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SysTools License Information

SysTools Software license information will give you an overview for the various types of license that we provide. We always advise user to select the correct license that can satisfy their need. All types of licenses are perpetual, that means they remain forever valid for a version of the product. The technical support and software updates in the first year from purchase date are included in the initial product price. The license renewal is necessary after the first year from purchase date only if you want to continue getting software updates and technical support for one more year.

Our careful management of license version has many benefits like:

  • It helps user to avoid unnecessary costs and possible litigation due to unauthorized and unlicensed software.
  • Our License management will definitely prevent users or organization staffs from supporting unauthorized software, which takes valuable time from other tasks.

Types of SysTools Software License

Personal License

The type of license suggested for one person to use the software for non-commercial purpose. Personal Licensed version of the software can be run at 1 computer (desktop or laptop) for non-commercial purpose in non-business environment; in short the personal license is intended to be used at home for private use. For 1 year free product updates are provided for the personal license purchased and it is not transferable to another machine once deployed. Personal License user can also contact 24x7 support team for limited time period but with assurance of solution to your queries.

Business License

The type of license that supports the need of user to use the program in a business, corporate, academic, or government environment at multiple computers. Business license will be assigned in the organization name provided at the time of purchase. The business licensed version of the product can be installed on multiple computers allowing multiple clients to use the software simultaneously. Along with unlimited access to 24x7 support team business license users are provided with free product updates for one year.

Corporate License

The Corporate group of people looking for solutions offering services according to their needs and organizational set up can purchase them under Corporate License. This license is specifically designed for commercial usage that somehow benefits the organization monetarily. This license permits usage of the software purchased under it to be done on multiple computers of a common building. One can process unlimited and bulk number of data files on a program with the help of this license. Additionally, 24/7 technical support is provided for an unlimited period of time with free product updates and 30 day money back guarantee also added up to the associated benefits.

Technician License

The license has especially been designed for the technical groups of users seeking out technically influenced facilities are delivered along with the application based features; to help provide convenience. An application once purchased in Technician License grants you with the permission of installing it on multiple numbers of computers that come under a common geographical location as the one from which purchase was made. Meanwhile, unlimited amount of files / data can be processed accordingly that too in bulk number without any sort of inconvenience being surfaced. Additionally, a technically skilled support service of 24/7 duration is provided for an unlimited time duration along with refund guarantee plus free updates on the respective product.

Enterprise License

The type of license is suitable for the organizations that have multiple offices around the world. The license will be issued under the organization name provided during the time of purchase and further the products can be used to run on multiple computers, in multiple branches of the company no matter in which geographical location they are situated. Once deployed the license cannot be transferred to another organization. This license gives permission for the unlimited conversion of files or any process meant with the product selected without any limitation. One year support facility provided on contacting the support team 24x7, free product updates for one year are some of the benefits availed by the Enterprise License users.

Types of Customized License Versions

Forensic License

The type of license is made especially available for the forensic agencies and firms who are engaged in digital investigations. To provide new arena for e-discovery some products are categorized as forensic tools and users who are aiming to get those forensic products can order for the forensic license version. On purchase of Forensic License users can use the program on multiple computers under one organization. Personal or single business unit users can select this type of license. License is not transferable to another business unit/department/geographical location once deployed. 24x7 support assistance, free product updates etc are the facilities additional with the purchase of the license.

Academic License

If you are representing any educational institution and is purchasing the software for the academic purpose then there are some benefits we like to reach you. SysTools gives special consideration and offers on license purchase for educational institutions and to avail those benefits you can select the Academic License from us. Academic license gives the special offers which will be details by the support executive on time of purchase. Generally the Academic License provides facility to run the software on multiple computers on single location. User will get unlimited support facility on contacting the 24x7 support team. Free product updates and many other offers make the Academic License perfect choice for the educational institutes.

User Based License

This type of license is suitable for those who want to purchase the product license as per the number of users mailboxes which is required to be migrated. For instance, a 200 user account license must be purchased for usage of the software to migrate 200 user accounts. User based license if is purchased for 5-10 users then it can be run on maximum of two machines, but on purchasing license for more than 10 users, it will be licensed to run the software on multiple computers at one single location. 24x7 support facility and free product updates for 1 year are all available for this version of license which is suitable for users who work with limited resources within the organization.

Note: Thirty day money back policy is applicable to any kind of license version mentioned above.