How to Remove Password from VBA Project in Excel XLSM?

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Are you also finding a reliable and trustworthy method to remove password from Excel VBA code? If your answer is yes to all these types of questions then, you are landed on the right webpage. Here, in the following section, we are going to cover all these points within a few simple steps.

System administrators and working professionals protect their Excel VBA projects with a complex password. But sometimes they forget the exact password and then start searching for a solution to erase Excel VBA project password. Sometimes this task becomes unavoidable due to editing, modifying, debugging, and reusing VBA programming code scripts.

However, before starting, we would like to tell users about VBA project files.

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What Is VBA Project in Excel Workbook?

VBA stands for Visual Basics for Applications which is a part of Microsoft Office. It is used in various applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and all others. This is a programming script code, that is used to add automation functionality in MS Office. This is why the users kept these Visual Basic Application files protected by using a strong password. However, no doubt the passwords are very helpful in safeguarding the files. But there is always a possibility that you lost or forgot the password.

Brief Steps to Remove Excel VBA Password

  • Step 1: Start SysTools application on computer.
  • Step 2: Add Excel VBA projects to software.
  • Step 3: See Excel VBA XLSM file source and size.
  • Step 4: Hit Remove to erase Excel VBA password.
  • Step 5: Excel VBA project password is removed.

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Manual Way to Remove Password from Excel VBA Code

  1. First, open the file in Hex editor.
  2. Now, find text “DPB=“.
    Find DPB
  3. Modify it as “DPx=” now save or close the file.
    Modify it as DPx
  4. After this, open a file in MS Excel and hit on the Yes option if the warning pops up showing in your system screen i.e., The project file D;/ProtectedVBA.xls contains invalid key Dpx’. – Continue Loading Projects?
  5. Then, open the VBA editor via Alt+F11 or in Hex Editor and then, click on the OK button, when the Unexpected error (40230) pops up.
  6. After completing the above steps, right click on VBA filename >> click on properties option >> and move to protection. Then, delete available passwords and unmark the Lock Project for viewing box.
    Excel VBA project properties
  7. Now, you have to check the lock project for viewing once again. Then, add the password as per your choice.
  8. Finally, hit the OK button to exit and to access the VBA code.

Note That: Remember, this manual solution only works with a password containing 7 characters if it exceeds 7 characters. Then, try the second solution.

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Expert Solution to Remove Password from Excel VBA Macro

While performing the above-mentioned manual solution, users need to be more cautious as even a single wrong step may create a problematic situation for them. Therefore, alternatively, a user can use an automated solution, i.e., the VBA Password Recovery Tool.

This is a modern tool designed by professionals to remove Excel VBA project password in a quick manner. It can remove and reset multilingual VBA project password also. The users need to follow a few simple steps to execute this task easily, as mentioned below:

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How to Erase Excel VBA Project Password?

  1. Run the suggested software on your PC.
    Suggested software
  2. Add Excel XLSM files in software using the Add Files or Add Folder button.
    Add Excel XLSM macro enabled files
  3. See Excel VBA projects file path and size information in GUI.
    Path and size information
  4. Software offers dual options i.e., Reset and Remove. Enable the Remove option.
    Reset and remove
  5. Click Remove to remove password from Excel workbook VBA.
    Remove password from Excel VBA code
  6. Remove password from Excel VBA code process completed, hit OK to confirm.
    Remove password from Excel Workbook VBA
  7. Excel VBA project password erased successfully.
    Completed successfully

Time to Sum Up

In the above section, we have tried to remove password from VBA project in Excel XLSM. The users can easily use a manual solution to remove VBA password in Excel file or may opt for a third-party tool to complete the task in a quick manner. Furthermore, once the file is removed, they can set any password on the VBA file as per their choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why do we need to remove password from Excel VBA code?

You may need to remove the password from Excel VBA code if you’ve forgotten the password and need to make changes to the code or view its contents. It’s also useful when someone wants to reuse the same VBA coding scripts somewhere else.

Q) Is it legal to remove Excel VBA code passwords?

Removing password from VBA project in Excel is generally legal for files you have the rights to modify or access. However, it’s important to respect copyright and intellectual property rights when working with Excel files.

Q) Can I erase a forgotten Excel VBA code password?

Yes, SysTools Software is authorized to erase forgotten Excel VBA projects password within a few clicks.

Q) Is it possible to protect my Excel VBA code without using a password?

Yes, you can also use digital signatures to secure your projects.


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