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SysTools Mobile Forensic Services

Certified Team of Forensic Examiners to Extract Digital DNA from Your Mobile Device

In a mobile phone, multiple evidence are present. These indications cross-connect with each other and hence, it becomes difficult to get the exact clue. In this perplexed scenario, how to gather proof using a single device? Multiple mobile phone forensic services & cell phone forensic specialist decode the connections and reveal the hidden fact. Our cell phone forensic services are classified into the following division:

Mobile Forensic Services Categorize in Two Parts

Mobile Device Forensics

Locked Mobile Phone

We offer to extract the data from the locked phone by unlocking it safely. Once the mobile phone is unsecured, we can fetch the data in clear and to the point format.

Rooting is a phenomenon of permitting smartphone users to get root access over multiple Android subsystems.

Rooted Device

We endow the users with Mobile Forensic Services to recover the deleted information from all the rooted device. We ensure that data integrity and structure is not disturbed. We also provide a facility to get back the data in its original format from the application lock.

Non-Rooting Device

Within our mobile phone forensic services, we have made provisions to derive data from non-rooted gadgets. In this category of cell phone forensic services , we retrieve the data using two types of extraction:

  • Logical Extraction
  • File System Extraction

Mobile Application Forensics (For iOS & Android)

Recover WhatsApp Data

Our Mobile Forensic Services will help you fetch all the deleted WhatsApp data in such a way that all evidence can be collected. The deleted chats can get back in the primitive formatting. Any alternation is not done to perform the entire investigation. Not only WhatsApp, mobile phone forensic services delivers to retrieve data from other social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and many more.

Extract Deleted Multimedia Files

Many times users delete their confidential images, audios, and videos. There are chances that any of these files corresponds to a strong evidence, which can solve a mystery of any criminal case. We also exhibit an option to trace all personal data from Android as well as the iOS device within our cell phone forensic services.

SMS / iMessage

While preparing a blueprint for any crime, oftentimes communication is done via SMS or iMessage and then it is deleted. We provide a resource to retrieve data from deleted iMessage or SMS.

Advanced Mobile Phone Forensic Procedures

Identification & Documentation

1. Planning, Identification & Documentation

For a successful investigation, planning is done to not only provide an efficient analysis but also reduce time and cost. Proper evaluation of evidence is done to increase the understanding of the case, identify target sources of evidence and to design a workflow to apply proper digital forensics procedures. This helps to ensure that the analysis is of highest possible quality. Then,takes place the identification of the location of evidence. In other words, the examiner figures out the location on any device, where the evidence will be present. In Documentation phase of Mobile Forensic Services, the tools and techniques used are documented. It includes photographs of the evidence, noting different observations, etc.

Collection & Aquisition

2. Collection & Aquisition

In this stage, it is very crucial to use the appropriate approach to protect handset from connecting with other devices, like SMS, Bluetooth, phone call, GPS, WiFi Hotspot, etc. The collection is done, using forensically sound methods to protect the device from any tampering. During Acquisition process of Mobile Forensic Services, the original evidence is acquired in the forensically sound manner without disturbing its integrity. This mechanism is also called “Imaging”. This can be done on-site and also off-site (in the lab). Our team is well equipped to break pin, pattern, passcode of any mobile phone.During this phase of our cell phone forensic services , detective studies about the mobile model number, serial number, operating system, year, etc. In this way, detectives commence their investigation.

Examination, Recovery & Reporting

3. Examination, Recovery & Reporting

The image is taken from the original evidence. The hidden or deleted data is recovered. The relevant and irrelevant data are separated by a forensic examiner depending on the case history shared by an investigator . In the analysis phase, the analyst finds the relevant connection between the evidence extracted in the examination phase. Some common kinds of evidence include contacts, call log, messages, emails, notes (this may contain passwords for other accounts too), audios and videos, social media updates, chats, saved geographic location and web activity. Within Reporting phase of our mobile phone forensic services extensive summary of the outcomes of mobile data forensics. In this stage, it is also explained why a particular step has been performed and what were the results after executing any specific step. The final report comprises of all the assembled documents and reports, photographs, etc.

Some Necessary Process for Services

There are certain challenges faced by the forensic examiner to extract the evidence while solving any criminal case. The various challenges during cell phone forensic services are listed down as follows:

  1. Type of Phone: There is a huge variety of mobile phone available in the market. There is no surety that the tool and process which works well for one model will work equally well for other models.
  2. Operating System: Similar to mobile phones, there are various operating systems. The techniques which work on a specific operating system cannot be applied to other OS too.
  3. Rooting: It is a challenge to root the mobile phone depending on the model number, operating system, and level of encryption. In the process of rooting, detectives face the following difficulty:
    • Without rooting, deleted data cannot be recovered.
    • It is an irreversible process. If any step is executed wrong, it cannot be changed
    • Every mobile phone does not allow rooting
    • Data integrity cannot be preserved
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