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Migration Steps

Phases of Data Migration

How We Plan Our Data Migration Process


Create a Detailed Migration Plan

  • Refine the Scope
  • Assess Source & Destination
  • Set Data Standards
  • Estimate Budget
  • Set Practical Timelines

Data Profiling

Examine Complete Scope of Data

  • Determine Possible Issues
  • Eliminate Duplicities and Exceptions

Data Migration

Initiate Data Migration Process

  • Define Migration and Testing Rules
  • Run Pilot Project
  • Address All the Issues
  • Execute Complete Migration

Post Migration Audit

Audit Your Migrated Data

  • Validate Results
  • Discuss Issues (If Any)

Our Offerings

What We Provide in Data Migration Services?

We Are the Leading Data Migration Consultants in the Industry for Our Professional Services

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Professional Services

Reduce Your Workload & Rely on Our Experts!

Project Operation & Reports

The migration experts at SysTools manage the projects and reports of the entire process with all the details. Reports can be generated in multiple ways including; a report for the entire migration process at once, for a specific mailbox, or a job perspective. The generation of report is advantageous for future reference so that clients can keep their project aligned.

Infrastructure & Service Management

The services for migration also offer the correct infrastructure for mobile services. In addition to that, the software provides a virtual environment which is suitable for the remote computers, full service management, and efficient performances. Many applications can be run with no inconvenience.

Customized Migration Plans

We Understand User's Needs

Customized Migration Plans as Per Requirements!

Cost-Effective Migration

Another major concern of customers is the challenge faced by enterprises is the cost they incur during the data migration task. Here, we offer expert solutions for a fast and a process free of risks at an effective price that comes under the budget. There is no need for the customers to be worried about the completion of the services as we are here to care of it for our precious customers.

Customer Support

We have the best data migration services that are provided by our tech-experts and if there are any troubles or hindrances faced by the clients, they are quickly resolved by our experts. We make the migration process effective and the solution model for an effective data migration process.

Best in the Industry

Industry Leaders

What Makes Us the Best in the Industry!

Customized Migration

Each enterprise has its own requirements and needs that are fulfilled by the services that we provide. No single plan can help accomplish all the stages and necessities. Here, we have the best customization services that so that you can customize your migration plans as per your requirements.

Highly Safe

This challenge of safety of the data is seen the most amongst the clients. During the migration task, the data is kept safe from all the threats that hover over the data. The security team keep the data secure for the best experience while migration with no data leakage.

Industries That We Have Worked With

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

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Customized Migration Plans

What We Skill In!

Data migration being a process full of risks, but it is also the most critical part. There may be various needs and reasons due to which you might have to undertake the process of migration of data. The experience that we have till date has only helped clients perform successful migration processes resulting in our success.

Our consultants can help you with moving an organization’s data wherever it is required. The methodologies of our experts also include best practices for the industries and data privacy and legal requirements without any troubles. Our professionals make sure an efficient and quick data migration is executed keeping the data security at the top of the priority list.

Get Over the Issues

Data Migration Challenges Faced by Users

Make Frightening Task a Simple One by Choosing the Top Data Migration Service Providers / Consultants

Detailed Strategy

As they say, one size doesn’t fit all, devising a migration strategy is the biggest challenge depending on the user requirement.

Breaching Finances

Underestimating the migration challenges and complexities most of the times result in exceeding data migration budget.

Securing Data

Moving data from one platform to another involves risk of data loss and leakage. So, data security should be your first priority.

Lack of Expertise

Due to lack of data migration experience, organizations usually end up creating mess during the process.

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