How to Unlock Access VBA Project Database Password?

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Published On October 11th, 2023
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Business professionals often implement VBA (Visual Basic Applications) code scripts on the MS Access database and protect Access VBA macros and modules with passwords. But sometimes users forget the Access database VBA password and search for a solution to unlock Access VBA project password.

Removing VBA password in Access database can be a valuable skill when you need to access or modify Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code in an Access database. This process involves unlocking the password protection from the VBA project so that you can view and edit the VBA code.

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Unavoidable Situations to Remove VBA Password in Access

  • Forgotten Password: Most of the time business professionals use multilingual passwords to protect MS Access database VBA code scripts. But sometimes they forget Access database VBA password and then wish to unlock VBA project password MS Access.
  • Business Continuity: Access to VBA code is critical for the functioning of certain applications or processes. If access is impeded due to a forgotten password, removing it becomes a business necessity.
  • To Reuse VBA Coding: Sometimes database administrators want to reuse VBA Coding script on another database to implement automation. But they forget the password and start searching for a solution for how to remove VBA password in MS Access databases.
  • To Edit Access Database: Usually, VBA project managers prefer to edit and modify Access database VBA code to do value editions in businesses. But they can’t implement any modification in the VBA code without a password hence the process of removing Access VBA password becomes unavoidable.

Effortless Steps to Unlock Access VBA Project Password

  1. Download SysTools Software and start.
  2. Add protected Access VBA database.
  3. Select a mode to reset and remove password.
  4. Click Remove to unlock Access VBA project.
  5. Remove VBA password in Access completed.

Anyone can easily remove Access VBA project password within these 5 simple steps. Still, if you want to learn more about the problem and resolution then read it completely.

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Two Primary Categories of Access Database Password

There are several types of passwords that can be used to secure an MS Access database. But MS Access Open Password and VBA Project Password are crucial in the Microsoft Access database:

Open Database Password: This password is used to encrypt Access database with a password. Users must enter the correct password to open the database. It safeguards all database components, including tables, queries, forms, reports, and VBA code.

Open Database Password

VBA Password (Project Password): VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is used to create custom functions and procedures in Microsoft Access. A VBA password protects the VBA coding scripts within the database. Hence, users need to enter the correct VBA password to view and modify the VBA code.

VBA project password

Note That: This article explains the complete steps to unlock VBA project password MS Access. But if your database is protected with an open database password then read this blog post to open Access database without password.

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Manual Way to Remove Access VBA Project Password

  1. Start the MS Access application on your computer.
  2. Create a new blank database and open it.
  3. Press Alt+F11 to open Visual Basic Editor in MS Access.
  4. Hit the Insert option and from the dropdown menu choose Module.
  5. Type below the below-mentioned VBA script coding in VB Editor.
    VBA code to remove VBA password in Access
  6. After that, click the Run >> Continue option or press F5 accordingly.
  7. Browse the password-protected Access VBA project database and hit Open.
  8. Thereafter, it will restore the Access VBA project password.
  9. Use this password to remove VBA password in Access database.

Drawbacks of Doing It Manually

  • The manual method requires expert-level technical knowledge to unlock Access VBA project password.
  • If enter the wrong VBA code script in the virtual Basic Editor and run it, then you may lose your crucial data forever.
  • This technique is capable of removing Access VBA password from a single Access database ACCDB or MDB file at once.
  • If you VB Editor to remove VBA password from 10 Access database files, then you will need to repeat the same steps 10 times.

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Pro Way to Unlock VBA Project Password MS Access

SysTools VBA Password Remover Tool is an excellent and reliable software to unlock Access VBA project passwords. The tool supports Access database ACCDB or MDB files and enables users to reset and remove Access VBA password. This Access VBA remover is suitable for removing Alphanumeric Password, Numeric Password, Alphabetic Password, Complex Password, and Multilingual Password.

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How to Remove VBA Password in MS Access Database?

  1. Download, install, and run Access VBA remover on your computer.
    Start Access VBA remover
  2. Add password-protected Access VBA project database using dual modes.
    Add protected Access VBA
  3. After that, you can see the Access VBA project database in the software panel.
    See Access VBA database
  4. Select Remove as a preferred mode from 2 choices i.e., Reset or Remove.
    Reset and remove modes
  5. Hit the Remove button to unlock Access VBA project password.
    Unlock Access VBA project
  6. See the process to remove VBA password in Access database completed.
    Remove Access VBA password completed
  7. Now you can easily edit and modify VBA project coding in Access database.
    Edit and modify VBA project coding

Why Choose the Access VBA Password Remover?

This software provides several benefits compared to the manual method. Hence, you can go with this software due to its key characteristics, look at them:

  • Unlock Access VBA project password from multiple databases at once, so you can save your valuable time.
  • Access VBA password remover is compatible with ACCDB or MDB database files, created with MS Access 1.0 to 2021.
  • The tool offers dual options to reset or remove Access VBA project password for different motives.
  • Remove VBA password in MS Access database after forgetting as the software does not ask for a valid password.


We have discussed the top 2 methods to unlock Access VBA project password using Visual Basic Editor and Access VBA Password Remover. Both are tried and tested solutions to resolve your problem. However, the manual method comes with some limitations, so this is advisable to go with a smart solution to achieve your goal.

Answers to Your Common Queries

Q) Can I use the decrypt database option to remove Access VBA password?

No, the decrypt Access database option is only suitable for decrypting the database opening password. But is not able to remove Access VBA password.

Q) How to remove VBA password in MS Access?

In this blog post, we have explained 2 expert-recommended approaches to remove Access VBA project password. You can opt for any solution according to your work preferences. Click to scroll up:

  1. Using Visual Basic Editor and
  2. Access VBA password remover.

Q) Is it possible to unlock VBA project password in MS access using Exclusive mode?

No, the process to open Access database in Exclusive mode is required when you want to decrypt the entire database for opening.