Quick BKF File Recovery


Go to Start Menu » Programs » SysTools BKF Repair. You will see the main screen of software as shown in below image:

bkf repair


Now click on Scan File from top left corner in software window. You will see the same screen as shown in below image. Now, Browse Corrupt BKF file which you want to repair.

scan option


Now, Go for Scanning of the Backup File. Now, select any option to Scan BKF file:

  • Quick Scan: It scan corrupt BKF file in first phase for quickly recovering backup data from BKF file.

  • Deep Scan: It also scan corrupt BKF file but it goes through two phase of scanning for better rate of data recovery.

  • Range Based Scan: This option can be used for scanning a specific range of BKF data.

Note: Try to Go with Deep Scan option if you think that BKF file might be severely corrupted.

Then, Hit Scan button for scanning and recovery.

scan bkf file


Now, you will see the real-time Scanning Progress as you can see in below image.

scanning process

After the completion of scanning process, it will notify with a message "File Loaded Successfully". Click OK to confirm.

load scanned file


Now, you will see the following screen as shown in below image. Here, you can Preview all folder and file by expanding tree structure from left section.

Search for a File - You can search any files, and images with search box from top right side.

Extract Single File from BKF file - You can also select any single file for exporting from BKF file.

Preivew BKF file items


Two different Modes of Extraction of BKF files are available. Browse destination location and then hit Extract button for backup.

Extraction Mode


After the completion of Extraction process you will see message as shown in below image. In messge you will also see the patch of extraction.

Extraction Completion Message


The software will show the path of extracted files with relevant information.

Extracted Path


Now, user can fnd the recovered and extracted data at the provided Destination Location.

Preivew Backup

Queries Regarding Repair BKF File

I am having an old Windows backup file and when I am trying to restore using NTBackup application, "Unable to Restore" error is prompted. Does that mean that NTBackup application is not working?

No, the problem is not associated with ntbackup.exe, but the backup file itself. This problem usually occurs when an unknown data stream is encountered by ntbackup restore application while restoration is in process. The unknown data stream can be a consequence of corruption in file or because of improper backup creation. NTBackup.exe restore utility does not skip this invalid data stream; it instead gets stuck with such unrecognisable objects and throws error ceasing further restoration. Thus, a more advance mechanism is needed to not only recover this unrecognised data but also go further to restore BKF file complete data.

I have an urgent need of some data files which I backed up recently. The backup file I need to restore data from is almost 1 TB in size.

Recovery of specific data can be difficult especially when restoration is refused by NTBackup application. This might land users into a situation where initial data is recovered well but the error is thrown later. Contrary to this, our backup recovery software gives you two ways of recovering specific data files. You can either check the recovered files to extract only specific data files. Or, to save more time you can also use the Range-based scan. In this scanning procedure you can pre-define the percentage of backup file like 70-100 % and only last 30 percent file will be scanned. This will let you save time and repair corrupt Microsoft backup concentrating on specific data file recovery as well.

I do have a very huge backup file, and amongst the entire backup file I want to recover only images (.jpeg). How can I perform such restoration of backup?

To endure this scenario, our software implements a search function. When BKF file is loaded to this software, one can search all the files using its extension. Like here, you can search using .jpeg file extension and all the image files will be available on the preview. You can then check the files and click Extract to save image (.jpeg) files.

I recently switched to Windows 8.1 and I am now unable to access old XP backup file. Is there any way to open and view data files of backup file as I need to check some important data in it?

Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8/8.1 does not support BKF file and that is the reason you are unable to access XP backup file in these advance versions. To view its data, you will have to use external software like BKF Recovery. This software loads the .bkf file and shows complete preview of list of data files. Some of data files like, .doc, .pdf can also be previewed individually by selecting them. Software will also fix corrupt BKF file and show its preview as well. In case you want to extract some files, you will need to purchase software full version.