How to Save Hotmail Email as PDF in Bulk? Quick Solution

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Published On April 22nd, 2024
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This article defines an entire procedure to save Hotmail email as PDF. Read the article if you want to know how you can easily download Hotmail email as PDF in bulk in one go.

Microsoft’s Hotmail is one of the best Webmail services that allow its users to easily manage their emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. Moreover, it provides sufficient storage space and a reliable platform for sharing data. So, why is there a need to print or save Hotmail emails as PDF files or to download Hotmail emails to hard drive? Let’s see.

Rather than relying on a single email client service to hold their data, users prefer to keep a duplicate copy of their crucial emails and contacts at other storage devices. We know that PDF is the safest document format for storing information. It maintains the layout of the data or information and the quality of the content even when opened on multiple platforms. So to save an email in PDF format, Hotmail provides the option to print the email.

Is It Beneficial to Save Hotmail Email as PDF?

  • Adobe PDF is a cross-platform compatible portable file format that can be accessed over any email client, smartphone, Web browser, or other devices.
  • It can protect the contents of the file as it has password protection (User & Owner Level Protection).
  • Courtrooms and law-enforcement agencies accept digital evidence submitted only in PDF format as its contents cannot be altered or deleted.

Manual Way to Download Hotmail Email as PDF

Hotmail provides the Print option that lets users directly save the email as a PDF file, which can also be printed if required. However, this method may work fine if you have to save only a few selected emails, but if you are looking to export the entire Hotmail mailbox to PDF, then manually it is just not possible.

Follow these steps to save Hotmail email as PDF manually:

  1. Login into your Hotmail Account with valid credentials.
  2. Select the email that you wish to save as a PDF and click the More (…) icon.
    save Hotmail email as PDF
  3. Select the Print option from the drop-down list to download Hotmail email as PDF.
  4. Choose the Save as PDF option from the given options.
    Print Hotmail Email to PDF
  5. Finally, click the Save button to print Hotmail email as PDF.
    Save Hotmail Email as PDF

This method will print only the body of the Hotmail emails in PDF format and not any attachments. You must repeat this process for each email in your Hotmail account. This becomes very lengthy and tiresome as the number of emails increases.

Direct Solution to Save Hotmail Email as PDF in Bulk

For direct solution, select SysTools Hotmail Email Backup Wizard, which also allows exporting Hotmail emails to PST, PDF, and other file formats with corresponding attachments. By using this software solution, you can save all your Hotmail emails in a PDF file instantly.

You can even batch-save Hotmail emails to PDF or any of the various formats provided by the tool. The tool also provides many unique features to make the overall downloading task quick, easy, and organized. Some of these features are Naming Conventions, Saving Attachments on Disk, Category Selection, Applying a Date Filter, Deleting after Download, and Incremental Backup. Get a free demo version on Mac OS 10.8 and above and Windows OS 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, and 2008 versions and easily download Hotmail email as PDF in any of them.

How to Print Hotmail Email as PDF? – Here are the Steps

You can save Hotmail email as PDF format from multiple users’ accounts one by one. Get the step-by-step working of the suggested software.

  1. Open the tool and select your preferred language to download Hotmail email as PDF.
    Open Software to Save Hotmail Email as PDF
  2. Login with a valid User Name and Password to download Hotmail email as PDF.
    Login with Hotmail Account Detail
  3. Select PDF as the file-saving option from the drop-down list.
    Save Hotmail Emails to PDF Format
  4. After applying custom settings, click the Start option.
    Start Saving Process

This automated software allows you to save Hotmail email as PDF with all the associated attachments. You can also save only the attachments of your Hotmail emails as a separate file.

Concluding Lines

In this blog, we discussed two ways to save Hotmail email as PDF. With the manual solution, you can freely save emails one by one from your Hotmail account using the Print option. However, the manual solution does not print the attachments associated with the emails. For saving bulk Hotmail emails to PDF format with attachments, get the suggested software solution.


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