Migrate Rackspace Email to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 Safely

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Published On August 4th, 2023
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This post will guide you through all the necessary steps for Rackspace to Office 365 migration with the help of different methods. Go through this step-by-step guide to learn multiple techniques to migrate Rackspace email to Office 365 accounts safely.

Have you heard Rackspace was recently hit by a massive security breach? This however has caused chaos among Rackspace webmail users from across the world. To deal with this situation, Rackspace has also provided free access to the Microsoft 365 E1 license to the affected users up until further guidelines. After taking a look at the recent update, the best alternative would be to migrate mailboxes from Rackspace to Office 365.

Hence, we will provide you with step by step guide explaining the migration procedure in the following article. Now, without wasting any more time let’s get started with the solution.

5 Quick Steps to Migrate Rackspace Email to Office 365

  • Step 1. Download, & Run the tool on PC.
  • Step 2. Select IMAP & Office 365 Platforms.
  • Step 3. Validate Rackspace User Credentials.
  • Step 4. Authenticate O365 user account.
  • Step 5. Click Start Migration to complete.

What Reasons Influence Users to Choose Microsoft 365?

If by any means, your Rackspace-hosted server is affected or the email service simply becomes deranged, it is better to move them to another platform. And when it comes to reliable and trustworthy platforms or cloud services, Office 365 comes out as a savior.

  • Most users opt for Rackspace to Office 365 migration as Microsoft Office 365 is a popular choice for almost all businesses either for replacement or for implementing a new intranet system.
  •  Microsoft 365 is the one that provides various features to manage data securely in the cloud. Hence, one can easily access their account from anywhere and anytime.
  • Also, it has a better or smoother user interface and almost every user is quite familiar with it.
  • Nevertheless, O365 is best suited for many firms or organizations that want to share and create content. As a result, colleagues, clients, and customers can easily share content as per the need for data management.

You can follow the below steps to migrate Rackspace email to Office 365 safely.

Method-1. Direct Rackspace to Office 365 Migration Solution

To save yourself some time and effort, it would be wise to simply go for a quick or professional solution. And for that, we suggest you just opt for the safest and most reliable  SysTools IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool to easily migrate from Rackspace to Microsoft 365.

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This is the best-automated solution that helps in quick migration to all Rackspace account emails with all the features. In short, with the help of this tool, all users including novices or beginners can operate this tool because of its simplest GUI interface.

Furthermore, it is the best tool to provide instructions for each and every step of migrating bulk emails from the source Rackspace account to the destination o365 account. To take care of all the concerns, the tool has a support facility with availability to resolve queries.

Step-by-Step Software Guide to Migrate Rackspace Email to Office 365

Step 1. Download & run this Rackspace to Office 365 Migration Tool on your local version of Windows OS.

download Rackspace to microsoft 365 migration tool

Step 2. You have to select the IMAP and Office 365 options as source and destination accounts to migrate Rackspace webmail email data.

source and destination

Step 3. Now, hit on the Other tab and then choose the Next button after validating the Rackspace user account.


Step 4. Thereafter, select the Office 365 radio button, and enter all required credentials for account validation.

validate o365

Step 5. At last, import the required users and hit the Start Migration option to successfully start transferring all Rackspace emails and attributes to O365.

Rackspace to Office 365 migration

How to Operate Rackspace to O365 Migration Tool Mac?

Download the IMAP Migration Software on your Mac computer of the supported version, follow the guide-

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Step 1. First of all, check all the prerequisites if fulfilled or not, hit Continue to proceed.

download rackspace to m365 migration tool

Step 2. Then, select the Rackspace option as the source IMAP account but if not available then click Other. Enter Rackspace user details and tap Validate.


Step 3. Likewise, select the Office 365 / Microsoft 365 option and provide credentials to validate the account.

office 365

Step 4. Now, apply the customized features from the software panel by clicking the Advance Settings tab.

advance settings

Step 5. Finally, hit the Start Migration option and begin the Rackspace to Office 365 migration on a Mac desktop.

mac Rackspace to Office 365 migration tool

And you are done!

Method-2. Execute Temporary Email Forwarding to Migrate Rackspace Email to Office 365

In this scenario where Rackspace is cordially trying to restore its email services which have created havoc. It looks like there are plenty of users that are distressed by this sudden security breach and need an instant fix.

For those users, Rackspace has offered free access to Microsoft 365 E1 to simply set up a Microsoft 365 renter and then move forward with the create tenant for a Rackspace to Office 365 migration later.

What this trick does is it permits you to recover the email services and you will be able to send/receive emails and messages from now on.

But, here comes the twist.

Even after following this key method, you won’t be able to access your old mailboxes or any other items.

But, do not lose hope yet we have many more surprises for you along the way. So, stay tuned.

Method-3. Use “Archive Subscription Service” for Rackspace to Office 365 Migration

Even though the Rackspace Hosted Exchange outage, the Rackspace Archive service is still unaffected by all this and is working properly.

Now, this Rackspace to Office 365 migration method will only work for those who have subscribed to the Archive services for their users and mailboxes.

They can use this method to restore their emails or save the emails into a PST file. Once done with that, they can simply import the PST file into Microsoft 365 profile. This way, users will be able to recover the mailboxes and provide them with access to their old mail items.

To do that, there are 3 steps that you can follow which are:

  1. Log in to the Rackspace Archive Manager
  2. Create an Archive Search
  3. Choose and export mailboxes to the PST file.

Note:- One can also download the search emails from the archive to either EML or PDF format accordingly.

Carefully repeat the steps if needed to find and export the mailboxes of all the users to PST format.

Once you are done with that, you need to read this guide and import PST files into Office 365.

Limitations in Steps Suggested by Rackspace to Perform Rackspace Email Migration to Office 365

Since the shutdown, Rackspace has shared multiple alternative backups that can help users deal with this situation for a while.

But are they reliable? Do they provide accurate results?

Sorry to disappoint but most of the techniques are lengthy and can take hours for every user. However, if you think about it this is probably the best manual way for users to retrieve their user mailboxes after being distraught by the whole Rackspace webmail incident.

Then multiple users did not subscribe to the Archive service before the security incident and cannot use this key method for Rackspace to Office 365 migration.

Now, there is a way where you can extract mail items from the User’s local cache files and export them to Office 365 to recover the mailboxes. But, extracting multiple user mailboxes can take time and there is no guarantee of security.

Here’s the quick fix.

In the next segment, we will be sharing an instant solution for exporting Rackspace mailboxes to Microsoft 365 with complete information and security.

Alternate Solution to Make Rackspace File Accessible

Whenever the Rackspace server crashes or by anyhow the user is disabled from the server itself, the email profile becomes inaccessible. But, if your MS Outlook is configured with an Exchange profile, then you must have a local cache of all the mail items from the Exchange server to the local directory in OST file format for quick access.

Now, here comes the showdown. You can convert Rackspace OST to PST format with the help of the OST Converter Software.

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Step 1. First of all, Download and Launch this software on your local system.

migrate mailboxes from rackspace to office 365

Step 2. Now, you can search or manually add the OST file to the panel.

add file

Step 3. In the next step, scan the OST file and preview the mail items with the attachments.

emails with attachments

Step 4. You can now simply choose your export type as PST.

choose pst

Step 5. Click on the Export button to complete the process.

export option

Step 6. Once you have your converted PST file, you can simply import it into Office 365 using the network upload or drive shipping ways.

The journey was difficult but we made it in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions by Different Users

Q- How can I do a bulk Rackspace email migration to Office 365 account?

Steps for quick Rackspace to O365 migration:

  1. Install, and run the tool on Windows PC.
  2. Select IMAP & Office 365 for migration.
  3. Apply date filter to migrate email specifically.
  4. Validate Rackspace User Credentials.
  5. Authenticate the O365 user account.
  6. Click Start Migration to migrate Rackspace email to Office 365.

Q- How long does it take to migrate Rackspace email to Office 365 account usually?

Migrating mailboxes from Rackspace to Office 365 using manual or traditional ways will take a lot of time or days to complete. But, the suggested automated software will provide instant results with complete data security.

Q- What is the email limit for Rackspace mailboxes?

In total, Rackspace email addresses are limited to 10,000 total recipients per day. For instance, if you are sending a single message which includes 100 recipients, then this email will be counted as 100 total recipients against your daily limit for sending emails.

Q- How do I cancel my Rackspace subscription?

Manual steps to know how to cancel Rackspace subscription:

  • Sign in to the Cloud Control Panel first.
  • Then, click ‘Account: yourUserName
  • Now, Menu >> Account Settings
  • Scroll down Account Settings page, tap ‘Cancel My Account‘.

Ending Lines

In this article, we have discussed the security breach of Rackspace. The incident has wreaked havoc as many users are now trying to restore their emails. So, we have managed to discuss the major methods that can be useful for Rackspace to Office 365 migration and the alternative solutions provided by Rackspace itself.

However, these mentioned methods can take hours to migrate each user’s mailbox from Rackspace to Microsoft 365. So, to save you some time, we have listed down quick and speedy solutions that will help you migrate Rackspace email to Office 365 in no time.


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