How to Bates Stamp in Adobe PDF With or Without Acrobat? Complete Guide

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Published On February 19th, 2024
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Summary: Do you want to know how to bates stamp in Adobe Acrobat Pro? Or.. would you like to know about a better and low-cost option? Well, read this blog and you will surely get the accurate answers to these mentioned issues.

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Just imagine a world where there is no concept of naming anything or anyone we see, how it would be like? Well, it would definitely be quite chaotic, right? Hence, naming or addressing is a crucial activity in order to specify the said thing or person. That is why, it is a good practice of naming or numbering you digital documents in order to properly organize them for an efficient information retrieval process in less time possible.

Now the question arises…What is Bates Numbering in Adobe?

Bated Numbering or Bates Stamping is a technique in which the pages of a PDF document are organized or serialized in a sorted manner. This helps the users to keep their documents in a systematic order. Before we move further, let’s see some user queries where Bates stamping in Adobe PDF file is required. Have a look at the queries below:

Common Queries

Situation 1

I’m an Advocate and have to deal with a lot of legal files daily. Basically, these are PDF files that relate to some cases I have taken through. I searched on the web and found that the bates stamping method can organize Adobe PDF document files. But, I don’t know how to do bates stamp in Adobe PDF? Can anyone help me with a simple solution?

Situation 2

I work in a software development firm and we document all the development done over a project in Adobe PDF file format. But, when it comes to referring to these data, it becomes a mess. My team takes a long time in recovering the required data and act according to it. I know that bates stamping PDF documents will organize them in a better manner. Can anyone provide a solution on how to do bates stamp in Adobe PDF file so that the documents are well organized?

Situation 3

I have more than 1000 PDF files and need to sort them. Please provide me a method to serialize them so that they are organized in a better manner.

Now let’s get to the solution on how to do bates stamp in Adobe PDF files. Moreover, if you need an efficient and automated solution without using Acrobat then directly move down the section to find the same.

How to Bates Stamp in Adobe Acrobat DC?

With the licensed version of Adobe Acrobat application, perform the below-mentioned steps to add bates label in Adobe PDF files

Step 1. Open a PDF file in Acrobat DC.

open PDF file

Step 2. Go to Tools >> Organize Pages (also shown on right side of the document).

Step 3. Go to More () >> Bates Numbering >> Add option.

Bates Add option

Step 4. Add Bates stamping PDF documents and proceed.

Note: Click Add Files to add more PDF file.

Add PDF file

Step 5. Point a field & select Insert Bates Number.

Note: The provided six fields can have different (or same) bates stamp.

Insert bate option

Step 6. On the appeared window, enter required details.

  • Number of digits
  • Start Number
  • Prefix
  • Suffix

bate details

Step 7. Click OK to start bates stamping PDF documents.

Click OK

Step 8. After the process completion, all your selected PDF files will be serialized with the bates stamps.

Important Note: This application requires password to edit encrypted PDF files.

If you are unaware of the encrypted password of a PDF file to be bates stamped, then this method is of no use.

Automated Method to Do Bates Labelling in Adobe PDF File

With Systools PDF Bates Numberer Tool, you can easily insert bates stamps into Adobe PDF files. This software can bates stamp multiple PDF files in a single instance. The tool offers a function to automatically remove encryption passwords, which is gaining a lot of attraction. Also, the file series feature provided will help the user to organize the Adobe PDF files even better.

Now let’s check out the steps performed to bates stamp in Adobe PDF files.

Steps to Insert Page Numbers on PDF Documents:

Step 1. Download and Run the software.

Generate bates

Step 2. Add PDF file (s) & check option Remove Encryption from PDF files. Only restricted PDFs won’t require passwords. You can also choose to Print the resultant PDFs with Bates. Use the Change button to give the destination location to save the PDF files after the bates stamping process. Click Next.

Add PDF Files

Step 3. Now choose to Generate Bates Number for Pages or Generate Bates Number for Files-Pages. Enter all the required details and do the font settings for bates number or text. Click Next.

bates details

Step 4. You can also do the following in the next step:

  • Stamp confidential Text or the current date.
  • Choose Continue Series for all PDF for PDF series continuity
  • Select Maintain the Same Number Per File for identical bates
  • You can also do PDF Page layout settings as well.

Bates Position

Step 5. In the next step, you can see the summary and preview of the Bates Number or text on a PDF Page. If satisfied, click on Generate to bate stamp in Adobe.

Color & size

As the process gets completed, the Bates stamps are inserted into the PDF files. This is the most effective solution to add page numbers to PDF without Acrobat. The users who wish to perform the Bates stamping in Adobe PDF file through Adobe Acrobat DC can follow the method discussed in the upcoming section.


This article discussed the most commonly asked question, i.e. how to do bates stamp in Adobe PDF files with or without using Adobe Acrobat DC. An efficient solution is mentioned for bates stamping in Adobe PDF file which overcomes the drawbacks of the manual method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you Bates Stamp in Adobe Acrobat?

Step to Perform Bates Stamping PDF Documents:

  • Step 1. Launch Acrobat application and open PDF file.
  • Step 2. Go to Tools, Organize Pages, select the Bates Numbering option, and click on Add button.
  • Step 3. Click on Insert Bates number. In the Bates Numbering Dialog Box, enter the required data, and click on OK button.
  • Step 4. Select the OK button for bates stamping the Adobe PDF files.

Q2. What are the techniques of arranging or organizing legal documents with related data?

Legal documents could be managed in the following ways:

  • Step 1. Add a watermark on related documents so that they are easily retrieved and conceived
  • Step 2. Add bates stamp to the files. You can also, number them serially to get related data maintained in order.
  • Step 3. For PDF files, you can set Document-level security and restrict others from unauthorized manipulations.

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