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Our Fundamentals

Principles of Cloud Migration Services

Best Practices that We Follow to Ensure Smooth and Risk-Free Migration

Measure the Complexity

Understand the Migration Requirements and Enlist All Possible Complexities that are Associated with it.

Recognize Early Risks

Define All the Security Measures and Determine Any Possible Issues Related to Application Access .

Reduce Risks with Skillful Minds

Have People with In-Depth Knowledge of Platforms and Infrastructure to Eliminate Upcoming Risks.

Trust the Migration Experts

To Make the Entire Process Seamless, Choose the Right Set of Experts and Trust their Knowledge.

Migration Phases

Stages of Cloud Migration

The Six Stages That are the Foundation of Successful Cloud Migration

Migration Strategy

Migration Strategy

Requirement Analysis

Pre-Migration Strategy

Architecture Evaluation

Migration Execution

Migration Execution

Pilot Project

Complete Migration

Post Migration Support

Why SysTools?

Why Choose SysTools As Cloud Migration Services Provider?

The Factors That Give Us an Edge Over Other Migration Experts

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Here are some factors that make us stand out as the best cloud migration service providers in the industry.

  • Dedicated Cross-Functional Team of 150+ Experts to Make Your Process Seamless
  • In-House Team of Engineering Experts to Get Rid of Issues on Time
  • Specially Designed Project Plans to Speed Up the Migration Process
  • Perform Quality Assurance Testing Thoroughly Before Going Live
  • 24X7 Access to Our Technical Support Team to Address Your Issue
  • Proven Track Record After Completing Multiple Projects with 100% Satisfaction
  • Customized Solutions that Are Made Specially According to your Requirements

What We Offer?

Why Do You Need Expert Cloud Migration Services?

Taking Specialists' Assistance is Always a Wise Choice While Migrating Sensitive Data

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Easy Management

Leave All Your Workload on Our Shoulders!

Choosing the right Cloud Migration experts will make your entire process a lot easier.

Project Management & Reporting

SysTools Migrator is a powerful project management & reporting system. It generates detailed reports containing complete information of migration process. This reporting is beneficial for future reference and to keep the project on track.

Managed Service & Infrastructure

For the Remote Migration service, we offer proper infrastructure also. SysTools provides a proper virtual environment also on your remote machine to ensure fully managed services with high performance. This way you can easily run a large number of applications without any hassle.

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Emphasis on User Requirements

Customized Migration Plans as Per Requirements!

Every Organization has different set of requirements, so we make sure that we plan your migration accordingly.

Totally Customer Oriented

We offer cloud migration service in a way that our cloud architects will be with you at every single step of cloud migration. We always keep your organization requirements first while building a solution model for proper cloud migration.

Strategy Tailor Made for You

Every organization has different requirements so, one type workload migration plan does not fit all. Depending upon the needs of each customer, we have different or customize migration plans.

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Choose the Best

What Makes Us the Best in the Industry!

The major factors that play a key role in choosing the Best Cloud Migration Services provider are Safety and Cost.

Safe & Secure

The biggest challenge faced by the organization is in keeping everything safe and secure during the cloud migration process. To achieve this, we have a security team with great experience and keep your cloud migration on track always without any leakage.

Cost-Effective Migration

The major concern or challenge faced by organization is the total cost during cloud migration. As we are expert in offering a fast and risk-free cloud migration services on a reasonable price. You need not care about the migration service completion as we are here to do that for you.

Industry Verticals That We Serve

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

Consumer Electronics






Overcome the Challenges

Challenges Faced During Cloud Migration

It Might Seem as a Frightening Task at First, But With the Right Cloud Migration Services Provider, You Can Carry Out the Complete Process in a Smooth Manner

Proper Strategy

The organizations usually don't have a detailed plan for what challenges they might face during the entire project.

Exceeding Budget

If the company fails to analyze the financial impact (time duration) of cloud migration, that could be detrimental for its productivity.

Data Security

Data security & compliance is one of the prime barriers when it comes to handing over their data to migration experts.

Lack of Skills

Most of the enterprises underestimate the technical or economical hurdles and end up in a mess.

Ask Your Doubts

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Queries Regarding Cloud Migration Services

The costing of migration project entirely depends on the number of mailboxes that you want to migrate. The cost of the project will increase if you have large number of mailboxes to transfer.

You can work uninterruptedly on your source platform until your data is migrated to destination platform. Your day-to-day work will not be affected during the migration from source to destination.

The migration time depends on various factors like:
  • The number of mailboxes that you are going to migrate
  • The size of those mailboxes
  • Internet bandwidth is also a major factor that accelerates or decelerates the migration speed

We understand the sensitivity and importance of your data, so the solution / utility that we use to carry out the process is a secure and reliable solution that uses end-to-end encryption method. We ensure that your data is kept secure, and integrity is maintained.

Our solution consists of delta migration option that will permit the users to migrate those newly arrived emails and other items arrived during the migration process.

Yes, we run migration depending on the user requirement. If you need to schedule the migration on weekends only, then we can do that as well.

The most suitable options to change the MX record is either at the start of the migration or after the migration. It completely depends on the requirement of our customers.

What Users Say About Us

Users Reviews for SysTools Cloud Migration Services

We Always Strive for Perfection and Aim for 100% Customer Satisfaction

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