How Hard Drive Data Recovery Works

Step by Step guide to show how to recover deleted, lost or corrupted data from system drives using Hard Drive Data Recovery Software.


Start SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software from the Installed Location or
Go to: Start menu » Program » SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery. Now, Click on the Scan Disk button to enumerate the available partitions in the file system.

hard drive data recovery

The Scan Disk Option displays all the available storage devices attached to the machine, including internal and external storages specific information about the partition can be located at the right-most panel.

available partitions

Select the Drive from which you wish to Recover Data and then click on the Recover Partition button to proceed with your selection

select partition

As soon as you click on the Recover Partition button, a window pops up to help you specify the type of data you are trying to recover. Now choose the option as per your requirements such as:

  • Normal Data: To Recover Inaccessible data
  • Deleted Files & Folders: This helps you recover the permanently deleted data from files or folders
  • Formatted Partition: Will help you recover the data lost after formatting a drive.
data recovery options

After clicking on the Recover button , the Recovery process progress can be tracked in the following Message Alert window.

recovery progress

Upon completion of the scanning process, the software prompts a brief summary of the recovered files / folders. Now to proceed locating the missing or deleted files / folders click on the Search Button.

search within results

After selecting the Search button, you can perform particular file search by providing the specific details such as Creation Date, Last Modified Date , File Name or a Term/Extension to be searched. You can check/uncheck the “Include Deleted Files Only” option to separate out the results from inaccessible files.


After completion of the scanning process,the software displays all the files & folders found in the selected partition . To preview the recovered files select & right click on the file and then choose Preview Selected Folder from the dropdown menu.

preview selected folder

To Extract and Save the desired files/folders within the Results, you need to select the folders on the Left pane » Right Click the Selected Folder » Choose Extract Selected Folders from the drop down menu .

extract selected folders

To manually Save Files, you have to first Select the file(s) from the Right Pane » Right-click the selected file » Choose Extract Selected Files from the drop down menu as shown below:

extract selected files

Now click on the Save button to restore your selection.Next you need to choose the destination/folder where the files will be restored, if it doesn't exist then you can Make New Folder as well.

save recovered data

The Software pops up a Message Window as soon as the Extraction process completes successfully.

extraction complete

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