How to Transfer Emails from JangoMail to Gmail/G Suite Mailbox?

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This article explores the top solutions to transfer JangoMail to Gmail business. We will two different automated solutions shared by technical professionals, and that too, for both Windows and Mac OS users. Along with that, we will discuss some of the most common reasons why Gmail is an incredible choice of destination for users. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in!

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Why Change from JangoMail to a Google Mail Account?

  • Google Mail provides its users with a whopping 15 GB of storage space with its standard free account.
  • The Google Workspace mailbox lets you access your emails from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection as it is a cloud-based service.
  • The G Suite mailbox is seamlessly integrated with other products of the productivity suite. This aids in effective and smooth collaboration among users.

All these are the most common reasons why Gmail business is the best choice of destination for transferring your JangoMail email. Now that we are clear on that, let’s move further in the article and see the expert-suggested solutions to accomplish the task.

How to Transfer JangoMail Emails to Gmail?

Transferring emails from one platform to another requires extreme caution as no one wants to lose their crucial emails. Therefore, to mitigate all the hassle and ensure the utmost security for users’ data, technical experts recommend the SysTools Mac IMAP Migrator. The software is hands down the best one available in the market due to its high-reliability factor. It is also a personal favorite of numerous technical professionals. The software comprises high-end features that make it super efficient for users to use. This tool’s easy-to-navigate user interface is appreciated by both technically sound and novice users. In addition to that, the tool is compatible with all Mac OS versions including the latest Mac OS X 10.8.

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Guide to Export JangoMail to Gmail on Mac OS

  • Launch the expert solution on your Mac OS solution and click the “Continue” button to proceed.
    launch the tool to transfer jangomail to gmail
  • Select the Host Name from the dropdown options in the Source IMAP Account section. Then, enter the credentials for the respective account and click “Validate”.
    add source imap account
  • Afterward, choose the Host Name (Gmail or G Suite) in the Destination IMAP Account section and enter account credentials in the required fields and click “Validate”.
    add destination gmail account
  • If you wish to selectively transfer your data, click the “Advance Settings” button and apply Date Filter or Folder Filter according to your preference.
    apply advance settings
  • Upon doing so, click the “Start Migration” button from the bottom right corner and initiate the process.
    click start migration

And that’s it! This is the secure and smooth-sailing tutorial on transferring JangoMail webmail data to Gmail business/G Suite efficiently. Moving further, in the remainder of this article, we have shared an expert solution for Windows users to accomplish the task.

How to Export Emails from JangoMail to Google Workspace?

For Windows users, experts claim there’s nothing better than the SysTools IMAP to G Suite Migrator. The software is equipped with the best-in-class features that add to its overall functionality. This software also preserves the original folder structure of the user’s JangoMail data throughout the transfer process. The utility is also available for download on all Windows OS versions, thus, any Windows user can download and use this tool without facing version compatibility.

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Steps to Transfer JangoMail to G Suite Mailbox on Windows OS

  • Download and start the expert-suggested utility on your Windows computer/laptop.
    start the tool to export jangomail to gmail
  • Upon launching, select “IMAP” for the source platform and “G Suite” for the destination platform.
    set imap and g suite as source and destination
  • Then, select the checkbox for the “Email” option in the Workload Selection section.
    select email in workload selection
  • Apply Date Filter if you wish to export Jangomail emails to Google Workspace mailbox selectively. Simply select the checkbox for the filter and enter your preferred “To” and “From” timestamps to filter out data.
    apply date filter for selective jangomail to g suite transfer
  • Proceed toward the Source panel and select an IMAP server from the dropdown list options. If operating from a server that is not mentioned in the list, select “Other”.
    choose an imap server
  • Afterward, head to the Destination panel and enter the Admin Email, Service Account, and Certificate File in the respective fields.
    add destination account details
  • Then, go to the Users panel of the software and select either the “Import Users” or the “Download Template” option to add users to the software.
    import users
  • After you do that, enter the Source App Password in the respective fields for the added user accounts.
    add source app password
  • Finally, click the “Start Migration” button and start the transfer process.
    click start migration

And you are done! Follow this simple and hassle-free tutorial to export your JangoMail email data to Google Workspace mailbox.

Bringing It All Together

In this article, we discussed how to transfer JangoMail to Gmail business. We shared the top two solutions shared by countless technical experts to accomplish the task. You can choose either of the shared solutions depending on your Operating System. Moreover, we also shared the top reasons that make Gmail an astonishing choice of destination for users. Since there is no direct manual solution available to accomplish the task, the technical experts bet the aforementioned automated solutions as the best option to export emails from JangoMail to Gmail.

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