How to Forward Virgin Media Email to Gmail Account Instantly?

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Published On December 27th, 2023
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Despite the benefits of the Virgin Media email client users prefer to move Gmail accounts. It mostly happens because of various reasons. Or the popularity and easy-to-operate dashboard of Gmail accounts. So, in this article, we will be discussing how to transfer Virgin emails to Gmail accounts in the most preferred way. For this task, we will share all the possible methods as possible.

Most users face issues while performing this migration, as moving from one platform to another can be risky sometimes. Let’s go through with a user query for this email migration, like

User Query: I made an official account in a Gmail email client and have decided to forward Virgin Media email to Gmail account. But the dilemma I am going through with is that I have no idea how to perform this migration. So, I am searching how do I transfer my Virgin email to Gmail account with all the properties and attachments. If anyone has an idea about this migration, then do suggest me one, it would be a great help.

After going through this user query we can assume that there may be plenty of users who are looking for a solution to this. So, let’s get the solution, but before that let’s know the reason behind this importation.

Advantages of Choosing Gmail Email Client Over Virgin Media

When it comes to advantages there are many but here we are sharing a few of them which influence users to migrate Virgin email data

  1. Going with the Gmail account is great because of the simplest dashboard to manage the data.
  2. While using the Gmail account, your emails are completely safe and securely stored in the cloud.
  3. For storing data, a user gets a total of 15 GB of storage space per Gmail account, this influence the users to transfer Virgin emails to Gmail account.
  4. Almost everyone is too familiar with the Gmail account for managing emails including attachments and other data.
  5. Being a Google Mail it even provides high grade security to all its users along with spam filtering.
  6. Moreover, with a single Gmail user account, one can even access all the other Google services. Including, Google chats, Google Meets, Google Forms, etc.

Now, let’s understand the suitable solution for forwarding Virgin Media importation.

How to Export Virgin Media Mailbox to Gmail Account?

Every user prefers a safe and secure migration while forwarding his emails from one platform to another. Therefore, you can use SysTools IMAP Migration Tool for Mac to easily migrate emails from Virgin Media to Gmail.

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Moreover, using this tool is beneficial because of its different in-built features including its easy-to-use GUI dashboard. Because of its interactive graphic interface, even a beginner or novice user can operate this tool easily. However, migration or transferring of data from one platform to a better platform is a great option. But, if you only want to keep a copy of the mailbox emails, you can backup Virgin Media emails to a local computer.

Benefits of Using this Advanced Software

From varieties of functions, here we are sharing a few of them

  1. Interactive GUI Interface – This advanced software offers an interactive and easy-to-use GUI interface for migration.
  2. Secure Migration – Using this tool, you can forward Virgin Media email to Gmail along with attachments in a trouble-free manner. That too without any data modification in both source and destination accounts.
  3. Keeps Folder Hierarchy Intact – This standalone software even makes sure that all Virgin media email data remains intact even after migration.
  4. Keep User Account Data Secure – Moreover, it is even best to work with because it never keeps any account information in its storage.
  5. Selective Migration – This is the best tool to operate for selective email migration. Using this tool one can transfer Virgin emails to Gmail account for a required date range.
  6. Compatibility – Likewise, this is one of the finest solutions that come with the compatibility of Mac operating systems. In short, users can operate this migration tool on any version of Mac OS without any changes in data.

Steps to Transfer Emails from Virgin Media to Gmail on Mac OS

For performing this importation, download the tool on any supported Mac OS version, and follow the steps for a safe migration

  • Tap Continue from the welcome screen after following the given prerequisites.
    download tool to transfer virgin emails to gmail
  • Then, in the Source Host Name, select the Other option if the Virgin Media option is not available. Then, enter the credentials of Virgin Media account, hit Validate.
    virgin mail
  • Following this, select the Gmail option in the destination host name, provide details of the account and Validate
    selection of gmail
  • After this, this tool offers to select the different user accounts for a bulk migration, to apply this feature, tap on Add button
    add more accounts
  • To complete the procedure, click Start Migration and the tool will start to migrate / forward Virgin Media email to Gmail account.
    transfer virgin emails to gmail

And that is how you export your emails from Virgin to Gmail business on a Mac OS computer. In the remainder of this article, we will share how you can do the same on a Windows OS machine. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s see the expert solution.

How Do I Get Virgin Media Emails into G Suite?

For Windows OS users, technical professionals recommend none other than their most trusted SysTools IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool. This utility is fully proficient in exporting multiple Virgin Media mailboxes to the G Suite mailbox in one shot. It also allows you to transfer your attachment files along with their respective emails. Using this tool, you can migrate your Virgin Media emails in selective mode as well as bulk mode. For selective transfer, it provides a Date filter that helps filter out the user’s email data based on the provided date range. This tool also provides several advanced features such as Concurrent Migration, Delta Migration, Retry Failed Items, and Re-Run Full Migration. Moreover, this tool is available to download for Windows 11 and all other prior versions.

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Steps to Transfer Emails from Virgin to Google Workspace Mailbox

  • Install and launch the expert-favorite utility on a Windows OS system.
    launch tool to transfer virgin emails to gmail business
  • Once launched, select IMAP as the source platform and G Suite as the destination platform.
    select imap and g suite as source and destination
  • Moving further, select the “Email” checkbox under the Workload Selection section.
    select email
  • If wish to execute selective Virgin to Gmail migration, select the checkbox for the Date Filter; enter the preferred “To” and “From” timestamps to filter out data accordingly.
    apply date filter
  • Next, in the Source panel, select an IMAP Server from the list. If operating from a server that is not provided in the list, select “Other”.
    select an imap server
  • Afterward, enter Destination Admin Email, Service Account, and Certificate File; click the “Validate” button to validate all the permissions.
    enter destination account details
  • Then, use either the “Import Users” or the “Download Template” option to add user/s to the software.
    add users to the tool
  • Once done with that, provide the “Source App Password” for the added account/s in the respective fields.
    enter source app password
  • At last, click the “Start Migration” button situated in the top-right corner of the software interface.
    click start migration

And that’s it. These are all the steps you need to execute to transfer Virgin Emails to the G Suite mailbox. The steps are undoubtedly quite simple and easy to perform and thus, even novice users can use this solution without any hassle.


In this article, we have shared the solutions if you planning to migrate your email data from Virgin Media mail to a Gmail account. For this, we have suggested the best and most professional solution to know how to transfer Virgin emails to Gmail account. However, the tool has even offered a free demo version that you can download to know its working of it. Hence, all users can access this tool on any supported version of the Mac operating system.


By Mohit Jha

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