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β€œBeen working as a Senior Event Manager, I have to personally deal with the clients to help organize the events as per their need. Well, most of the time I have to schedule meetings with my teammates to seamlessly arrange the various events without any worry. Due to some reasons, I need to export Outlook calendar to ICS format to import into Google Calendar. As I have already tried the manual method wherein the process went in vain. Hence, I am looking for some instant and reliable automated tool that could allow me to transform PST to ICS format. Could anyone let me know some trustworthy converter tool to implement my need? Thanks!”

Just like the above cited user query, there are Outlook users who desperately want to know the solution to transfer PST Calendar to ICS format. If you are among those users, then simply make the best use of this article where we will shed light with the effective solution to effortlessly transform PST to ICS format.

Everything You Need to Know about ICS Format

With the help of calendar, one can easily create appointments, events, organize meetings, view group schedules and much more. ICS file is a universal calendar file format, used by various email and calendar applications to save the calendar data. This includes MS Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and so on. For instance, by converting the Outlook calendar to ICS, users can share the calendar information across the web or via supported ICS email applications. It saves the data in plain text format wherein it contains information such as title, start time, summary, end time, etc.

How to Export PST to ICS Format Via Manual Method?

  • Initially, you need to launch Outlook application and navigate to the Calendar icon
  • Now, select the calendar, that you will convert to ICS format. Next, Go to File option
  • After that, In the File menu, choose the Save Calendar option to transform PST to ICS format
  • Provide the destination location to save the calendar in ICS format and hit on More Options.. button
  • From the Date Range drop-down menu, you need to select the required data to migrate Outlook calendar to ICS format. It includes Today, Tomorrow, Specify dates.., Whole Calendar and various other options.
  • After applying required configurations, click OK and specify the file name followed by clicking the Save button.

Challenges Faced by a User While Implementing the Manual Way

In order to transfer PST to ICS format manually, users must install Outlook application on the system. One of the major concern with the manual method is that it contains tricky and lengthy steps. As the result, the method consumes a lot of time. Besides, user must be technically skilled to perform the steps in sequence form. Otherwise, there could be severe data loss issue. Therefore, it is recommended to switch to some trustworthy third-party tool for a hassle-free transfer process from PST Calendar to ICS format.

Finally, it’s time to beat the manual challenges with the help of the most trusted converter software!

Hassle-Free Way to Convert PST to ICS File!

Considering the various limitations associated with the manual method, it is suggested to use SysTools Outlook PST File Converter tool. With the help of this utility, one can easily save the Outlook calendar to ICS format. After adding the PST file in the software, the tool scans the file to remove the corruption, if any. After which, it previews all the mailbox items with the attributes wherein a user can easily export PST to ICS file format. One of the unique features of the tool is the ability to sort the various data items including calendar based on its associated properties. This includes From, To, Subject, Received Date and so on. Moreover, the tool is designed in a way that it can easily run on the latest Windows 10 and other prior versions.

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Watch video and know the step by step working of the tool here:

Steps to Export PST to ICS File Format are as follows;

Step 1. Launch the PST conversion tool and add PST file.

add pst

Step 2. Preview all items in multiple view modes.

preview items

Step 3. Select ICS as saving format from the list.

export pst to ics

Step 4. Choose destination to save output and click Export to convert PST to ICS.

convert pst to ics

Time to Wind Up

Sometimes, people need to transfer PST to ICS format to access the Outlook calendar in other applications like Google calendar, Apple calendar, etc. But the manual method to convert PST Calendar to ICS format has some shortcomings associated with. In order to avoid such mind-scratching manual process, it is suggested to opt for the automated solution as described in this blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I convert Outlook Calendar to ICS format?

Yes, it is possible to export PST calendar data to ICS using both manual and automated method.

How does Outlook store its calendar entries / data in the backend?

Outlook stores its calendar data in PST file format.

How to open Outlook Calendar in Gmail?

To access Outlook calendar saved in PST file in Gmail, users need to convert PST to ICS format.

What is ICS file?

ICS is a file format supported by numerous email applications for storing Calendar entries.

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