New-MailboxExportRequest is Not Recognized in Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010

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Published On April 17th, 2022
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The New-MailboxExportRequest command has made it easier for the users to export their mailbox data to the local system in an easy way. The Exchange administrators or users just need to run this command precisely in Exchange Management Shell and get the job done. However, there are times when users face New-MailboxExportRequest is not recognized error message while running this cmdlet.

In this blog, we will be discussing the reasons why users are unable to run this PowerShell command successfully. There might be numerous reasons of users get this error message. We will guide you on how you can solve those issues and run this command without any failure.

Why New-MailboxExportRequest Fails to Recognize in Exchange?

Whenever a user tries to run New-MailboxExportRequest to export all mailboxes to PST and gets an error message, then most of the time, it is due to the assigned roles. If you haven’t assigned the required roles to the mailboxes, then you will get New-MailboxExportRequest not recognized error message.

  • We can check the roles assignment using the Get-ManagementRoleAssignment cmdlet as shown below:
Check Roles
  • In case you have a long list of mailboxes and want to check only for a specific mailbox, then you apply a filter as well. For that, execute the following cmdlet:
Filtered Mailboxes

Here you can see that the assignment grants Organization management members as if only you have the role delegation rights. As an organization administrator, it permits you to decide whether a user should have Mailbox Import Export role or not.

Now many users might ask why the Mailbox Import Export role is not assigned to all the users by default. It is because this role grants full access to the mailboxes that are in its scope, and it can be a security issue for organizations. Thus, it is not assigned to any mailbox by default.

What to Do if New-MailboxExportRequest is not Recognized?

In the above example, we have seen that the Administrator account is assigned to a role group that has access to Mailbox Import Export role delegation. For that, you need to add the admin account to that role. You cannot initiate the export process until the role is not assigned to the user. You can implement the same by implementing the following steps:

  • Create a New Role Group and Add Admin Account to that Group
  • Execute the following command to create a new role group and add that administrator account to the group.
Create a Role Group
  • Finally, the desired role group is created, and the admin account is now a member of that group.
  • You can also verify if the permissions are assigned or not.
Verify Permissions
  • Now open the Active Directory >> look for OU Microsoft Exchange Security Group present in the root domain of the forest.
  • Here you will see a new universal security group named Exchange Mailbox Import Export.
  • When you open its properties, you will see that the admin account that we added to it is now a member of that group.
  • Once all these steps are performed, the New-MailboxExportRequest not recognized error message will be gone and you can carry out the export process.

Perfect Alternative if You Get New-MailboxExportRequest is Not Recognized Message

Going with a manual solution to carry out the export process is a cumbersome process if you don’t have technical expertise for it. It is very common to experience such kinds of errors due to the complexity involved in these procedures. Thus, to overcome these complexities, we are offering users a quick and efficient tool to export Exchange mailboxes into PST format.

Unlike the Exchange Management Shell and cmdlets, the software offers a simple and user-friendly interface for easy execution. Additionally, there are smart filters offered in this tool to customize your export process. Applying those filters in EMS could be really tricky if you don’t execute it in the right way.

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Not just that, the New-MailboxExportRequest only works with Exchange 2010 SP1 and its later versions. Whereas the tool is compatible with almost all Microsoft Exchange versions. You can try this software for free and experience a hassle-free process.

Bottom Line

New-MailboxExportRequest is not recognized in Exchange is one of the common error messages encountered by the users. Being a tech experts and analyzing the issues faced by users, we have discussed the most common reason why the Server fails to recognize the command. You can go through the write-up and check all the listed options in it. At last, we have also shared a professional tool that will make the process effortless.


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