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DWF & DWG Viewer Tool - Read CAD Drawing Files Without Installing AutoCAD

Use DWG File Viewer to Open DWG / DWF File

DWG Viewer

Highlighting Features of DWF Viewer Software

View DWG Standalone

DWG Reader is a standalone application that is capable of opening and reading the contents of an AutoCAD DWG/DWF files. This DWF Reader software as a standalone doesn’t rely on AutoCAD application in order to read DWF / DWG files. Therefore, using this DWG Viewer, CAD drawing files can be viewed irrespective of the machine being used for the purpose.

Unlimited Files & Size

There are no limitations imposed by the DWG Viewer software. DWG file viewer is programmed to be able to process multiple AutoCAD drawing files at a time without any limitations. This promotes faster processing of contents to be accessed. Moreover, large DWG files are also supported by the tool giving users an edge on the standalone reading.

View Corrupt DWG

Besides dependency of DWG files on AutoCAD, the files are also vulnerable to corruption like any other. Therefore, the program is built considering the same and thus it is supportive even to the corrupt drawing files. DWF files that are corrupted are also readable with the help of this DWF Viewer software successfully.

DWG Viewer Functionality

  • Browse & view DWG & DWF files
  • Open and read AutoCAD DWG files in multiple numbers
  • Successfully preview DWG files content on software interface
  • Option to open and see inaccessible or corrupt AutoCAD DWG files
  • Compatible with all the available versions of Windows OS

Tech Talks

Q: How to open .dwg file in Windows 7 for free?

A: The DWG Reader software is a freeware which helps you to access & preview DWF / DWG files and is compatible for all the versions Windows OS.

Q: Is it possible to view DWF files too on the DWG Viewer?

A: The DWG Browser utility supports both DWG and DWF format (Design Web Format) of drafts created by AutoCAD to be viewed in a standalone mode.

Q: How to open .dwf file without AutoCAD?

A: The DWF Viewer is a free tool to open CAD drawings like DWG / DWF without AutoCAD installation.

Q: Will I be able to zoom and see different sections of the draft?

A: Yes, with the help of DWF Reader utility you can zoom into certain areas of the draft to view them clearly and move around using the hand tool available in this CAD drawing viewer.

Q: What are the system requirements for working with DWF Explorer?

A: The DWG file viewer is a standalone utility that functions without the need of a third party application. All you need is a machine configured with Windows OS (any version) and a decent amount of storage space with Processing unit and memory for running the software.

Q: With the help of This DWG Explorer, can I browse DWG files created using AutoCAD version 19.1?

A: The DWF Viewer is supportive to reading and displaying the drawing files generated by AutoCAD of any given version as DWG / DWF format.

What Clients Say

It is next to impossible for one to view DWG files without setting up AutoCAD application. The file is completely application reliant but thankfully we have DWG Reader software for the same that too at no cost at all. Free of cost provision is the best thing about the tool.

Ginger Goodwin, Colombia

In order to just view and have a look at the drafts created on AutoCAD users are supposed to have AutoCAD. However, the standalone DWF Viewer has made it possible for us to do the simple task in a very simple manner. All thanks to the developers.

Vickie Collins, Gabon

Once it seemed like a complicated one and soon turned out to be a pleasant one only because of the DWG Viewer provided by you guys. Therefore, I am here to thank your concern towards a mass number of users around the world wanting to view DWG files.

Sabrina Hampton, Poland