How to migrate Rediffmail to Office 365?

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Published On December 8th, 2023
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Are you searching for methods to migrate Rediffmail to Office 365? Don’t fret anymore! This blog explores the excellent solutions for Rediffmail webmail transfer to O365, besides the reasons for the email transfer. Read this blog and learn the solutions!

Rediffmail is a Mumbai-based Indian information, entertainment, news, and email website. Founded in 1996, it became the first new Indian mainstream business.

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite with services like Word, Excel, and Teams for seamless real-time professional collaboration and robust security features for data safety.

Why Rediffmail Users Switch Rediffmail Email to Microsoft 365

  • Instant Accessibility: Being a cloud-based productivity service makes Office 365 the perfect professional suite for on-the-go email access on your mobile.
  • Mailbox Diversity: There is a wide range of Office 365 mailboxes besides the default Primary Mailbox. Microsoft 365 has a Shared Mailbox, In-place Archive Mailbox, Group Mailbox, and Resource Mailbox. Every mailbox has 50 GB of data storage space, with a few subscription plans offering a massive upgrade of 100 GB.
  • Robust Email Security: MS Office 365 has many tight-knit security features like data encryption, DLP (data loss prevention), advanced spam and anti-phishing filters, and threat protection. These features make O365 a reliable and secure productivity platform for all email users.
  • App Integration: Another benefit of having an Office 365 account is the swift and real-time professional collaboration on various applications. The live presentation/meeting feature makes sharing and collaborating on a Word file or Excel sheet easy for every company.

These reasons convince Rediffmail users to switch Rediffmail email to Microsoft 365. The following sections explore the perfect solution to export Rediffmail mailbox to Office 365, so keep reading the blog!

How to Migrate Rediffmail to Office 365 on Windows Computers?

Since there isn’t any manual solution for Rediffmail webmail transfer to O365, we will discuss the best method for email transfer without worries: SysTools IMAP to Office Migrator. This software works perfectly for Windows OS computers for all versions. You can even use the Delta Migration for importing recent Rediffmail emails to Microsoft 365 without re-migrating the entire mailbox. Another benefit of this software is the transfer of your Rediffmail webmail emails to Shared, Regular, and In-place Archive mailboxes in Office 365 besides the Primary mailbox.

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Steps for Rediffmail to Office 365 Migration on Windows

  • Download and run the software on your Windows OS computer.
  • Click on IMAP as the Source and Office 365 as the Destination under the Setup window.
    set imap as source and o365 as destination
  • Next, click the Email checkbox under Workload Selection.
  • Then, click the Date Filter for limited Rediffmail webmail transfer to O365. Skip it for the whole mailbox migration.
    select email box and date filter for selective rediffmail to office 365 migration
  • Select “Other” under the IMAP Server dropdown menu in the Source window, and enter the IMAP details (server and port number) for Rediffmail.
    choose imap server
  • Next, click “Validate” and allow email reading permission to the software.
  • Then, enter your Office 365 account credentials (email and application ID) under the Destination window.
  • Click the “Validate” button once again for email reading access allowance.
    enter destination account credentials
  • Next, add the Office 365 account(s) in the Users window by clicking the Import Users or Download Template button.
    add users
  • Verify the Source App Password for the added account(s) by clicking “Validate”.
    enter source app password
  • Finally, click the “Start Migration” button to migrate Rediffmail to Office 365.
    click start migration

Export Rediffmail Mailbox to Office 365 on MacOS Devices

If you are a Rediffmail user with a MacOS system (MacBook or iMac), we also have a solution for you for seamless Rediffmail webmail transfer to O365. The SysTools Mac IMAP Migrator helps MacOS users import Rediffmail emails to Microsoft 365 with mailbox intactness. You can use this software on MacOS versions 10.8 to 13. This software selects your Rediffmail account folders for selective transfer to Office 365. The Delta Migration facility helps you migrate the recent Rediffmail emails to Microsoft 365 without transferring the entire mailbox.

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Steps to Transfer Rediffmail to O365 for MacOS Computers

  • Install and launch the software on your MacOS computer.
    launch the tool to migrate rediffmail to office 365
  • Choose “Other” under the Host Name menu in the Source IMAP Account section.
  • Next, enter your Rediffmail username and password, and click the Validate button to verify your credentials.
    select source account and enter credentials
  • Then, select Office 365 under the Destination Name dropdown menu in the Destination IMAP Account section.
  • Afterward, enter your Office 365 credentials (username and password) and click Validate to verify your account.
    select destination account and enter credentials
  • You can add more Microsoft 365 accounts under the User Mapping List to migrate Rediffmail to Office 365.
  • Next, apply the Date Filter” and “Folder Filter” for selective Rediffmail email migration under the Advanced Settings window.
    date filter and folder filter for selective rediffmail to office 365 migration
  • Check the “Attach Source Account Tree” box to ensure the intact folder structure of your Rediffmail account.
  • Next, check the “Delta Migration” box for migrating recent Rediffmail emails to Office 365. Skip it for the whole mailbox migration.
    use advanced options
  • Finally, click the “Start Migration” button to export Rediffmail mailbox to Office 365.
    click start migration

The End

We discussed the reasons and solutions to migrate Rediffmail to Office 365. 65 besides the reasons for Rediffmail webmail transfer to O365. The reasons described here make Office 365 the perfect solution for exporting Rediffmail emails and ensuring seamless professional teamwork.

The lack of any manual method to transfer Rediffmail to O365 makes the automated software mentioned here the go-to solution for effective and risk-free import of Rediffmail emails to Microsoft 365. Features like Delta Migration and Concurrent Migration make it the best solution for Rediffmail mailbox to MS Office 365 export for Windows and MacOS computers.


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.