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The terms such as shareware, freeware, free software, open source are often used to describe a program, software or an application. A Software is basically a set of electronic program or data which is being read by the computer processor to perform a specific task or operation. There are some software development program that the developers use to create, debug and to maintain as well as to support various other programs and applications. Read More

Software and its Categories

The Software is categorized by how programs can be distributed, copied, used, and may be modified. On this basis, software is been divided mainly into three categories:

  • Shareware
  • Shareware is a demonstration software, distributed without any charge and there is a license request for it. It also requires a fee to use it after a free trial period. These similar terms were commonly used in the media by the non-technical people who were not aware that there is a vast difference between a shareware and a free software. The shareware application provider asks to purchase the license for the software when the evaluation period expires. And it is virtually worthless using the shareware beyond the trial period offends copyright laws. There are various companies which develop their programs in a way that the features and the functions become confined after a specific time duration. There will be a reminder to upgrade the application stating that the evaluation period of the software has expired.

  • Open Source
  • Open source software is software whose source code is available for free. There is no requirement for the payment or even there aren't any other obstacles. It can be downloaded or accessed by anyone to inspect and study. Despite the fact, there aren't any licensing restrictions for an open source software that limit its use, modification, or even for the redistribution. Most often the restrictions preserve the status and control of the open source and its development. Linux operating system, Apache Web server, and the Perl scripting language are some of the examples of open source software.

  • Freeware
  • A software which is written and distributed without any cost over the Internet is referred to as Freeware Software. It is a free utility to download as can be available free of cost and even there is no trial period given to use the application. Here, the software developer has the ownership and copyright of the Freeware program. Even the licenses are a grant by the developer only and the license can be used and modified to make another application. In other words, Freeware is most often proprietary software or an application that can be used without payment. In this type redistribution, modification, or reverse-engineering are prohibited without the developer's permission. Skype and Adobe Acrobat Reader are the two most commonly used and historic examples of a Freeware. There is no license or a set of rights or an EULA (End-User License Agreement) which specifies a Freeware in a distinct way. The publisher of a Freeware defines their own rules for their each and every Freeware application. The redistribution of a Freeware utility by a third-party is generally permitted but up to a significant portion of Freeware which may prohibit the redistribution.

Types of Freeware Applications

Freeware applications are further divided into different groups:

  • Forensic Freeware:
  • The freeware utilities used for the investigation purposes by the forensic departments. The forensic team view the contents of different file formats using the Forensic freeware applications.
  • Password Recovery:
  • There are a number of passwords set on different platforms and most of the users lost or forget their passwords more often. Therefore, in order to help such users, frequently losing their passwords, there are few solutions to recover passwords.
  • Miscellaneous:
  • There are some undefined set of services such as switching over a network, protecting data from unauthorized user access, analyzing a specific file format, reading a file on different platforms etc. This miscellaneous category of free utilities offers a distinct number of free programs to the user.

Why to Use Freeware Utility?

The freeware developers do not require any payment or acknowledgment for using that software. These can be downloaded easily without using the source code and prevent the users from modifying it. It retains the ownership of the developers and can prevent its use in the future to make the freeware into a paid application. At last, we can conclude that a Freeware application is much better than a Shareware. There is some associated price for Shareware to use them after the demo version expires whereas Freeware is a free utility to download. The registered versions of Shareware cannot be shared freely while a user can share a Freeware easily.

Forensic - Freeware

Reading and analyzing files is a necessary step to perform forensic investigation on data within them. Before proceeding to process the files you can view contents of a wide variety of file formats using the Forensic freeware applications.

Password Recovery - Freeware

Passwords set on platforms are lost more often than they are set to them. Hence, in order to help such users frequently coming across the loss of passwords we have come up with free password recovery solutions offering guaranteed results.

Other - Freeware

Various undefined set of services including reading a file on an unsupported platform or protecting data from unauthorized user access can be availed conveniently from this category of solution offering a distinct number of free programs.