How to Save Yahoo Emails to Computer?

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Published On October 26th, 2023
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It will not be an overstatement to say that we are living in the age of cyber-attacks. The whole cyberspace has become the target of hackers. Considering the history of multiple data breaches on Yahoo Mail servers, being a Yahoo Mail user makes you more vulnerable to such online threats. If you are using Yahoo Mail services for emailing, it is beyond high time that you start to save Yahoo emails to computer.

Once the Yahoo mailbox is stored on your local system, your data will be safe from all Yahoo mail security-related problems. Any future attack on the Yahoo Mail server, whether ransomware attack or data breach, will not affect you as your mailbox with all its contents will be safely stored at your local system. This way, you can continue using Yahoo Mail without compromising your business’s critical and private data.

There are free as well as paid solutions available for addressing this security concern of Yahoo users. These solutions allow users to take a backup of their Yahoo mailbox data and store it offline, say a local computer or pen drive. The users of Yahoo Small Business account can also use these solutions to safeguard their mailbox data from unexpected loss or corruption.

An all-in-one automated software solution is also available for quick and seamless data migration from Yahoo mailbox to local system, but let us first discuss some of the free methods to perform this task.

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Top Free Methods to Save Yahoo Emails to Computer

  • Use Yahoo’s built-in functionality to save emails to computer
  • Use Microsoft Outlook to export Outlook emails to computer
  • Expert suggested way to batch download Yahoo Mail to desktop

These are the best free manual methods to save Yahoo Mail emails to a computer hard drive. In the coming section of the blog, we will discuss each solution in-depth and see which method is best for you to complete the task.

Method 1: Save Yahoo Email as Portable Document Format

The simplest way to store a copy of a Yahoo email is to save it in the portable document format on the computer.

1. Access Yahoo Mail Account: Log in to your Yahoo account and access Mail.

Login to Yahoo

2. Open the Email: Go to the Email Folder and open the email that you wish to save as a PDF file.

Open an Email

3. Click on Print Email: Above the email, there is a list of menus. Select the More option and click the Print option.

Go to Option

4. Multiple Saving Option: Choose to Save as PDF from the list of printers. Click the Save button.

Save Yahoo Emails to Computer

5. Browse Location: Browse the PDF email saving location on your system. Click the Save button to save Yahoo emails to the desktop.

browse location & save data

Method 2: Use Microsoft Outlook Application

Users can also save Yahoo emails to computer by configuring a Yahoo account in any desktop-based email client. Here, we have taken the example of MS Outlook and will show how to save email data of Yahoo on computer by Outlook configuration.

Note: While implementing this process, you may be asked to provide an App Password. App Passwords can be easily generated in the latest Yahoo Mail version. Steps to Turn Off Two Step Verification / Generate App Password on Yahoo Mail

1. Launch MS Outlook: Open any version of MS Outlook. Select File from the menu.

Open Application

2. Add Account Option: Move to Info section and click the Add Account button.

Add Account

3. Enter Yahoo Mail Credentials: Select the Email Account radio button in the Add Account dialog box. Enter Your Name, Yahoo Email Address, and Password. Click the Next button.


4. Finalizing Yahoo Account Configuration: Click Done to finish the process and then restart the Outlook application (Enter your password again if prompted).

Done the Process

Once you have your email account on Outlook, then it is easy to save Yahoo emails to computer. But in some cases, it is seen that the process gets failed due to some unknown reasons. If any such error occurs, check the “change account settings” and enter server configurations manually.

The Complete Guide to Add Yahoo Email Account to Outlook

Problems You May Face Using Manual Methods

Saving Bulk Yahoo Emails to Portable Format: The manual method is feasible if you have to download some specific emails; however, this method is not suitable for bulk download of emails. Using this method for saving bulk emails is not as easy as it seems. It means in order to save 1000 emails, you need to perform this process 1000 times. The process, thus, becomes very time-consuming and tedious.

Saving Yahoo Emails using MS Email Client: When users attempt to extract Yahoo Mail data from MS Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, or lower versions to computer, they may bump into an error message saying: “The Messaging Interface Has Returned an Unknown Error”. If this error occurs, users need to restart their Outlook and try to reconfigure their Yahoo accounts. In some cases, restarting and re-configuring may also fail to resolve this problem.

Direct Solution to Save Yahoo Emails to Computer

In case you fail to save your Yahoo Mail data with the help of manual methods, you can get this job done seamlessly with the help of SysTools Yahoo Backup Tool.

Perform the following steps to get all your Yahoo emails from the server and save it on your computer system:

Steps to Export Yahoo Emails to Computer

Step-1: Download the software and install it on your Windows computer.

Open Tool

Step-2: Launch the software and choose the language in which you wish to interact with the interface of the tool from the Select language list box.

Step-3: Add Yahoo Mail credentials (free or Yahoo business account) and click the Login button.

enter yahoo login details

Step-4: Select the email format in which you want to save Yahoo emails to your computer.

select export type

Step-5: Click the Browse button and navigate to a system location to save the data from Yahoo Mail.

browse location to save yahoo emails

Step-6: Click the Apply Filter button to specify which Yahoo Mail folders should be saved on your computer. You can also select a time frame to only save the emails falling within that range.

apply data filters

Step-7: Click the Start button to initiate the process of saving Yahoo emails to your computer.

click save to export yahoo emails to computer

The live status of the complete process will be displayed on the tool’s interface. Users can check details like the internet speed, count of emails, and current folder under processing.

Live Report

On the completion of the Yahoo Mail saving process, you will get a notification message.

Step-8: Click the OK button and click the destination folder to view Yahoo email data.


Questions? We Have Answers!

Q) How do I download my Yahoo emails to my Computer?

  • Download and run the software.
  • Enter Yahoo Mail Email Address and password.
  • The software will add your account & select the export type.
  • Next, click on Browse & select designation location.
  • Lastly, click Save to export Yahoo emails to Computer.

Q) How do I export my emails from Yahoo?

To export emails from Yahoo, you have a couple of options. The Yahoo Mail provides an export feature that allows you to download your emails. Alternatively, you can configure your Yahoo account in desktop email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird to export emails & other data files.

Q) Does Yahoo Mail allow direct export of emails to Flash Drive?

Yahoo Mail does not offer any direct option to export emails to local drive. To save Yahoo emails on computer, you can download them using third-party tools or use the built-in functionality of Yahoo mail.

Summing Up

Yahoo Mail is an old and famous webmail platform; however, users often wish to take the backup of their crucial data in case of any unforeseen data loss situations. In this blog, we have suggested some of the best manual methods to save Yahoo emails to computer with their limitations. For quick, uninterrupted, and safe migration of bulk emails, choose the suggested automated solution to save Yahoo Mail to computer.


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