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SOC Services

Monitor & Analyze Organizational Security

Respond to Cyber Threats With a Highly-Specialized Team Who Have the Right Skills and Tools

Fixing Issues

SysTools' skilled SOC team works dedicatedly with the incident response team of the company to fix all the mentioned issues.

Accumulating Data

SOC Professionals at SysTools collect data from several sources and analyzed it before your crucial data get compromised.

Threat Defense

24*7 threat detection, examination, and responding to different kinds of malicious or suspicious activities by an expert team of Individuals.

Constant Improvement

We are always learning, growing, and coming up with improved and new measures to prevent data breaches and cyber-attack.

24/7 Security from Cyber Threats by Industry Experts

Benefits of SOC

How SOC Services can Help in Preventing Data Breaches?

The efficient security team in SysTools deals with security-related problems at both organizational and technical level.

The SOC services help to monitor the issues in the organization and detect attacks and prevent security incidents before they disrupt an organization’s daily operations.

Complete Security Coverage
Low-Cost SOC Services
Quick Detection of Security Breaches
World-Class SOC Team
24*7 Monitoring of Suspicious Activity

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Customized NOC Monitoring Solutions

Phases of SOC

Advanced SOC Services Covering All Kinds of Cyber Threats

Best-suited for organizations requiring in-depth understanding, immediate response to possible future threats.

SOC Monitoring

Our trained analysts provide 24X7 monitoring services that finds, detects, and responds to all kinds of cyber-attacks. Our managed SOC solutions utilize a threat intelligence strategy to give a clear picture and real pro-active help for the high level of assurance that the enterprise requires.

SOC Manage

As industry-leaders in SOC Services, we manage the security technology products effectively and also offer advanced defensive security systems. Moreover, our SOC management solution provides a fully functional Security Operations Center together with appropriate support for an existing SOC team.

Choose the Best

Choose the Best

Why We are the Most Preferred SOC Services Provider in the Industry!

Failure detection, probes, & the SEIM (Security Information & Event Management) system are all included in our SOC infrastructure.

SOC Scanning

It is another Security Operations Center Service. It continues to scan the organization's systems or network devices for flaws or vulnerabilities. Our highly trained professionals are experts in identifying the latest threats and offensive techniques used by attackers.

Incident Response

Incident Response is the final and most important phase of our security operations centre managed services. The dedicated expert of SysTools provide instant help in the case of suspected breaches and offers effective management.

Industry Verticals That We Are Working With

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

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Why SysTools?

What Sets us Apart From the Rest?

Additional Security Operations Center Services Offered by SysTools


SysTools is one of the finest SOC service providers since it covers a wide spectrum of cyber threats.

  • Increases the analytics power to enhance the level of security.
  • Improves and take new measures to prevent data breach and cyber attack.
  • Detect, examine, & reply to all type of malicious or suspicious activities.
  • It gathers data from a variety of sources and analyses it before your crucial data get compromised.
  • SysTools SOC team works with your incident response team and try to fix all addressed issues.

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Commonly Asked Questions by Users

Most Asked Questions by Our Customers When Looking for Expert SOC Services

A SOC is a physically available security operations center within the organization premise along with an IT team. They further analyze and constantly monitor the security systems of an organization in order to protect them from any cyber-attacks & threats.

The main motive behind the SOC monitoringis to protect the organization from security breaches by detecting, investigating, and rectifying cybersecurity threats. It further maintains the security monitoring tools and investigates any suspicious activities that might take place.

There are mainly three focus areas of a SOC:
  • Controlling & Digital Forensics
  • Monitoring & Risk Management
  • Networking & System Administration

There are seven types of SOC services deployment models:
  • SOC deployment models
  • Distributed SOC
  • Multifunctional SOC/NO
  • Fusion SOC
  • Command SOC/Global SOC
  • Virtual SOC
  • Managed SOC/MSSP/MDR

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