How to Migrate SquirrelMail Webmail to Gmail/G Suite Mailbox?

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Published On December 11th, 2023
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We understand the complexities of using webmail; even experts suggest switching to a reliable platform for crucial data security. Therefore, in this article, we guide you on how to migrate Squirrelmail to Gmail. To accomplish the task, we will describe the best expert-recommended solutions you can opt for. So, without further do, let’s dive right in.

Why Google Mail is The Preferred Choice of Destination?

Undoubtedly, Gmail is one of the most popular email services across the globe due to its extraordinary features and services. In this segment, we mention the top reasons why users choose the Google Workspace mailbox as their preferred destination for their SquirrelMail emails.

  • Gmail offers some world-class spam filters and other features like two-factor authentication for improved and enhanced security.
  • The email client offers a whopping 15 GB worth of storage space with its standard free-of-cost account.
  • A Gmail account seamlessly integrated with other apps of Google Workspace for real-time efficient collaboration.

As you see, these reasons urge users to pick the Google Mail mailbox for migrating their SquirrelMail emails. So, let’s see how we accomplish that.

Expert Solution for a Successful SquirrelMail to Gmail Transfer

When it comes to migrating your data from one platform to another, it is essential to maintain utmost security. Therefore, technical experts recommend the best of all i.e., the SysTools Mac IMAP Migration Tool. The utility can efficiently migrate emails from multiple accounts simultaneously. It also offers to save the migration history of multiple accounts. Moreover, you can also selectively migrate your email data using the Date Filter. In addition to that, it contains advanced features like Delta Migration, Skip Migration, Retry Failed Items, and Full Migration. This tool also works smoothly on all Mac OS versions, whether the latest Mac OS X 10.8 or older versions.

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Migrate SquirrelMail to Gmail in 5 Easy Steps

  • Install and launch the expert tool on your Mac OS machine.
    launch the tool to transfer squirrelmail to gmail
  • Then, in the Source IMAP Account section, select Host Name from the dropdown list and enter the account credentials (username & password).
    add source imap account
  • Next, in the Destination IMAP Account section, select the Host Name: “Gmail” or “G Suite” (according to your preference) and enter the account credentials in the respective fields.
    add destination imap account
  • Apply advanced settings like “Date Filter” and “Folder Filter” for selective migration. Select the checkbox for the “Attach Source Account Tree” option to maintain the original folder structure during migration.
    apply advanced settings
  • Finally, click on the “Start Migration” button to export your SquirrelMail webmail data perfectly.
    click start migration to migrate squirrelamail webmail to gmail

And you are done! That is all for a hassle-free and reliable SquirrelMail to Gmail migration process. This solution is for Mac OS users; if you are a Windows OS user looking to migrate your SquirrelMail data to Google Workspace, check out the following segment of the article.

How to Move SquirrelMail Webmail Data to G Suite Account?

For Windows OS Users, technical professionals recommend only the best SysTools IMAP to G Suite Migrator. The tool contains optimum features to execute a full-fledged migration in a smooth-sailing way. It also supports selective and bulk migration of users’ SquirrelMail data to their Google Workspace accounts mailboxes. Moreover, it is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, thus, users will face no compatibility issues while launching the tool on their Windows systems.

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Steps to Transfer SquirrelMail Emails to Google Workspace Mailbox

  • Download and start the expert-suggested tool on your Windows OS machine.
    launch the tool to migrate squirrelmail to g suite mailbox
  • Then, set IMAP as the source platform and G Suite as the destination platform.
    select imap as source and g suite as destination
  • Next, in the Workload Selection section, select the checkbox for the “Email” option.
    select email option checkbox
  • If you want to perform selective SquirrelMail to Google Workspace migration, enable the checkbox for the “Date Filter” and enter your preferred “To” and “From” timestamps in the respective fields.
    apply date filter for selective squirrelmail to google workspace migration
  • Now, choose an IMAP server from the dropdown list. If operating from a different server, choose the “Other” option and enter the required IMAP details.
    choose imap server
  • Upon doing so, enter the destination Email ID, Service Account, and Certificate File in the required fields and click the “Validate” button.
    enter destination account details
  • Moving further, select either the “Import Users” or the “Download Template” option to add users to the software.
    add users to the software
  • Now, enter the “Source App Password” for the added accounts and click “Validate”.
    enter source app password
  • At last, click on the “Start Migration” button on the top-right corner of the software interface.
    click start migration to migrate squirrelmail webmail to g suite/gmail

And that is all for the steps to migrate your SquirrelMail emails to a G Suite/Google Workspace mailbox in a secure and hassle-free way.

So There You Have It

In this article, we shared the top methods on how to migrate SquirrelMail to Gmail. We shared two different solutions to accomplish the task. We hope you found this article helpful and catering to your needs.

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