SysTools PDF Bates Numberer

Tool to Add Bates Numbering & Bates Stamp on Multiple PDF Files in Bulk

  • Generate & Add Page number on multiple PDF file pages at once
  • Add Page number for files based on combination of PDF files
  • Allows you to add Page number to PDF file(s) and print it on paper
  • Allows removing encryption from PDF & add Page number to it
  • Option to add prefix & suffix along with the PDF Page number
  • Multiple formatting options for adding Bates number to PDF files
  • Adobe Acrobat is not required for PDF Page numbering

List of Key Features in SysTools PDF Bates Numberer Software

add pdf bates numbering

Add PDF Bates Numbering

The PDF Bates Numberer tool allows you to add bates numbering to pdf in different styles. You can perform Bates numbering on multiple PDF files altogether in batch. Software gives an option to add PDF files or folder having multiple PDF files. Also, "Move UP" & "Move Down" option allows you to arrange the order of PDF file.

3 option to add file

3 Option to Add PDF Bates

Allows you to add the Bates numbering & stamp to pdf three different ways that are:

  • Generate PDF Bates number
  • Generate PDF Bates number for file series
  • Generate Bates number & print PDF file

set bates number

Set Bates Number Type

PDF Bates Numberer allows you to use multiple details for creating the Bates Number:

  • Add suffix or prefix with PDF bates
  • Select number of digit likely to be in Bates number
  • Select the start number to add Bates number
  • Set a number to increment the Bates on each page

option to add more information

Option to Add More Information

This feature permits some additional information to be added on the PDF file:

  • Additional Text: Allows you to add some confidential text on each PDF file
  • Additional Text Positioning: You can set the position of added text on PDF file as: Top left, Top Right, Bottom left, and Bottom right.

set bates positioning

Set Bates Number Positioning

Here you can change the Bates number placements in four different ways i.e. Top left, Top Right, Bottom left, Bottom right. Also, you can:

  • Maintain the same Bates number on each PDF file
  • Stamp current date on the Top right side of PDF
  • Add continuous series of number in all PDF files

allows bates number formatting

Allows Bates Number Formatting

While adding the PDF Bates number, software allows you to set a desirable font size. Also, it is possible to change font color of the Bates number. With the help of this option you can highlight your PDF Bates number and make it look more prominent on the pages.

choose file name convention

Choose File Name Convention

PDF Bates Numberer provides you different naming options to save the PDF file.

  • Retain Original File Name: You can save the stamped PDF file with its original file name.
  • First Bates Number: Save your file with the first Bates number that you selected while setting the Bates number.

generate report

Generate Summary & Report

As you move forward to generate Bates number on PDF file(s), the software will show you a small summary of the same. A complete report of all the preferences and options you have selected will be there, like: color, font size, Bates number position, etc. It also shows a status report of the selected PDF file with preview of listed PDF files. Also, once it gets completed, you can generate the PDF files.

PDF Bates Numberer Tool Screenshots
pdf bates numberer tool
Step 1: PDF Bates Numberer
add pdf file and folder
Step 2: Add PDF File & Folder
fill bates number format
Step 3: Fill Bates Number Format
generate bates number on pdf files
Step 4: Generate Bates number on PDF
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Download PDF Bates Numberer Software
pdf bates numbere Box

Size: 5.3 MB Version: 3.5


Trial Limitations

A demo PDF file is equipped with the tool, using which one can check each and every step of page numbering in PDF. The demo version watermarks PDF file with "SysTools" after finishing stamping.

Download PDF Bates Numberer

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free hard disk space

Application Pre-Requisites

  • If you are using Window 10,8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1,10 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Adobe Reader should be installed to read PDF files.
Frequently Asked Question
Can I stamp Bates Number on multiple PDF files in one go?

Yes, you can use this software to add bates stamp to pdf files also. You can either add multiple PDF files or an entire folder of PDF files to the software.

Does the software change file properties after processing PDFs?

Software does not alter any content or properties of the PDF file while processing it. It just places bates number on/within PDF files.

Can I use this utility on a Mac OS machine?
I have several PDF files stored but they are stored on my Mac machine. Can I still install and use this product on my system?

No, PDF Bates Numberer is a Windows based tool to add page numbers to PDF and only works on a Windows environment of any edition.

Is it possible to process password protected PDF files also?
I have some PDF files which are password protected. Unfortunately I am not having password any of them. Can I still use this software?

Software will process password protected PDF files but before generating Bates Number, it will ask for the respective password. So, if you don't have the password you won't be able to generate & add Bates Number on your password protected PDF file(s).

Are there any compatibility issues of the software with Windows 10?

No, Being a Windows compatible application, the software works absolutely add bates numbering to pdf with all versions of Windows.

Can I add a disclaimer at the end of each page of my PDF file?

Yes, you can add a disclaimer or any other additional text on each page of your PDF file. You can also set its position on the page according to your choice.

How can I use this product for forensic purpose?

PDF Bates Numberer generates a series of specific number for each PDF file and its pages according to the user convenience. If any unauthorized action is performed on these files, user can find out those changes by checking series of Bates Number.

What Clients Say

A large collection of PDF files was typical to handle, one day when I had to extract some crucial information for a case history. I felt myself incapable for accessing that data than one of my work fellow suggested me to use PDF Bates Numberer. I used it and get the PDF file managed in a proper manner by adding page numbering to pdf.

— Masami, Japan

There were a number of PDF documents that had to be presented in the court with the details of a case evidence. But as there were too many of them, it would have been inconvenient for the authorities to sort them out. Thanks to PDF Bates Numberer, I arranged & add bates stamp to pdf each documents as well as its pages with an orderly numbering.

— Hilary Whitmore, France
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