mails unchanged. It means the emails that are unread will remain in unread form and read mail will appear in read form even after the conversion into one the various file formats available.

date ranged email filter

Email Date Filter Option

The user can export Yahoo Mail Emails according to a particular date range. The user just needs to select particular dates in From and To calendar fields respectively and backup Yahoo emails within the range. With this Date Filter facility, it becomes seamless for the user to save emails according to a specific date range.

export Yahoo to pst

Backup Yahoo Email to PST support mail client

The Ymail backup software is efficient enough to create a healthy PST file which can be accessed on Microsoft PST supported mail client. The email folders of Altaba / Yahoo can be accessed via all the versions of PST supported mail client like 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. A user can view all the folders and attachments of Yahoo as it is in MS MS mail client.

export yahoo mail folders to hard drive

Download Yahoo Mailbox on USB / Flash Drive

With SysTools Yahoo Backup software, the user can backup Yahoo emails to hard drive or USB flash drive in just a few clicks. The output generated after the backup of Yahoo mail folders can be shared and used howsoever. Even the downloaded Yahoo data can further be copied to a flash / pen drive / external hard drive, burnt to a CD/DVD, edited, shared through email, or even printed if required so, without any inconvenience surfaced

Windows platform compatibility

Compatible with Windows Version

SysTools Yahoo Email Backup software is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating system such as Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 and the below editions. Additionally, the Yahoo backup utility also supports both 32-bit as well as 64-bit version of the Windows Operating System. For PST file backup, MS export yahoo mail to pst file installation is not necessary on the premise system for Yahoo to PST email migration.

Yahoo Mail Backup Software Specifications
Download Yahoo Email Archive Tool to Complete Yahoo Mail Migration Process

Software Download

Size : 29.1 MB

Version : 5.0

MD5 : 368eb532bdb95234e64e370c596c15e4

Trial Limitations

Demo Version of SysTools Yahoo Backup Software extracts emails from Yahoo! mail to PST / archive yahoo mail folders to hard drive / EML / PDF / MSG within limit of 100 emails

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

4 GB is recommended

Intel® Core 2 Duo CPU E4600 @2.39GHz 2.40GHz processor


  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.6.1 or above
  • If you are using Window 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".
  • Sufficient Internet Bandwidth is required for smooth Yahoo Backup Process
  • two step verification Read More
  • enable less secure sign in prior to Yahoo backup

Operating System

OS support


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Electronic Delivery

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Request For Software Customization

If you need to customize Yahoo Backup Tool or need additional features then, Request Quote

SysTools Yahoo Mail Archive Software - Feature Comparison

Get an Overview of Yahoo Backup Product Features – DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Add Yahoo Mail Account
Yahoo Backup for Single & Multi User Accounts
Preffered Formats (EML, PDF, connecting Ymail to MS client, MSG, & PST)
Software Available in Eleven Languages
Take Backup of Yahoo Emails
Windows 10 and all Below Versions
Maintain Folder Hierarchy
Save Yahoo Backup in Desired Location
Support Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 and all below versions
Incremental Backup Facility Not Available
Number of Emails Downloaded Download First 100 emails
Cost FREE $49

Frequently Asked Questions
Common User Queries regarding Yahoo Archive Tool performance

How Do I Backup Yahoo Mail to My Computer?

Yahoo mail Archive crack

Steps to Backup Yahoo Emails to Computer

  • Step 1: Download, Run, & Login to Yahoo Backup Tool by Yahoo Account.
  • Step 2: Select the Email format to Backup Yahoo account data.
  • Step 3: Browse a location to save the copy of Yahoo mail on hard drive.
  • Step 4: Click on Start to backup Yahoo email to computer.

I am using Yahoo Mail Pro for the data transaction purpose and also in that Yahoo mail standard view is enabled. Now I decided to download all the mails to my PC for a safety. So with the help of Yahoo Backup tool can I download my Ymail mails?

Yes, it is possible with this Yahoo Mail Backup software. The tool supports to keep the copy of Yahoo account without considering it’s user interface such as Yahoo standard mail, Yahoo classic mail, Ymail basic mail, etc.

The speed of backing up Yahoo emails entirely depends upon your internet bandwidth.

No, currently the Yahoo backup software supports only single user account backup at a time. To download batch account kindly email us at [email protected]

Yes, the Yahoo Archive Tool is compatible with all Windows OS including Win OS 10. You can install the tool on any machine having Win 10 or below versions installed.
No, The tool can take backup of Yahoo emails in PST format. This PST file can be imported to MS Outlook.
Yes, you can simply take backup of at&t mail account and its other accounts (,,,,,,,,,
No, there is no tool requirement to download Yahoo Mail to EML, MSG or Apple mail file format. But if you want to backup Yahoo mail to PST, you have two options provided; With Outlook mode or Without Outlook mode. With Outlook mode is applicable only with the installtion of MS archive Yahoo mail 2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007 installed on your desktop.

Yes, it is 100% guaranteed that Yahoo email backup program will not save the credentials anywhere in our database. In addition, if you enable the Remember Credentials option, then only our tool will save account details so that you may avoid repetitive logging function. The credentials & data will be limited to your machine only.

Yes, Altaba/ Yahoo backup tool can also download Ymail rocketmail emails easily, because it is acquired by Yahoo! mail and it provides the option to access these emails from Yahoo Mail itself.

Conversation 1
  • : As Verizon Communications Inc has bought Yahoo, to be on the safer side, I am thinking of burning my 4000 plus Yahoo emails to a DVD.
  • : Yes it is possible, before you have started the process of extracting up your Yahoo Email; the Yahoo Backup tool provides option to select the location for saving the emails into PST/ EML/ MSG/ email file format
  • : How to save yahoo emails to CD/ DVD? Can I do this directly using this utility?
  • : No, you have to select a location on your hard drive to save the emails to locally stored file. Later, burn those files from the saved location to CD/ DVD. Directly storing the Yahoo backup to a CD/ DVD, has 99% chances of data corruption
  • : Which file type is suitable to be burnt to a DVD/CD?
  • : With Yahoo Email Backup Software, you can download Yahoo emails in different file formats. All the file formats in which Yahoo Backup wizard export emails is suitable to be burnt to a DVD/CD.
  • : But how would I later access these files in a readable form. Do I need to install any platform?
  • : You can access the output file in MS email client & other email clients according to the file type chosen. Otherwise you could view these file through our free tools PST Viewer, email client Viewer, EML Viewer & MSG Viewer respectively
  • : Ok, Thanks
Conversation 2
  • : I have a Yahoo account as [email protected] Will the archive procedure differ in any way?
  • : This is a regional account & your yahoo emails are saved on the regional server. The archive procedure may not differ by any means.
  • : So is moving Yahoo mail to PST file possible in this case?
  • : Yes, Currently Yahoo backup support for sign in user with various yahoo domain like, account to download and backup Yahoo emails.
Conversation 3
  • : Is it possible to backup Yahoo Contacts too? These vCards & CSV contacts drive me crazy. All I want is, to export Yahoo contacts names, email addresses & if possible, phone numbers too
  • : No, the Yahoo mail backup software can only download Yahoo emails to local hard disk. It doesn't export Contacts & Calendars.
Conversation 4
  • : What if I want to delete the emails from my Yahoo account after backup? I need to erase all the emails on my Yahoo Mail after making a local copy of the same on my PC.
  • : The Yahoo backup software provides option "Delete after Download".
  • : How to prevent the deletion of those emails on PC?
  • : You won't have to. The Yahoo Backup tool will not erase data from your backup. The mails get deleted side by side from the Yahoo server while your local copy remains intact on the machine with the archived emails.
Conversation 5
  • : I am a company's administrator and recently I applied individual filters for saving emails by their name using Yahoo backup tool. All I want is to download those individual folders also.
  • : Yes, of course, you can download your customized folder with the help of Yahoo Archive tool. The product includes all mail folders available on the account automatically.
Conversation 6
  • : Whenever I receive an email of my personal interest (say about my online transactions) or online order from Flipkart. I always keep the "Print" version of the email & later save it to a location of my choice on the computer as well. In that way I store the "text" version of my email from Yahoo mail.
  • : If you perform the same task on a regular basis, then it is ok and lesser painful. But it would be more stressful if you have multiple emails to be saved. The best alternative you can take is backup all your Yahoo mails using the application to make the messages accessible on your machine, whenever required. Specifically you should export Yahoo email to PST in order to get all the advanced facilities like Print, Message Forwarding & so on.
Conversation 7
  • : I have a few emails in my Yahoo account that needs to be printed after backup. However, I don't have the printing facility at home. Can I copy these emails on my USB device to carry them at my workplace for printing?
  • : Yes, you can absolutely copy the output file to a pen drive that is generated via Yahoo backup (PST, EML, MSG, or Apple mail file). The file can be copied to any location or external/flash drive, sent to anyone via email, as well as printed
  • : Can I directly store Yahoo emails to USB device?
  • : Yes you can directly move your Yahoo Mails to USB, flash drive or any other external hard disk. You just need to connect your pen drive or external hard drive to the same machine. The Yahoo backup software will also show your drive into it & select the drive location for saving the archive backup file.
Conversation 8
  • : Why is that every time I log into my account an error states 'Invalid Credentials'?
  • : If the provided credentials are correct then probably you are receiving the error because of 2 step verification enabled on your account. Make sure that you disable 2 step verification option then try logging in afterwards. To know how to disable the feature visit:
  • : Can I directly save the backup onto a USB device?
  • : Yes you can, while selecting the saving location for the backup file in Yahoo backup wizard; you can connect your pen drive to the same machine & select the drive location for saving the backup.
Conversation 9
  • : I want to archive a large number of emails from my Yahoo account to my computer. What kind of filter options does this utility offer?
  • : Our Ymail Backup tool offers the date filter option to perform Yahoo backup for emails of specific date
  • : Is there a way to filter for a keyword?
  • : No, Yahoo backup software has no such keyword filtering option yet
  • : If I filter for a keyword within Yahoo and move all the emails into a new folder, then I can download that folder. Once downloaded, how does this file look on my computer? Can I search within the download for keywords?
  • : Yes, you can follow that approach. To apply keyword filtering read the article Filter Email from Desktop Yahoo Emails
  • : I haven't used email client before. Is the process on email client similar to searching through emails on Yahoo?
  • : Yes
Conversation 10
  • : PST, EML, MSG or Apple mail file, which format should I choose to archive my Yahoo Mails?
  • : You should backup Yahoo emails in PST format as it is accessible with MS email client. And it is the most suitable email client owing to its easy to use client platform.
  • : Will I be able to backup in cloud. If yes then which cloud service?
  • : No, the Yahoo mail backup software doesn't backup emails directly onto Cloud but, you can use our cloud service, EndPoint Vault, if you wish to do so. The service offers storage on Amazon cloud.
    Note: If you would like to restore your Yahoo email from permanent deletion, then you must perform Yahoo backup in a regular time internal.

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