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Why You Must Opt for Professional VAPT Services?

Considering the Constant Rise in Cyberattacks, Conducting Extensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Becomes Essential

Meeting Compliance Requirements

It helps organizations to meet Industry regulations such as HIPAA or PCI DSS required for payment card data protection.

Better Security for Employees

The employees can work on their regular day-to-day tasks without worrying about the cyberattacks that can happen due to vulnerabilities.

Protection from Data Breaches

By addressing all the security loopholes and vulnerabilities, your organization will be safe from any kind of data breaches.

Strengthens Risk Management

VAPT Services help in enhancing risk management of your business and remediate all the exposures to your IT infrastructure.

Ensure that your Business is not Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Skilled Professionals

Types of VAPT Services That We Offer

Our Experts are Trained Enough to Help you Assess and Protect Most of the Crucial IT Assets of an Organization

Web Application VAPT

In Web App testing, we as VAPT Service provider look out for security loopholes or vulnerabilities in Web Applications and Websites for 100% security.

Mobile Application VAPT

Mobile Applications are the most used ways to exploit security vulnerabilities so we ensure that all those potential vulnerabilities are addressed.

Network VAPT

We help in enhancing the network architecture by identifying cracks in the network and offering expert suggestions for how you can fix them.

Server VAPT

As Servers hold one of the most important data sets of an organization, our VAPT experts ensure that there are no cracks in Server security.

Source Code Review

An essential practice of performing exhaustive source code review via manual and automated approaches to detect potential issues.

Configuration Review

An exercise where a security expert will closely inspect the configuration settings of an environment and detect possible misconfigurations.

Tried and Tested

An Extensive Approach for VAPT Process

Have a Look at How We Carry Out VAPT Services and Perform In-Depth Assessment to Protect Your IT Infrastructure

Information Gathering

Planning and Analysis

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing


Expert VAPT Service Company

Need of the Hour

Why is it Vital for Businesses to Opt for the Best VAPT Service Provider

Our Experts Assist the Clients from the Information Gathering Phase to Implementation Phase.

Many small and medium sized businesses might find it irrelevant to add VAPT into their IT budget as they think a hacker would not prefer attacking them. Whereas, it is quite opposite of what they think because hackers like these small businesses as they are easier to hack due to poor security parameters. Thus, it is crucial for small and medium sized organizations to opt for the most trusted VAPT Services.

Additionally, hackers also use these small organizations to attack various large sized organizations. The large businesses are much more lucrative for hackers as there is so much to gain. As there are many regulations and requirements that a user needs to follow, we always recommend the business to tighten up the security to protect themselves from potential cyberattacks.

Industries Who Must Opt for VAPT Services

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

Consumer Electronics







How Much Does the VAPT Services Cost?

Compare and Choose the Plan that Suits your Budget and Requirements

Amber Blue Red
Pricing $499
Screens/Pages/Functionalities 15 25 100
Vulnerability Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Penetration Testing Yes Yes Yes
OWASP Top 10 Yes Yes Yes
SANS Top 25 detection Yes Yes Yes
Auto Scan Yes Yes Yes
Manual Scan Yes Yes Yes
User Role Testing Yes Yes Yes
Remediation Suggestion Yes Yes Yes
Retest 1 1 1
Report Yes Yes Yes
Effort 1 Week 2 Weeks 4 Weeks
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Annual Retainer Model

Pricing $9,999 USD $24,999 USD
Application Platform Web/Mobile Web/Mobile
Number of Applications Less Than 10 Apps 10-25 Apps
Vulnerability Assessment Yes Yes
Penetration Testing Yes Yes
OWASP Top 10 Yes Yes
SANS Top 25 detection Yes Yes
Auto Scan Yes Yes
Manual Scan Yes Yes
User Role Testing Yes Yes
Remediation Suggestion Yes Yes
Test Per App + 1 Retest Twice a year Twice a year
Report Yes Yes
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Still Have Any Doubts?

Frequently Asked Queries by Users

The Questions that Users Generally Ask While Opting for VAPT Services

Yes, you can go for either VA or PT individually as per your needs. Vulnerability assessment targets the core security of the system and ensure that those systems are patched as per best security standards. On the other hand, the penetration testing involves real-world attacks that an attacker would perform that gives you a clearer picture of security.

The total cost of the VAPT audit depends on the size of your IT infrastructure, number of locations, scope of applications, etc. Thus, we can give you an estimate only after analyzing all these factors.

Yes, you will be provided with a proper certificate after each VAPT service.

The time required for complete Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing varies on the size of network and application. You can consult our VAPT experts to have an approximate idea of time required.

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