How to Import Contacts from Excel to Android Samsung Phone?

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Looking for a reliable solution to import contacts from Excel to Android Samsung Phone? Want to know how to transfer contacts from an Excel sheet to an Android phone? But, did not find any solution? Now, no need to worry. You are in the right place, in this write-up, you will get a perfect and effective solution to transfer XLS to android contacts phone easily.

How to transfer contacts from Excel to Android phone directly is one of the most common queries asked by various android Samsung users in different mobile forums. You can move Excel contacts to Samsung device to view the contacts saved in an Excel workbook from a Samsung smartphone easily.

For this, just follow a few manual tips and migrate an XLS / XLSX address book data to android Samsung phones. This method will perfectly work with all the devices such as Duos, Samsung S3, S4, S5, Galaxy A3, A8, S6, S6, S7 Edge, Note 2, Grand, Galaxy, Note, and also the latest version of the Android Based Samsung Phones.

Brief Introduction to vCard File

The vCard is an electronic business card, which is utilized for multiple reasons. This file is used as the email attachment in Exchange address book. A vCard file comprises different attributes like employee name, email address, contact, home/ business address, etc.

Highlighted Features of vCard File Format

  • VCF file format easily stores contact data in a standard file format.
  • It is highly compatible with various electronic devices that use online and offline email applications.
  • Virtual contact files are compact and small in size.
  • Stores users’ information such as User-name, Address Details, Job details, Contacts details, and much more.

As there are various mobile models on the market that has been launched by Samsung, users tend to move to the latest mobile version and search issues like how to convert Excel contacts to Phonebook. Thus by upgrading the gadget, there arises a need to import contacts from Excel to Android Samsung phones. Let’s move to the next section for the solution.

Best Solution to Import Excel Contacts to Android

In order to transfer contacts from Excel files to Android phones, users can go for SysTools Excel File to vCard Converter. This is a small, compact size tool with several prominent features that can help Samsung users to import thousands of contacts easily without any data loss.

Nowadays, a vCard file acts as a standard file format to save address book data in different platforms such as Gmail, iPhone, Yahoo, Smartphones, Skype, and WhatsApp applications. Our tool provides the resultant vCard file that is compatible with any platform. Now follow the process to move Excel contacts to Android format.

Steps to Transfer Excel Contacts to Android Format

After installing the software, follow these steps to move Excel Contacts to a Samsung phone.

Step 1: First, download the software, install and open it.

Open the Tool

Step 2: Now Browse or Add an Excel file within the software.

Browse Excel Files

Note: The user can preview the Header details with user details

Step 3: Now, you need to MAP the attributes of an Excel Contacts field with Samsung vCard file attributes.

Import Contacts From Excel to Android Mapping

For Example, The user needs to map the “First Name” attributes of user contacts to the vCard attributes with the “First Name” attributes. If the desired attributes are not listed, then a user can use alias attributes from the List.

Note: Select the “ADD” and “Remove” buttons to add/remove field attributes. After the Complete mapping process, a user can view the preview of the mapping field attributes. Now Click on the “Next” button.

Step 4: In the next step, the application offers various prominent features when you import contacts from Excel to Android Samsung phones. These are Empty Addresses, Single vCard File, vCard Versions, etc.

Settings to Transfer Excel Contacts to Android

Step 5: After that, provide a Saving Location to save the exported contacts in the system so that a user can transfer/move contacts from the spreadsheet to android. Then, Browse the location and view whether the VCF contacts file is properly saved or not.

Import Excel File to Android Done

After performing these steps, contact details can be easily migrated into VCF format, now you are just required to transfer contacts From Excel to Android Samsung mobile. As the exported .vcf file is supported by many devices such as Samsung Duos, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy S3, S4, S6, S7 Note 2 & ACE.

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Import Contacts From Excel to Android Samsung

After getting the Android-compatible file, follow the process to import the file into a Samsung phone.

  • Now just connect your device to the system and configure your phone properly. Select all the contacts i.e VCF files and then right-click on it to choose to send option to move the address book to your device.

Note: Here, we are using the Samsung J7 Prime Model to show you how to copy contacts from Excel sheets to Android phones.

  • Now, you have to disconnect the USB cable from the system and open the contacts section in your Samsung mobile device and hit on the setting, and choose the “Manage Contacts” option.
  • Then, select the Import / Export option to begin the Excel sheet to Android contacts conversion.
  • After this, in the next step, a user can select the “Import vCard Files (VCF) from your Samsung Phone”. Then, click on the Import button.
  • Select the Location (Internal Storage) Option to import contacts from Excel to Android Samsung
  • Choose the VCF Contacts files. Click on the “Done” option for transferring contacts from Excel to Android
  • Now select a Destination location, where you want to save the imported VCF files. Pick the “Phone” option.
  • Now, a user can view the imported contacts into a contact list of your Samsung Device.


Contact plays an important role in our life. Also, it helps to share information and schedule meetings in real time. This technical paper covers all the required details on how to import contacts from Excel to Android Samsung. With the help of this blog post, the user can easily transfer contacts from Excel to Android Phone without any hassle or any loss of data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to transfer contacts from an Excel sheet to an Android phone?

A. You cannot directly move contacts from Excel to Android because Android does not support Excel files. You have to convert contacts into vCard format first to execute this operation.

Q. How to import Excel contacts to WhatsApp on Android?

A. Use the tool to transfer Excel contacts to Android compatible format. After that, you can easily import Excel contacts to WhatsApp on Android.

Q. Can I import unlimited Excel contacts to Android contacts?

A. Yes, the solution mentioned in this article will allow you to import unlimited contacts from Excel to Android contacts.


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