How to Download Emails from Outlook Web App Online Account to PST Format?

Written By Tej Pratap Shukla
Anuraag Singh
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Published On December 2nd, 2022
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading is a famous and mostly used email platform. But for backup purposes or security reasons, users are looking for a solution to download emails from the Outlook web app or This how-to blog will give you the best solution to export emails to PST or other file formats for respective email clients. Before moving to the answer let’s check the user’s query.

Query:I am using an account for 4 years. Now, I want to move from Outlook Web App to another web email client service. So, please suggest to me how I Can download emails to my computer?

Solution: There are two solutions to download all emails on your PC. The first is using an automated tool and the second is the manual solution. So, it depends on you which solution you opt for to save Outlook web app emails on your computer. Now, let’s read both solutions one by one.

Automated Solution to Download Data

SysTools offers the Best Backup Tool to export emails to PST and other file formats. Easily download emails, contacts, calendars, documents, tasks, and notes from the Outlook web app online account. Download the software solution on Mac or Windows machines with all the latest version supports.

Steps to Download Emails & Other Data

Follow the step-by-step working process to export emails to PST and other file formats.

  • First, download the tool on your PC and select the preferred language
  • Download Tool

  • Enter the user name and password of email account and log in

Login with credentials

  • Select the file format in which you want to download mailbox items

Export Emails to PST

Note: There is multiple file format available to download emails from the Outlook web app. Now, you have to select as per your requirement. We have selected PST as it is a most demanding file format.

  • Select the required category to download such as Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, and Document

Download Emails from Outlook Web App

Note: If you want to download emails from for a particular time period, then you have option to set date filter for more specific data download.

  • Here, click on the Browse button to select the destination location of downloaded data

Browse Location

  • After selecting your options, click on the Start button to download emails from Outlook online

Start Downloading Emails

  • Now, the software will start downloading the emails, contacts, calendar, documents, notes and tasks from account

Live Report

Note: The time duration of downloading depends on the size of mailbox data.

  • After completion, the tool confirms that you have successfully downloaded your Outlook web app mail data in the opted PST format

Done - Export Emails to PST

  • Finally, go to the destination location and get your downloaded emails, contacts, calendar, and other data in PST format.

Resultant PST File Location

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Manual Solution to Download Emails

Microsoft Outlook should be installed on your computer in this solution. Because you need to configure your Hotmail account in Microsoft Outlook 2021, 2019 and below versions.

After adding a Hotmail account, you will get an Outlook database file in PST format. For this, you have to perform the download process within Microsoft Outlook.

So, now by following this solution, you can also download Outlook web app emails to the computer in PST format.

Why We Don’t Recommend the Manual Solution?

As we have read both the manual and automated solution for downloading all emails.

Now, the question arises

Which Solution Should I Used to Download Emails from Outlook Web App?

So, the answer to both questions is quite simple.

You should use Solution 1 because the software easily and safely downloads all your account data in the required format. No data loss problem will occur. It will take a few minutes to download emails on PC.

Now, Why You Shouldn’t Use the Manual Solution?

The manual solution doesn’t give you any guarantee of your data loss. Also, it is a time-consuming process, and most of the time user face difficulties at the time of configuration. So, we don’t want the user may face any kind of complication and frustration. That’s why we don’t recommend solution 2 to download emails, contacts, calendar, and other data.

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Summing Up

No doubt is the best webmail service but backup is also required. A downloaded copy helps in case of data loss, data hacks, or offline mode. In this blog, we suggested manual and automated solutions to download emails from the Outlook web app. Choose the best method as per your needs to export emails to PST format.