How to Troubleshoot Mac Outlook 2016, 2011 not Downloading Attachments ?

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Published On August 20th, 2022
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Outlook is one of the most prominent email client application preferred by Mac users. But sometimes Mac Outlook spark up unnecessary error due to which email communication get halts. Nowadays, Mac Outlook user are continuously facing various errors such as Mac Outlook 2016 not downloading attachments,

Mac Outlook 2016 attachments greyed out or attachments not showing up. Thus, we will discuss all these errors in the consecutive parts. For now, we will consider the Outlook for Mac not downloading attachments in this blog along with their resolutions.

Top Free Methods to Fix Mac Outlook 2016 not Downloading Attachments

Among all of the Microsoft Office programs, Outlook is one of the most widely used email application, especially in a business environment. Moreover, it is available for both Mac and Windows platform but it supports different file format for saving data. As everyone knows, the primary work of these email programs is to send or receive emails. Thus, if a Mac Outlook user is unable to download the attachments then, it becomes a serious issue and cannot be ignored.

Therefore, in the upcoming section we are going to describe a manual procedure to let users know how to troubleshoot Mac Outlook 2016 not downloading attachments issue. Before proceeding this, first let us consider the following scenario, which is taken from forum site:

“A couple of days, I have to travel for work but facing a problem in Mac Outlook 2016 linked with MS Exchange account to my official id. Within it, some of the random mails do not show attachments. Even I have not deleted any messages still Outlook for Mac attachment not downloading. Although I am unable to know the reason behind it as it is not showing any error message. I failed to fix these kinds of problems. So, I am searching for a quick solution that helps to fix this Outlook for Mac not downloading attachments as soon as possible.”

Several Reasons of Mac Outlook 2016 Attachment Problem

If users are facing any issue while downloading the attachments in Mac Outlook, then there should be certain reason behind. This problem is mostly experienced by end users when they upgrade the version of Microsoft Outlook. There could be some compatibility, which sometimes may lead to result in such type of problem in Outlook for Mac. The main problem with the Outlook application not with the file format. So, users need to fix Outlook for Mac Not Downloading Attachments by using manual tricks described in the next section.

Direct Approach to Fix Outlook for Mac Not Downloading Attachments Issue

Sometime users have an urgent need of email attachments but they are facing an attachment not downloading issue in their Mac Outlook. Also, no have that much of time in urgency to follow the manual techniques. So, in that troublesome situation users can try an automated solution to download the attachments from Outlook for Mac. Outlook Attachments Extractor Mac is tool which is developed only for attachments extraction task.

This software is capable to download multiple email attachments in few minutes without losing and data. So, follow the five simple steps to get rid of this issue and download your attachments from Outlook for Mac.

Step 1: Download the tool and install it on your machine.

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Step 2: Choose Auto-Locate Mac Outlook 2019/2016/Office 365 Profiles option.

Step 3: Select Maintain Folder Hierarchy option.

Step 4: Click on the Change button to select the destination location.

Step 5: At last click on the Export button to download the attachments.

3 Approaches to Fix “Outlook for Mac not Downloading Attachments” Issue

When it comes to fix Outlook 2011 for Mac not downloading attachments issue, then there are various troubleshooting approaches available. In this section, we will discuss top three methods to Mac Outlook 2016 not downloading attachments problem:

Approach #1: Check for All Updates

First of all, the users can try to check Outlook have some updates. Now, for doing same, users must have to follow below steps:

  1.   Open Mac Outlook 2016 on your local machine
  2. After that, go to the Help option
  3. Next, you can select Check for Updates option

You can simply follow the above instructions in the AutoUpdate application and fix this issue. If it does work move to the next approach.

Export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST By Using  OLM Converter Software

Approach #2: Download Attachment via Office 365 Account

If users have Outlook for Mac account synced with MS Office 365, then it is really that easy to view and download all attachments. Moreover, it is one of most reliable ways to download the attachments from Mac Outlook in case of emergency. If it fails then, users can go for next solution to fix Mac Outlook 2016 not downloading attachments  problem.

Approach #3: Empty or Clear the Cache on Mac

There might be possibility that there is some synchronization problem in MS Outlook and attachment getting stuck in midway. Therefore, to fix this Outlook for Mac not downloading attachments error, follow the step-by-step procedure as given below:

  1. Initially, choose the navigation pane and then, right-click on the account
  2. In the next step, click on the Properties option
  3. After that, click on the Empty Cache option
  4. Right-click on a particular folder that contain email attachments, which are not downloading
  5. Finally, hit on Synchronize Now option

All these manual methods are very useful to troubleshoot Outlook 2016/ 2011 for Mac not downloading attachments. Follow any of the approach that will definitely overcome this issue and users can easily download their emails in Mac Outlook 2016 without any complications.

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Bottom Line

It is always necessary to eliminate any sort of errors related to Mac Outlook as these errors may lead to data loss. Out of which, one such error message showing like this “Mac Outlook 2016 not downloading attachments”. Therefore, in this write-up, we have discussed a manual procedure to fix this issue. Furthermore, we have discussed various reasons behind the occurrence of this error. Thus, end users can follow any approach as per their need or convenience.