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Published On November 16th, 2023
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We all know that online data is always at risk of being hacked or lost for several reasons, and this includes the data stored at email servers and cloud platforms. Although we cannot stop online hacking activities, we can surely safeguard our emails and other sensitive data by taking certain basic preventive measures. Therefore, we have drafted this technical write-up to guide you on how to download Hotmail emails to computer securely and reliably.

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For example, one should never open an email from a Hotmail account that does not look legitimate. It might be possible that it could be a phishing email that wants to take your sensitive emails. One of the best ways to protect your online data is to take its backup and store it locally as it offers immense peace of mind. However, in addition to that, there are several other reasons why a backup of Hotmail emails to a flash drive is a must for users.

Why Users Must Backup Hotmail Emails?

As mentioned above, downloading emails from your Hotmail account offers peace of mind, however, there are several other reasons why users look to save their Hotmail emails to a local flash drive. Here, in this segment, we have mentioned the top common reasons addressed by users.

  • It not only ensures data safety but also increases data availability across various platforms.
  • Downloading emails or the entire mailbox from a Hotmail account periodically to a hard drive is a good practice.
  • Having an offline backup on your local drive allows you to access your Hotmail account emails even without an internet connection.
  • An offline backup of Hotmail emails on the computer’s local drive ensures faster and more efficient recovery in unfortunate events such as accidental data deletion, corruption, or cyberattacks.
  • When connected to a stable internet connection, webmail offers incredible flexibility to its users. However, being cloud-based makes it more vulnerable to endless cyber threats as well. Thus, downloading emails as an offline backup pays well.

So these are some of the top reasons as well as benefits of taking an offline backup of Hotmail emails. Now, the question is how to take the backup of Hotmail emails. When we tried to look into manual solutions for the same, we did not get any direct workaround. It means there is no option in the Hotmail account that can download messages from it on the local system. So, what next?

How to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive?

When we got more into manual solutions for the same, we did not get any direct workaround. It means there is no option in the Hotmail account that can download messages from it on the local system. So, what next?

Hold On, A Solution Exists!

To download the Hotmail emails, you can try to take the help of automated software. Although many such solutions are available in the market in terms of performance, an innovative utility named SysTools Hotmail Email Backup Software always wins the race. It is one of the finest programs to download all Hotmail emails to a desktop on Windows and Mac platforms.

Above all, the tool offers various formats to download the resultant file on the hard drive. Yes! You heard it right. One can export Hotmail emails to PST, PDF, and other file formats to a designated location. All these file types are supported by popular email applications like Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.

The tool supports all versions of the Windows Operating System, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Mac OS 10.8 and above versions. Now, let us understand how the tool works.

Steps to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

Follow the step-by-step guide to download all the data from the Hotmail webmail account.

Step-1: Install the software on the Windows platform successfully.

Step-2: After installation, open the utility on the system. You will find a login page interface on the welcome screen.

Login Interface

Step-3: Provide your Hotmail credentials and hit the Login button. Besides this, you are also free to select a language under the Select Language option. There are multiple languages available such as Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Select Language

Step 4: Once the account gets validated, you will be redirected to a new dashboard. In the Select Export Format section, select the file type in which you wish to download all Hotmail emails to your desktop.

Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

Step 5: Click the Browse button to locate a place to save the resultant download file. You are free to select any location on the system to download Hotmail emails on the local hard drive.

Location to Download Hotmail Emails

Download Hotmail Emails to Local Drive with Advanced Settings

Step 6: The software also provides various impeccable features that make the entire cloud-to-on-premise backup procedure effortless. You can use these options while downloading Hotmail emails to the hard drive:

  • Delete After Download: This option wipes out all the messages automatically from the server once they get saved on the hard drive. This helps to free up space in the Hotmail account.
  • Incremental Backup: This option makes the tool skip the previously downloaded Hotmail emails and only download the new emails to the hard drive.
  • Apply Filter: This option is used to filter out data based on certain criteria, such as date and folder.

Note: Here, we are selecting the Delete After Download option.

Delete After Download

Step-7: Click the Apply Filter button. Two filter options appear on your screen:

  • Select Folders: Use this option to download only selected mail folder(s) instead of all on hard drive.
  • E-mail Filter: Use this feature to only download emails from a specific timeline on an offline platform.

Select Filter to Download Hotmail Emails

Step-8: Click the Start button to download Hotmail emails to the hard drive.

Start to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

The entire live status of the process is displayed on the software panel. Here, you can get information related to Folder Name, Message Count, Destination Path, and Downloading Rate.

Live Report

So this is the step-by-step guide on using the expert tool to download and backup Hotmail emails to local hard drive. Furthermore, in the following segment, we have mentioned some of the highlighted features and benefits that this incredible utility provides to its users. Let’s have a quick look at them and proceed to conclude this write-up.

Advantages of Choosing the Expert Utility

  • Proficiently downloads emails of Hotmail account to local computer hard drive smoothly and securely.
  • Not only emails, but this tool also supports downloading and backing up other items, for instance, documents, tasks, notes, etc. from Hotmail account to hard drive.
  • The utility ensures preserving and maintaining the original folder structure and hierarchy throughout the backup process.
  • It also allows users to smoothly perform selective backups of Hotmail account folders according to their preference.
  • This software is fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, (64-bit & 32-bit) and in addition to that, it is also compatible with Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, R2, and 2008.

Bringing It All Together

It is always a safe practice to keep taking backups of your email data periodically to avoid any unforeseen situation of data loss or corruption. In this blog, we have discussed the automated solution to export Hotmail emails to the hard drive of your local system. Install this software and rest assured of the safety of your Hotmail account data. You can also download multiple attachments from Hotmail using this tool.


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