How To Import Contacts From Text File To iPhone: The Practical Guide

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“I’m having a text file with thousands of contacts on my PC and now I want to transfer contacts from text file to iPhone 6. Do I have to convert this .txt file to a particular format or something else to import text contacts to iPhone? I want to import contacts to iPhone from text file locally using my laptop directly. I don’t use an iCloud account so will I be able to do so? Please someone suggest me how to import contacts from text file to iPhone?”

Contacts play a very important role in our daily life as they help us to stay connected to other people. That’s why sometimes we may want to import them from one device to another like iPhone, Android, MacBook, etc. There are several users who use the .txt file format to store contact information and if you’re one among those users then, here we’re going to show you the best and simplest way for how to import contacts from text file to iPhone. So, let’s begin with the import process.

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Transfer Contacts From Text File To iPhone In Two Simple Steps

The complete procedure to copy the text file to iPhone is categorized into two major steps and it is recommended to follow the guidelines sequentially:

Step One. Convert Text File Contacts vCard File Format

iPhone does not provide an option to import contacts to iPhone from text file. Hence, it becomes essential to convert them into iPhone-supported file format i.e., vCard. Below are the steps to convert Text file to vCard/ VCF file format:

  • Download the converter tool namely Excel to vCard and launch it. Click on the Browse button

Import Contacts From Text File To iPhone

  • Select the contacts file with .txt extension and click Open to add a file in the software to transfer contacts from text file to iPhone
  • The software will display the preview of all TXT file contacts with all the fields. Click on Next

transfer contacts from text file to iPhone

  • Now, you’ve to match the TXT file fields with vCard fields. In order to do so, select a field from the Excel Fields section

copy text file to iPhone

  • After that, choose the appropriate contact field from vCard Fields section from the right pane of software to fix how to import contacts from text file to iPhone issue

open text file iPhone

  • Once all the Text file fields get matched with vCard fields, hit the Next button

txt contacts to iPhone

  • Check all the required options you want the software to handle while moving text file contacts to iPhone-supported vCard (v 2.1, 3.0 & 4.0) file format. Using this tool, you can either create a single vCard for all the Text file contacts or else multiple vCards for all the contacts. Click on Convert to copy text file to iPhone

import text contacts to iPhone

  • Text file contacts to vCard conversion process will begin right after this and the tool will display the number of empty email addresses along with the number of contacts converted into vCard

import contacts to iPhone from text file

  • Now, all the Text file contacts will be converted into vCard file format and you can import text contacts to iPhone

transfer text files from pc to iPhone

Step Two. Import Converted vCard to iPhone Contacts

Now, the resultant vCard file can be imported into iPhone so that, how to import contacts from text file to iPhone question can get resolved. Follow the steps below to import vCard to iPhone:

  • In your iPhone Contacts, click on the Action menu from the sidebar and select the Import vCard option
  • Select the vCard file you’ve just converted in step 1 so that, you can import contacts to iPhone from text file
Note: If your vCard file comprises the contact info of more than one person then, every contact requires a separate entry.

After this, imported vCard contacts will be added to All Contacts group and you can add the contacts to any other desired group just via dragging them.

In case if you’re unable to import the vCard to iPhone then, it might be possible that the file exceeds iCloud contacts size limit.

vCard Import Limits:

  • Total number of vCards: 50,000
  • Max size of a vCard: 256KB (image + text)
  • Max image size for a vCard: 224KB

So, make sure the vCard you’re trying to import is not going beyond the defined size limits to open the text files in iPhone effortlessly.

Pro Tip: If you’re having a CSV file and you are a Mac user then, you can use CSV Converter Mac to export CSV contacts to iPhone and multiple other platforms. The software can be downloaded and used in Mac machines to convert CSV files to vCard and multiple other file formats.

Final Words

Moving contacts from one platform to another is such a common task today for digital device users. So, in this article, we’ve answered a query related to contacts migration i.e., how to import contacts from Text file to iPhone. The method disclosed here to move txt contacts to iPhone is simple and completely reliable. From now users will not bother while performing transfer text files from PC to iPhone procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you import CSV file into iPhone contacts?

A. Yes, but you cannot do it until you convert your CSV into vCard file format. After conversion, you can send this vCard to iPhone through iTunes or email and access CSV contacts from iPhone.

Q. How do I import email contacts to iPhone?

A. Of course, yes. First of all save all your email addresses into a vCard file and then import email addresses saved in vCard to iPhone simply.

Q. How do I transfer contacts from computer to iPhone using USB?

A. Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer using a USB cable and click on Device
Step 2. Choose contact file you want to transfer to iPhone
Step 3. Click Sync and all contacts will get transferred to iPhone

Q. How do I import contacts from iCloud to iPhone?

A. Step 1. Open iPhone “Settings
Step 2. Click on “[your name]”, select iCloud.
Step 3. Enable “Contacts” and click “Merge
iCloud contacts will get imported to iPhone after this.

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