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Trusted SOC Services
to Improve Security Posture of your Organization

Perfect Combination of Technology, Expertise and Process for Effective SOC as a Service.

  • Continuous Monitoring of IT Systems and Network Traffic
  • Threat Intelligence Gathering and Analysis
  • Vulnerability Management to Address Security Loop Holes
  • Incident Analysis and Response for Security Threats
  • Regular Security Assessments to Identify Potential Risks
  • Security Awareness Training to Enhance Cyber Hygiene
  • Constant Improvement of Security Process and Posture
  • Periodic Incident Documentation and Reporting


Security Monitoring


Security from Cyber Attacks

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Phases of SOC

How We Plan Our SOC Services

Proper Planning and Implementation is the Reason Why Many Organizations Prefer Managed SOC as a Service


Attacks can happen anytime, thus the SOC experts keep their eyes on glass to provide end-to-end security coverage.


We have our own blend of techniques to segregate false positives & work on only genuine threats.


The team will then investigate these threats and escalate the real incidents as per the best procedure.


After a confirmed security incident, we take the best possible steps to contain & remediate the incident.

You Take Care of your Business, We Take Care of the Cyber Threats

Exemplary Features

Factors that Give SysTools Managed SOC an Edge over Others

A Comprehensive Protection Solution to Safeguard your Critical Data against Security Threats

Incident Response

A proactive incident response team to help minimize the damage, and recover from the incident as quick as possible.

Google Chronicle

Simplify your Security Operations and protect your business like never before with the Industry renowned Google Chronicle.

MITRE Framework

Unlock full potential of security strategy and empower security posture with cyber security’s gold standard – MITRE Framework.

UEBA Analysis

SysTools Managed SOC Services will help you detect any doubtful behavior and keep the business secure with smart UEBA analysis.

Log Retention

The key to unlock valuable insights and detect security threats with our best-in-class 1-year log retention without any additional cost.

Benefits of SOC

Why SOC Services are Crucial for your Business?

There are endless benefits to an organization when they choose SOCaaS over the traditional on-premise Security Operations Center.

The managed SOC services offer a transparent, flexible, comprehensive and more viable approach to threat detection and safety.

Quick Detection and Mitigate
Lower Chances of Data Breach
Capability to Scale
Strengthened Security Maturity
Cost Efficient than On-Premise SOC

SysTools Managed SOC as a Service

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Preferred SOC Services Provider

Trusted Partner

Why Us as your SOCaaS Provider?

What You Get When You Choose SysTools as Your Managed SOC Service Provider.

Extensive Threat Analysis

The Security Operations Center team conducts an in-depth analysis and keep an eye on your security detection system and log information. Additionally, we also assess the legitimacy of all the security alerts and escalate only real security threats. Hence, this practice saves a lot of time and efforts in addressing false positives and enhances resource optimization.

24X7 Coverage for Peacefulness

No one knows when an attacker will strike and execute a cybersecurity breach. It can take place anytime of the day. Thus, we as your Managed SOC Service Provider make sure that someone is monitoring your IT infrastructure round the clock and keeping a check on the possible threats.

SOC as a Service by SysTools

Choose the Best

Most Preferred SOC Services Provider!

Get Fully Managed SOC Services by Skilled Professionals & be Safe from Potential Threats.

Maximum Resource Optimization

The reason why most organizations prefer opting SysTools for SOC as a Service is because of trust and expertise that our team offers. Our team uses the most advanced set of tools and insights to provide the best possible security posture to your organization. In this way, you can use your resources in other crucial and revenue generating operations.

Tailor Made Security Approach

We understand that every organization has its own set of security requirements. Thus, we first listen and customize our approach to meet the security requirements of your IT infrastructure. The Managed SOC Service Providers at SysTools ensure that you get the most suitable security standard that keeps you protected from all kind of cyber threats.

Industries Who Use Our Managed SOC Services

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

Consumer Electronics






Still Have Any Doubts?

Commonly Asked Questions by Users

Most Asked Questions by Our Customers When Looking for Expert SOC Services

A SOC is a physically available security operations center within the organization premise along with an IT team. They further analyze and constantly monitor the security systems of an organization in order to protect them from any cyber-attacks & threats.

The main motive behind the SOC monitoring is to protect the organization from security breaches by detecting, investigating, and rectifying cybersecurity threats. It further maintains the security monitoring tools and investigates any suspicious activities that might take place.

There are mainly three focus areas of a SOC:
  • Controlling & Digital Forensics
  • Monitoring & Risk Management
  • Networking & System Administration

There are seven types of SOC services deployment models:
  • SOC deployment models
  • Distributed SOC
  • Multifunctional SOC/NO
  • Fusion SOC
  • Command SOC/Global SOC
  • Virtual SOC
  • Managed SOC/MSSP/MDR

When a business builds and operates a SOC by itself, it is called internal SOC whereas a managed SOC is when a business outsources the job to a service provider on behalf of the organization.

SOCaaS is commonly opted by many organizations including government agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, e-commerce businesses and many more. It has become quite essential to have a SOC setup in the organization to safeguard your crucial data.

The important points to consider when looking for a SOC provider are:
  • Solution provider’s expertise and experience
  • Range of services and technologies offered
  • SOCaaS provider’s offerings are aligned with your IT security needs
  • Track record of Managed SOC Service Provider

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