How to Remove Word VBA Password Using 2 Best Methods?

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Published On October 13th, 2023
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The process to remove Word VBA password becomes essential due to various reasons such as modifying macros, debugging code, or simply regaining access to your valuable work. This blog post explores 2 highly effective methods to resolve queries like how to unlock Word VBA project password.

These techniques are straightforward to ensure that you can regain access without the hassle of remembering complex passwords. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a casual user. These tried and tested methods will surely help you to remove password from Word VBA project. Let’s continue to read this blog and get knowledge to resolve your queries quickly.

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5 Step Guide to Remove Word VBA Password

  1. Download and run SysTools utility.
  2. Add MS Word VBA projects in software.
  3. Enable a mode to reset or remove security.
  4. Press Remove to unlock Word VBA project.
  5. See Word VBA password removed.

Necessities to Unlock Password from Word VBA Projects

Usually, system administrators and working professionals protect their Word VBA projects with complex passwords due to security reasons. But sometimes they forget the Word VBA project password and lose accessibility. Thereafter, when they try to edit or modify Word VBA project code scripts and type a last remembered password. But unfortunately, a project-locked popup message shows an Invalid Password warning.

After receiving an Invalid Password error users want to remove Word VBA password and search for a solution to get out of this situation. This task becomes unavoidable due to below mentioned requirements.

  • Code debugging
  • Code enhancement
  • Content access
  • Editing and modification
  • Reusing the same coding scripts, and
  • Security evaluation.

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Manual Methods to Unlock Word VBA Project Password

There are multiple manual ways available to remove password from Word VBA projects. Experts can use Hex Editor, WinZip or WinRAR, and Visual Basic Editor to resolve this issue.

Here we are revealing a complete step-by-step process to unlock VBA project password in Word using Visual Basic Editor. You can also refer to the FAQs section to know the brief steps of other manual techniques.

How to Remove Password from VBA Project in Word?

  1. Start MS Word, create new document, and open it.
  2. Afterward, go to Developers >> Visual Basic or click Alt + F11 alternatively.
    Word Visual Basic
  3. Choose Insert >> Module from Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.
    Insert module
  4. Type this script to recover Word password with VBA code.
    Word VBA code script
  5. After that, select Run >> Continue option or press F5 button.
    Unlock Word VBA password
  6. Browse password protected Word DOCM (Word Macro-Enabled Document) or DOTM (Word Macro-Enabled Template) and click Open.
    Secured Word VBA file
  7. Thereafter a pop-up window opens that shows recovered password.
    Word VBA password
  8. Lastly, use restored password to unlock password from Word VBA project.

Limitations to Use Word Visual Basic Editor

  • This manual method requires a good understanding of VBA programming and Word Visual Basic Editor. Hence, non-technical users may face problems while using this technique.
  • If your Word VBA project is protected with a strong and complex password. Then it may be difficult or even impossible to remove Word VBA password using VB Editor.
  • Word password recovery with VBA code is a time-consuming process that can crack Word VBA password from one document at once.
  • The success of manual methods is not guaranteed, especially when the VBA project uses advanced protection measures.

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Pro Method to Remove Password from Word VBA Project

SysTools VBA Password Recovery Software has the capability to crack MS Word VBA password in bulk at once. Hence, this is most helpful to save your crucial time and efforts. It even permits you to remove complex and multilingual passwords from Word VBA projects.

This is easy-to-use software so technical and non-technical users can use it without facing difficulties. The software is capable to unlock Word VBA password from DOCM or DOTM macro enabled projects. Just download its free trial version to evaluate it within 30 days.

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How to Unlock Word VBA Project Password?

  1. Install, and run Word VBA password remover on your computer.
    Word VBA password remover
  2. Use the Select Files or Select Folder button to add Word VBA projects.
    Add MS Word VBA projects
  3. See Word DOCM or DOTM VBA project information in software GUI.
    Word VBA information
  4. After that, enable the Remove option to continue removing protection.
    Enable Remove option
  5. Hit the Remove button to remove security from Word VBA project.
    Remove Word VBA Password
  6. Removing password from Word VBA projects completed, click OK.
    Unlock password from Word VBA project
  7. See Word VBA projects passwords removed successfully.
    Password removed

What Word VBA Password Remover Can Do?

  • Crack MS Word VBA password from *.docm or *.dotm file extensions.
  • Batch unlock password from Word VBA project documents quickly.
  • Dual options to reset or remove VBA project password Word documents.
  • Two options to add password-protected Word VBA projects in the software panel.


We have explained two best practices to remove Word VBA password using manual and automated solutions. You can opt for any solution according to your preferences, but the manual method has some limitations that we have discussed above. We recommend to use the automated method because this is a guaranteed solution to unlock password from Word VBA project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I use the decrypt password option to unlock password from Word VBA project?

No, MS Word users use encrypt with password option to protect Word documents from opening. While the VBA password is different, that used to secure Word VBA code scripts.

Q) How to crack Word VBA password using WinZip?

  1. Replace MS Word file extension from DOCM to ZIP.
  2. Double click on ZIP file to open it using WinZip and select .xl folder.
  3. Extract vbaProject.bin file and then open it in Hex editor.
  4. Find DPB under Hex editor, change it with DPx, and Save.
  5. Replace old vbaProject.bin file with new vbaProject.bin.
  6. Now change file extension from *.zip to *.docm.
  7. Run Visual Basic in MS Word and choose Tools >> VBAProject Properties.
  8. Select Protection option, type a new password, and save DOCM file.
  9. Now you can unlock password from Word VBA project using newly created password.

Q) Can I remove VBA project password in Word DOCM macro-enabled document?

Yes, this Word VBA password remover is suitable to unlock DOCM VBA projects.

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