Here’s How to Add Page Numbers in PDF File – Top 2 Ways

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A PDF document showcases a fixed flat layout for all the data including text, images, infographics, and other information in the file. The user can easily use the PDF file on any platform and the document file will not be altered till changes are not done in the PDF file. The Adobe family introduced the usage of PDF files and has provided an application to modify the layout and content inside a PDF document. In this article, we will talk about How to put page numbers in PDF files and why the user requirement came to add page numbers to PDF documents.

Let’s start with the need to build an option for page number insertion in the PDF files header or footer section.

Need to Place / Set Page numbers in a PDF File

As you might know bates stamping machines were used to insert page numbers (in serial order) to each page at various legal file collection centers. But, as time passed the usage of pages declined and the era of PDF files came into existence in all legal firms. Thus, the need for a method to include page numbers on these PDF files was raised. Analyzing the need for organizing PDF files by applying page numbers to the documents, Adobe included a feature of Bates stamping PDF documents in an application owned by Adobe, popularly known as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (the latest version of the application). But do you know how this numbering helps the users working in different firms? Let’s discuss some divisions where this requirement is at the peak

  1. For Advocates: Organize case details for past and ongoing cases
  2. Business Firms: Serializing each module of documented project details
  3. Research and Medical: Keeping a record of each finding in research

Now as we have come across the requirement fields, let’s move towards the solution to apply page numbers to PDF files that are being discussed in the below section.

How to Put Page Numbers in PDF File?

The page numbers can be inserted into a PDF document in two methods, and they are defined below

  1. Set page no in PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  2. Place bates in PDF with Automated Solution

Let us start knowing each method one by one. We begin with the method that Adobe Acrobat has implanted for page number insertion in PDF files.

How to Place Bates in PDF Documents Using Adobe Acrobat DC?

You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and easily put page numbers in PDF documents in an organized manner. You need to just follow the steps mentioned below

  • Open the PDF file in Acrobat Pro DC Open PDF file
  • Go to Organize Pages shown on the right side of the document
  • Click the More option and go to Bates Numbering, then, select the Add option Bates numbering option
  • Select OK if no other files are to be numbered. Click Add Files to insert more files Add PDF Files
  • Point to the header or footer text field & click the Insert Bates Number option Click Insert page number option
  • In the new window, enter below required fields
    1. Number of digits (page number)
    2. Start Number (initial whole number)
    3. Prefix (entered before page number)
    4. Suffix (entered after page number)

    Fill page number details

  • Click OK
    Click OK

View the PDF with page numbers placed after the process is completed.

Two things you need to remember while working with Adobe Acrobat.

  1. License Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to perform page numbering process over the PDF files.
  2. Enter the password for Protected / Encrypted PDF files to make changes in PDF.

Also, read How to remove encryption from PDF file without password?

Now let’s move on to the next procedure and learn how to put page numbers in PDF in the below section.

How to Add Page Numbers in a PDF File Using Expert Solution?

If we talk about SysTools PDF Bates Numberer, the tool provides a good interface with advanced capability to remove encryptions on PDF files. The application offers functionality to place page numbers on multiple PDF Files in a single process. For a quick look, let’s move to the steps performed by the application.

For Windows

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For Mac

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Steps to Print PDF with Page Numbers

Step-1: Download and Install the application on your system

Step-2: Add PDF files to the tool

Click Generate bates

Step-3: Choose the Generate Bates Number option 

Generate bates number option

Step-4: Fill in the details and format the Bates stamp:

  • Provide the below details to put page numbers in the PDF file
    1. Prefix (of page number)
    2. Suffix (of page number)
    3. Number of Digits (Any Number other than 0)
    4. Start number (initial number)
    5. Increment By (optional, usually set to 1)
    6. Font color & Font Size
    7. Bates Number Positioning
    8. Enter Additional text (if required) and position it. Click on the Next button

Enter PDF file to insert page number

Step-5: Either Choose Continue Series for all PDFs (optional) or Choose Maintain Same Number Per File (optional). You can also specify the additional text and stamp the current date.

enter page number details

Step-6: Preview the PDF document page with the settings you made

Customize page number settings

Step-7: Press Generate to start page numbering

Generate page numbers on PDF pages

After the process completes, reach the file saved location and view PDF files with the page number placed. You will find the page number entered on the header or the footer side as per the position selected.


This article is all about the need for page numbering features in PDF files and how to put page numbers in PDF files. Here, various methods to perform page numbering in PDF files are discussed and you have the choice to Opt. for the one that you feel is efficient to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Print PDF with Page Numbers?

To print a PDF File with page numbers inserted, use Adobe Acrobat DC. This application will easily add page numbers to PDF (multiple) files. Save the PDF and then click on File menu >> Print.
You can also press Ctrl + P on the keyboard to Print the PDF document with added page numbers.

Can you add page numbers to the PDF?

Yes, it is possible to add page numbers to PDF with a PDF page numbering application like Adobe Acrobat.

How do I paginate a PDF document?

In Acrobat, go to the Organize PDF option and choose the Bates numbering option.
Then, point to a header or footer field and click on the Insert Bates Number button to put page numbers.
Customize page numbering details and click OK to confirm the Start Number


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