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Effortlessly Backup Outlook PST Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Task & Journals

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Supports MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

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Outlook Data Backup

Backup Outlook Data Items (Email, Contacts, Calendar etc.)

Note: Although the PST Backup tool can backup all the Outlook data Items at a time. But if you want to backup individual Outlook item then follow the procedure discussed below

Open the Outlook Backup tool to add Outlook Data file.

Download, Install & Run Outlook Data backup tool

Step 1 Backup Outlook Emails

Once the Outlook Data Files are added, using Browse button select the emails for which you want to take backup and saved it to External Hard Drive. Select all the email Files and click Export.

Browse Outlook Files

Now as shown in the image, select PST backup options and the desired location to save backup emails.

 Set Backup Option and Location

Step 2 Backup Outlook Calendar

To Backup Outlook PST Calendar to Local Drive, click on the Calendar option in the tool and select the listed calendars for saving them.

Select Calendar Files

Choose desired file format among , and specify the location to create backup of Outlook Calendars.

 select file type and location for backup

Step 3 Backup Outlook Contacts

Select the Contacts Folder in the PST Backup tool. Once all the listed contacts appeared, select all of them and Export them to Flash Drive.

Select Contacts for Backup

When the Backup window Appears. Filter the backup options and select the Location to save outlook backup contacts.

 location or File Format setting

Step 4 Backup Outlook Task

You can also Backup Outlook PST Task to External Hard Drive by selecting all the task in the task list and then Export them using the specified method.

Add tasks for backup

Choose among the options appeared on the screen and set the location of backup file with desired backup format.

 Filter Backup Options

Step 5 Backup Outlook Notes

Go to Notes option in the tool and then by selecting them all, Backup Outlook PST Notes to Local Drive and then click Export Button

Outlool notes Backup

Set the format of backup Notes to local drive and assign location by using the available options.

 Choose Backup file Option and Location

Step 6 Backup Outlook Journal

Click journal option in PST backup tool, open it and then select all the journal you need to backup to Local drive also and then by right click button Export them.

 open jouornals for backup

Filter the option according to your choice then set the type of PST backup and the location to save the backup Outlook journal

 filter backup options and Location

This is the best way to Backup Outlook data to another computer or External Hard Drive. Using the Outlook Data Backup Utility.


Keeping in mind the features and working of the Outlook PST Data Backup tool, we can say that the software is a convenient approach to create backup of Outlook data in three different file formats. This gives freedom to users in accessing the backup file’s contents on multiple email platforms. This Software makes the complete backup process an expedient experience without any kind of data loss.

Benefits of using Outlook Data Backup Software

  • Guaranteed Backup of Outlook items without data loss
  • Creates Backup in multiple file formats
  • Email Filter for Selective Item backup from Outlook file
  • Outlook installation is not needed for creating Outlook PST backup
  • Works smoothly with Windows 10 and MS Outlook 2016

Video Explaining About How to Backup Outlook Data

Challenges at Hand

  • How to get access of the data items from Outlook file that has faced computer crashes, virus attacks, hard drive failure etc?
  • How can we access the Outlook data items like emails offline without the fear of losing data after its retention period?
  • Is there any way to access PST data that has been permanently deleted from the Outlook data file?
  • How can we save our important Outlook PST emails and its attachments that contain sensitive information for future reference?

Solution Proposed :

  • The Outlook Data Backup Tool is one-way solution to render safe backup of Outlook PST file to various desktop email file formats such as file formats.
  • Software can create backup of all the emails stored in various folders such as Sent Items, Inbox, Deleted Items, etc.
  • The Outlook Data Backup not only creates way for more secured storage but also make your data accessible offline at any time.

John Millers : "I Being the organization that uses MS Outlook as the email platform for communication since 10 years, all the information related to our official work is exchanged through Outlook. However, due to some issues employees are not able to access the contents of MS Outlook. This has brought negative impacts to our organization and has hampered the overall growth. How can we get back our data in all the Outlook profiles into healthy state? Please help."
Note: John Millers is an analyst belonging to technical background and has expertise in dealing with several file formats. He is the one who has shared the above challenge before we proposed the solution that will create complete Outlook Data Backup into healthy file formats in just few steps.

Tech Talks

Q: Will it be possible to create PST backup of only some important emails from the Outlook profile?

"As I have been using the same Outlook profile since 5 years, there is a high chance of having many duplicate emails in the Outlook PST file. Is there any feature in the Outlook Data Backup Tool that will allow me to create backup of only some of the data from the bulk-sized Outlook file? "

There is no need to create PST backup of all the items in the Outlook file. User who wishes to choose only the selective items can do so by using Email Filter. For this, user just need to check the box of Email Filter and provide the desired ranges of dates from which the emails needs to be backup

Q: How can we access our data items stored in corrupt Outlook file?

"Recently, when I tried to access my Outlook account, an error was displayed that restricts me to access the data. Later it was found that the Outlook PST file was in corrupt state. Is there any chance of getting back the data in healthy condition?"

All the data items in Outlook file can be restored into healthy format by creating backup using PST backup tool, despite the current condition in which the file is either damaged or corrupt. The Outlook Data Backup tool is capable of creating backup of Outlook data in formats, making them accessible on different email platforms.

Q: Is there any possibility to create backup of the contents of Outlook data file to ?

"Creation of backup is the safest way to store the data for permanent access. We have some mails that contain critical information and want to create backup of these emails in format for future reference. Will the Outlook Data Backup Utility help me in doing so?"

Backup of the Outlook emails can be created and saved into files at local storage in order to make the contents accessible at email platforms like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. in future. PST backup tool not only create backup of emails with attachments but also maintain original formatting of the emails after creating backup.

Q: Will the Outlook PST backup tool can create backup for the PST files that are corrupted since long?

"I have some important files which are corrupted since long time. I want to take backup for them also. Does it possible to create backup of corrupted files with PST breakup tool."

No matter how old your file is, you can easily create backup for the files which are corrupted since long. PST backup tool works in all cases.

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