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How to Unprotect VBA Project in Excel Without Password – Simple Steps

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2019-10-19T04:44:31+00:00 | Password Recovery|

In this write-up, we are going to explore the techniques to unlock VBA project password from Excel documents. Users who are looking for ways of how to unprotect VBA project in Excel without password can go through this article.

Are you struggling with finding a method to unprotect excel VBA project without password? Have you ever thought of opting for a manual process for the same? And do you want to perform it quickly? If your answer for all these questions is yes, then, you have landed in the right place. Here in this blog, we are going to cover all these points as mentioned above. However, before that, we would like to enlighten users about (visual basic application) VBA files. We will also explain a quick solution which guarantees to unlock the VBA excel in a reliable manner.

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What are VBA Files?

VBA is the abbreviation of Visual Basic for Applications. It is an application of Microsoft Office and is consistently used by many software as MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint etc. This basic source code boosts the functionality of these applications. VBA password is a security code that protects the VBA files from any unauthorised access. These passwords are certainly a great way of protecting and hiding workbooks for security reasons. Unluckily, employees depart, passwords get lost, and brain forgets. This can be a terrible dilemma if users are in a time crunch or do not remember how they coded their projects. So now, users need an instant to regain access to their VBA code. Well, keep calm! We have come up with some awesome tricks that can help you to unlock Excel VBA project without password.

User Queries

The subsequent user’s posted scenarios will help users in understanding need for such password removing process. These queries are collected from various tech forums and social networking sites, where Microsoft customers ask the problem:

I am working with an organization where we generally use VBA files. One of my juniors has left the company and I need one of his excel file which is password protected. We tried to contact him, but unable to do so. As I need that file urgently so, I used various methods to accomplish this task. Sadly, all my efforts go in vain. After getting tried by all my efforts, I have decided to post my query here. Please, anyone, tell me that how to unprotect VBA project in Excel without password.

Hello! I want to remove the password from my Excel VBA project. In addition, I just want to unlock VBA project password in Excel 2013, not from any workbook or worksheet. Can someone recommend me any efficient technique so that I can bypass VBA password? Thank you in advance.

Technique to Unprotect VBA Project in Excel Without Password

In this section, we will discuss two ways to unlock Excel VBA project. One is manual and another one is using a third-party tool. A user can option any of these methods as per their convenience.

1. Open new Microsoft word file.
2. Now, press Alt + F11 keys.
3. Click on Insert and select a module.

4. Then, Enter the following code in the general window > > press F5.

5. Now, select the word file to unlock >> click open.

6. After a few minutes, a small pop up box will get open. The password from encrypted word file has been recovered successfully!

7. Now, hit on OK and close the pop-up box.
8. The encrypting document will get opened.
9. Then, press on File tab >> and select the option of protecting a document.
10. Choose Encrypt with Password option.

11. Just clear the password from the text box and click on OK button to unlock VBA project password from the .doc file.

12. Next time you can open the document without any password.

Limitations of Manual Approach

The manual method to Unlock Excel VBA project without password, is not considered as the perfect option because these manual approaches always have some limitations associated with them. These are:

  1. The manual approach is lengthy and confusing also.
  2. Non-technical users not perform
  3. It is time-consuming

Important Note: This method only works when the password is within 7 characters only, if it exceeds than 7 characters. Then, try the second solution and save your time.

Reliable Way to Unprotect VBA Project in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Obviously, the manual method is free and seems easy to use. However, this method consists of high chances of data loss and also needs technical knowledge to accomplish the task via it. Hence, if your excel file consists of some important information then, we recommend preferring only VBA Password Remover. This is one of the safest and tested methods. This advance utility is capable to unlock VBA project excel quickly, and from any type of file i.e. .xlam, .xls, .doc, etc. Apart from this, it is a brilliant tool which eliminates the old lost or forgotten VBA password of any length and rests a new password. Moreover, the software has come up with unique features unlock VBA project in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 as mentioned below:

  1. Remove passwords from VBA document
  2. Compatible with all versions of MS Office
  3. Recover the VBA password of any length
  4. Eradicate old password and generate new
  5. Open and reset multilingual VBA project

Wrapping Up

How to unprotect VBA project in Excel without password is one of the major issues. After considering the above scenario, we have discussed two ways to resolve this issue. Therefore, VBA files are very imperative and used to store the crucial information. Usually, we kept these files protected using a password. Consequently, considering the need of Excel VBA project password removal we have focused on one manual approach for this. Excluding the manual workaround, users also can option an automated solution to unlock Excel VBA project without password.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get the old password after unlocking the VBA password protected file?

No, this utility will remove the previously set password. This will generate a new password which you can later re-set as per your convenience.

Q: Will you please tell me what all file types this software support?

SysTools VBA Password Remover works with all the Microsoft Office files such as: .doc, .dot, .xls, .xla, .mdb. This utility can easily perform its functionalities in few clicks.

Q: I have used the demo version but unable to get the newly generated password. Please help!

To obtain the complete password, you must have the full version of the tool. The demo version will generate the password, but will display only the first two characters.

Q: What is multilingual VBA password recovery?

Multilingual password recovery comes into existence when the user sets the lengthy password with the combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters. It is possible to recover multilingual password.

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