How to Import Zoho Emails to MBOX Format?

Written By Kumar Raj
Anuraag Singh
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Published On December 12th, 2022
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Zoho Mail is one of the various email clients used for personal and business purposes. However, when we talk about moving Zoho Mail to another email client, the manual method doesn’t provide the complete solution. In this blog, we will discuss the professional solution to import Zoho Mail emails in the MBOX format.

MBOX is the most popular file format for storing emails with attachments. This is such a popular file format that it is supported by many email clients such as Google, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, and Eudora.

Zoho Mail provides an option to transfer emails in the .eml file extension. But manually you cannot import Zoho Mail emails to MBOX format. Before proceeding further, let’s see a user scenario.

Hello, we use Zoho Mail at office. However, now some of our company employees, including me, are switching to work from home culture. I have my client’s required information stored in Zoho Mail. Now I am looking for a direct solution to import Zoho Mail emails to Thunderbird compatible MBOX format.

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How to Transfer Zoho Mail Emails in EML Files?

Follow the manual solution to move all emails from Zoho Mail into .eml file extensions.

1. Login to Zoho Mail (Personal or Business Account) and go to Settings option.


2. Select the Import/Export option from the Settings page.

3. Select Advanced Settings: Folder Selection and Date Filter.

Import Zoho Mail in EML Files

4. Click the Export button and saved a Zip file with all emails.

Import Zoho Mail to MBOX

5. Extract the Zip file and get all Zoho emails in the .eml file extension.

Zip File

After downloading Zoho emails, you have to convert EML files to MBOX format, which is not possible manually. Let’s move to a direct solution to import emails from Zoho Mail to the MBOX file format.

Direct Solution to Import Zoho Mail Emails into MBOX

SysTools Zoho Email Backup Tool is specially designed to import Zoho emails into various file formats. This application allows you to import multiple Zoho Mail emails into an MBOX file at once. The resultant MBOX file can easily import into any supported Mac or Windows-based email client.

You can also use this application on both Mac 10.8 and above and Windows OS 11, 10, 8, and 7. The software preserves the email attributes when transferring emails from Zoho Mail to MBOX format. It provides a simple user interface with a 100% secure platform that cannot save your login details.

Process to Transfer Zoho Emails into MBOX Format

Follow these steps to transfer all emails from Zoho Mail folders (Inbox, Sent, Spam, etc.) to the MBOX file:

1. Download and open the tool on Mac or Windows OS.

2. Provide login details in the software interface.


3. Select MBOX as a saving option with customized options.

Transfer Zoho Emails to Mailbox Format

4. Select Destination folder and click the Start button.

Start Import Zoho Mail Emails to MBOX Format

5. Finally, all Zoho Mail emails will be saved in the MBOX format.

It is the best software solution for Zoho Mail users with advanced features. Also, you can use the Delete after Download option to clean up your Zoho Mail mailbox. Also, use Folder Selection, Date Filter, and Incremental Backup options for a smooth import process. You can Pause and Resume the import process as per your requirement.


Zoho Mail is commonly used by businesses and corporates to manage emails. Also, this blog covers all the ways to import Zoho Mail emails to MBOX format, which is one of the widely used file formats with multiple email clients. Use the suggested software solution to safely transfer Zoho mailbox to MBOX file format.