How to Transfer BigPond Emails to Gmail/Google Workspace?

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Are you looking to transfer emails from Bigpond to Gmail? Well, look no further! In this article, we will discuss the top solutions to accomplish the task. We will also discuss why switching your BigPond emails to the G Suite mailbox is beneficial. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with the article.

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Why Switch from BigPond to Google Mail Account?

  • Free Storage Space: Any individual can make a completely free-of-cost account on Gmail. Moreover, this free account has a whopping 15 GB of storage space. This makes Gmail an excellent choice of destination for users.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: One of the major reasons behind Gmail’s popularity is the effective collaboration that is made possible for users. The Google Workspace mailbox is seamlessly integrated with other applications of the G Suite which results in smooth real-time collaboration.
  • Astonishing Spam Filtering: Another thing that gets appreciation for Gmail business is the surplus of enhanced and upgraded security features. It offers some of the world’s best spam filters to its users. Other security features include two-factor authentication, email encryption, and phishing protection, etc.

Now that we are clear on what makes Gmail business an excellent choice of destination for users to move their BigPond emails, let’s move further in the article and see the solutions to achieve the transfer.

How to Transfer BigPond Emails to Gmail?

For a smooth and secure transfer process, technical professionals claim there is nothing better than the SysTools Mac IMAP Migrator. The fascinating utility is power-packed with specially designed features that cater to every requirement of users regarding the transfer process. The extraordinary features of this tool add to its overall functionality and make it an attractive option for users. This utility provides a surplus of advanced features like Delta Migration, Skip Migration, Retry-Failed Migration, and Full Migration. It also preserves and keeps the metadata the same as the original throughout the process. Along with that, the tool is also available to download for Mac OS X 10.8 and all prior Mac OS versions.

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Steps to Export BigPond to Gmail on Mac OS

  • Install and activate the tool on your Mac OS system. Upon starting, click on the “Continue” button.
    start the tool to transfer emails from bigpond to gmail
  • Select the Host Name from the dropdown menu in the Source IMAP Account section. Then, enter your BigPond account credentials in the required fields and click “Validate”.
    add source imap account
  • Similarly, in the Destination IMAP Account section, choose the Host Name (Gmail/G Suite) from the dropdown options, enter the account credentials, and click the “Validate” button.
    add destination imap account
  • You can add more user accounts to the utility; they will appear in the User Mapping List box.
    user mapping list
  • Now, click on the “Advance Settings” button and apply “Folder Filter” or “Date Filter” according to your preference. You can skip this step if you do not want to perform selective transfer of emails from BigPond to Gmail.
    date filter and folder filter
  • To maintain the folder structure the same as the original, enable the checkbox for the “Attach Source Account Tree” option.
    attach source account tree
  • Enable the checkbox for the “Delta Migration” option to transfer appended emails from your BigPond account.
    check delta migration box
  • At last, click the “Start Migration” button and the process will initiate.
    click start migration

Congratulations! You have successfully exported your BigPond emails to the Gmail business account mailbox. Now, if you are a Windows OS user, continue to the next segment of this article and see the automated solution shared by experts to accomplish the task on your Windows system.

How to Export Emails from BigPond to Google Workspace?

For Windows OS users looking to accomplish the task, technical professionals swear by the SysTools IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool. The software is a personal favorite of countless experts as it delivers the best results in comparison to any other solution available in the market. You can also set priority for user accounts you wish to transfer first, in case you are moving emails of multiple accounts. This tool supports both bulk and selective transfer. It even provides users with a Date Filter to execute the selective migration. In addition to that, you can download and use this tool on all latest and prior versions of Windows OS.

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Guide to Transfer BigPond to G Suite Mailbox

  • Download and install the expert-favorite tool on your Windows system. Upon launching, activate the product to proceed further.
    start the tool to export bigpond to g suite
  • Next, in the Setup panel, choose “IMAP” as the source platform and “G Suite” as the destination platform.
    set imap as source and g suite as destination
  • Move to the Workload Selection section and enable the checkbox for the “Email” option.
    select email in workload selection
  • If you want to selectively transfer your BigPond emails to the Google Workspace mailbox, apply the “Date Filter” by enabling the checkbox for it.
    apply date filter
  • Moving on, choose an IMAP server from the dropdown options in the Source panel.
    choose an imap server
  • Then, move to the Destination panel and enter Admin Email, Service Account, and Certificate File in the respective fields. Click “Validate”.
    enter destination account details
  • Now, head to the Users panel and add user accounts to the utility by either selecting the “Import Users” or the “Download Template” option.
    add users to the software
  • Afterward, enter the Source Spp Password for the added user accounts in the required fields.
    enter source imap account
  • Lastly, click the “Start Migration” button from the top-right corner of the tool’s interface to start the process.
    click start migration to transfer emails from bigpond to gmail business

And that’s it! These are all the steps you need to execute to securely export emails from BigPond to Gmail business/G Suite.

So There You Have It

In this article, we discussed how to transfer emails from BigPond to Gmail. We shared with you the top two expert recommendations to accomplish the task smoothly. You can choose either of the above-shared tools depending on the Operating System you use, i.e., Windows or Mac. We also discussed the top reasons that make Gmail an excellent choice of destination for users. We hope this article resolved all your queries regarding BigPond to Gmail migration.

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