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Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Meet SysTools SOC Service Team to Secure You 24 x 7 from Cybersecurity Threats

SOC or Security Operations Center is a focused house containing information security team that deals with security-related problems at organizational and technical level. It is responsible for monitoring and analyzing the security condition of an organization in real time. Within a building, the SOC is at the central location and from here staff monitors the site via data processing technology. The staff works in collaboration with incident response team to address all security as soon as possible whenever encountered. Their main aim is to find, examine and respond to all cyber security incidents with the help of multiple technology solutions and powerful set of procedures. The idea behind using this security operations center managed services is to make sure that information system including databases, websites, networks monitoring, etc., are monitored, examined, and defended in a secure way. As the number of advanced security threats is increasing at a rapid rate so, using SOC has become important. Because SOC will identify, investigate, and report all possible security threats by itself.

About SysTools Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

SysTools SOC team will focus on ongoing and operational component only of information security. Our SOC team includes security analysts who work conjointly to detect, analyze, respond, report and avoid potential cybersecurity incidents. The very first step of Security Operation Center Service is to define a strategy with specific business goals. As the strategy is ready, an infrastructure is required to execute it. And, in our SOC infrastructure, failure detection, probes, and SEIM or Security Information and Event Management system is used. It will help in collecting relevant data from multiple sources to analyze all data activity. Apart from this, our SOC monitors the endpoints vulnerabilities to keep sensitive data safe and secure.

Four Phases of How We Deliver SOC Services?

SOC Monitoring

1. SOC Monitoring

We offer 24X7 monitoring services that will find, detect, and respond to all type of cyber-attacks. This service is provided by our trained analysts who are expert in finding and responding to every alert within the environment. Our managed SOC providers follow a threat intelligence technique that will give clear picture and actionable pro-active guidance for high-level of assurance to that organization. It has an easy-to-use interface that includes incident response and high level of monitoring team. As soon as they detect an incident, they simply generate an alert and suggest a response.

SOC Manage

2. SOC Manage

Being a Security Operation Services providers, we manage the security technology products effectively. For example, SIEM tools, endpoint detection, firewalls, etc. SysTools has many years of experience in cyber security field. Thus, Security Operations Center Managed Services offered by SysTools offers advanced defensive security by keeping both defensive and offensive techniques that can be used to alter the protections in mind. Our SOC manage service offers a fully Security Operations Center services with proper assistance to already existing SOC team. This will help in delivering value to an organization.

SOC Scanning

3. SOC Scanning

Another Security Operations Center Service is SOC Scanning. It will keep on the systems or network devices within the organization for any weakness or vulnerabilities. For all this, we have a team of security professionals that scan the system and report any known vulnerabilities on the spot. This will somehow minimize the workload of organization’s security team also. Our highly skilled professionals are expert in understanding the latest threats and offensive techniques used by attackers. Thus, it will help you attaining strong security postures.

Incident Response

4. Incident Response

The last and the major phase of our security operations center managed services is Incident Response. It is a team of totally dedicated experts that are there for instant help in the case of suspected breaches and offers effective management. Our SOC team will join you for free without any condition to discuss your situation and offers you with expert Security Operations Center (SOC) Services. However, data breaching is a very serious issue so, it is important for an organization to act quickly to stop further compromises. Moreover, SysTools being a Managed Soc Providers are experienced in managing all type of breaches like insider threat, malware, DOS, etc.

Additional Security Operations Center Services Offered by SysTools

Everyone wants to assess and mitigate threat in the best possible way. So, to fulfill this requirement of users, SOC comes into account. SysTools is one of the finest SOC service providers as it manages all type of threats. We believe in working according to the requirement and risk tolerance level of an organization. SOC staff will keep on feeding intelligence in the monitoring tool in order to be up to date with the threats. There are multiple processes used by SOC in order to differentiate between the real and no real threats. Apart from this, the SOC services offered by SysTools are:

  1. Increases the analytics power to enhance the level of security.
  2. Improved and new measures to prevent data breach and cyber attack.
  3. Detect, examine, and reply to all type of malicious or suspicious activities.
  4. Collect data from several sources and analyzed it before your crucial data get compromised.
  5. SysTools SOC team works with your incident response team and try to fix all addressed issues.

Our Trusted Partners for Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

We believe in AlienVault for SOC related software as they are our leading partners. They provide SOC solution that can easily meet the security monitoring requirements. It has high threat detection capabilities to monitor cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environment. Moreover, the SEIM solution offered by AlienVault is a single application with easy-to-use console. Apart from all this, it minimizes the cost of setting an infrastructure. It can be treated as centralized and efficient prevention solution to resolve all threats quickly.

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