How to Remove VBA Password in Outlook VbaProject.OTM?

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Published On October 13th, 2023
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MS Outlook users create VBA projects to do some automation tasks and protect VbaProject.OTM files with sophisticated passwords. But sometimes users forget password and start finding a solution to remove VBA password in Outlook OTM files.

This blog post explores various tried and tested techniques to unlock Outlook VBA password. So, if you forgot your Outlook VBA password and want to edit, modify, reuse, and enhance VBA code scripts then follow up on this writeup.

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Know Outlook VBA and Necessity to Unlock Outlook VBA Password

MS Office programs like Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint support various VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) projects at the same time. But Outlook supports only one VBA project at a time. Outlook generates VbaProject.OTM to store macros coding scripts.

Using the VBA project in Outlook, business professionals can perform different automation tasks such as specifically defined headers, adding birthdays of contacts to the calendar, assigning email categories, appointment categorization, editing contacts in bulk, managing folder structure, deleting attachments, and other specific items, and so on.

Sometimes users forget Outlook VBA project password and receive an invalid password error. Then they want to remove VBA password from Outlook, so if you are also facing the same issue then after reading this blog post your problem will be resolved.

Outlook VBA project password

Brief Steps to Remove VBA Password in Outlook

  1. First, install SysTools Software and run.
  2. Next, add VbaProject.OTM files in GUI.
  3. view Outlook VBA source path and size.
  4. Then, remove VBA password in Outlook.
  5. Last, see Outlook VBA password erased.

You can quickly unlock VBA project password in Outlook within mentioned 5 steps. Upcoming sections discuss detailed information to resolve your issues using manual and professional ways.

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Use Hex Editor to Unlock VBA Password from Outlook

  1. Create new OTM file in Outlook and secure it with a password.
  2. Run Hex Editor program and open newly Outlook OTM file.
  3. Next, copy each line beginning with CMG=…, DPB=… and GC=… from Hex Editor.
  4. Now open an OTM file that you wish to unlock in Hex Editor. Paste and replace copied lines.
  5. Save Outlook VbaProject.OTM and exit to continue removing Outlook VBA password.
  6. Use new password that is implemented in Step 1 to access your VbaProject.OTM macros.

Note: Before following these steps to remove Outlook VBA project password. Please create a copy of your password-protected VbaProject.OTM file because sometimes you may lose VBA code scripts due to any wrong operation.

Manual Method Limitations

  • This technique is unable to erase complex and large password.
  • This is a time-consuming process that allows to remove security one by one.
  • Non-technical users may face problems while performing these steps.
  • The manual method may lose or manipulate your crucial data.

Use Software to Remove Outlook VBA Project Password

SysTools VBA Password Recovery Software is available to download for Windows OS users. This utility is capable to remove VBA password in Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The tool comes with a free trial version so you can get complete satisfaction before upgrading it to a licensed edition.

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The tool is fully loaded with advance functionality and comes with simple to use GUI so anyone can easily operate it without instructions. Look at its useful features:

  • Batch unlock VBA project password in Outlook client.
  • Dual modes to erase and reset Outlook VBA password.
  • Capability to erase long, multilingual, and sophisticated passwords.

How to Unlock VBA Password in Outlook?

  1. Download and install the recommended tool on your Windows machine.
    Install SysTools Software
  2. Use the Select Files or Select Folder buttons to add OTM file(s).
    add VbaProject.OTM files
  3. Next, you can see the Outlook OTM file path and size in GUI.
    Source path and size
  4. The software offers dual modes, enabling Remove to continue.
    Dual modes
  5. After that, hit Remove to remove VBA password in Outlook.
    Remove VBA password in Outlook
  6. Unlock Outlook VBA project password process completed.
    Password erased
  7. Now you can see Outlook VBA password removed.
    Remove Outlook VBA password

Winding Up

Above we have explored manual and automated ways to remove VBA password in Outlook with proper details. You can opt for any method according to your preferences. However, the manual technique has some limitations that we have explained above. Hence, this is advisable to go with a professional solution and avoid all the risks of losing your valuable data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where is VbaProject.OTM stored?

The location Outlook VbaProject.OTM is: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook.

Q) Can I use multiple VBA projects in Outlook?

No, MS Outlook supports only one VBA project at a time, so take care.

Q) What can I do with VBA programming in Outlook?

VBA experts can do multiple operations with automation in Outlook, such as:

  • Add contacts’ birthdays to the calendar.
  • Archive Outlook calendar items.
  • Set custom forms instead of default.
  • Categorize new appointments automatically.
  • Modification in contacts in bulk.
  • Categorize emails automatically.
  • Copy folder structure accordingly.
  • Create specific subfolders.
  • Count attachments and other data.
  • Delete empty folders and many more.

These are only a few tasks that you can do using VBA code in Outlook. However, it can do a lot of other operations.

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