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Google Hangouts vs Google Meet

Nowadays for businesses, digital communication is vital productivity so, video conferencing has become a basic need for all small and large Enterprises. Hence, most of the users tend to look at Google. Because It has 2 amazing software for video conferencing, Hangouts and Google Hangouts Meet which is now known as Google Meet.

As we know that the classic Hangout is for both users like G Suite and a free account user. But Google Meet is only for G Suite users.Previously, Google Hangouts which was essentially a platform to have a meeting with multiple team members digitally.

But now Google plans to upgrade classic Google Hangouts in 2020 for business users and going to split Google Hangouts into “Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat”. Hence, in this article, we will shed light on the differences Google Hangouts Vs Google meet.

Google Meet Vs hangout: What Are the Differences?

What is Google Meet – Basically  Google Meet is a  Google’s enterprise video conferencing tool. That is a featured video conferencing program available to anyone with a G Suite accounts.

Now, we know something about Google Meet. Let’s read further to learn about Google Hangouts.

Google Hangout

What is Google Hangouts –  Google Hangouts is a communication platform which includes messaging, video chats, and VOIP features. It is more focused and available to everyone with a  Google account.

Working of Google Meet and Google Hangouts

In this section, we are going to discuss what is the difference between the working of both Google Hangouts and  Google meet video conferencing software. So let’s start with Google Meet.

How Google Meet Works – Google Meet is available for every platform like Android iOS, Chrome book, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. To use this program, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: First login to your G Suite account with your valid login credential
  • Step 2: Now, go to the Google app option and choose the Meet option. Or you can directly go to Google Meet
Select Google Meet
  • Step 3: After that click on the “Join” or “Start” meeting option
Join a meeting
  • Step 4: Enter the code of the meeting or meeting id
Enter meeting id
  • Step 5: After that click on Join option
Preview of meeting
  • Step 6: At this point, you can copy the code or send to your contact. Or you can click on Add people to add the meeting
How to invite person

Moreover, you can create a meeting in Google calendar and the respective contacts will join the meeting by clicking on the link in the calendar.

Google Calendar

How Hangouts Work – The process of working is the same in Hangout but it is not necessary to have a G Suite account. So the guidelines for creating or joining a meeting in Hangout are mentioned below.

  • Step 1: First open your favorite browser and sign in to your Google account with your login credentials
  • Step 2: Now click on the Google app option and go to Hangouts
Google Hangout open
  • Step 3: Click on the Video Call option
Google hangout Button
  • Step 4: Now, enter the name or email or click to the invite people by sharing the link using COPY LINK TO SHARE option
Invite people

The Google Hangouts is also available for Android, iOS, Chrome Browser, Safari, Internet Explorer (with plugins).

Feature Difference Between Google Meet and Google Hangouts

Well, there are plenty of differences between Google Hangouts and Google meet. So, in this section, we are going to discuss all the features differences between Google Hangouts and Google meet the video conferencing software.

The difference in Device Supported Platforms

Both  Google Meet and Hangouts support platforms like Android, iOS, Chrome Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge (with plugins)

The difference in Meeting Participants

The Hangouts only offers the user to include 25 meeting participants. But  Google Meet is a part of G Suite. So it is based upon the G Suite license you have purchased. The owner of Basic and G Suite Education license has a limit of up to 100 meeting participants. G Suite Business up to 150 participants, G Suite Enterprise and Enterprise for Education up 250 participants. The more number of participants gives an impressive reach and digital conference capability for those companies who use G Suite and Google Meet.

The difference in Video Meeting

When we comparing Google Hangouts Vs Google Meet you will feel that the experience of joining videos conference and sending a message during the Meeting has approved greatly. In Google Meet you retain the ability to join Meeting through the browser and mobile app Google Calendar Hangouts Meet hardware Chrome box and Chrome base.

Most of the features are available on Hangout. But as we said above that you will feel the better experience in Google Meet. And also Google Hangouts has been the ability to use a plug-in through Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013.

Difference between Dialing In and Out

Comparing the experience of dialing in and out of calls in Google Hangouts Vs Google Meet is very different. Because Hangouts do not offer an option to dialing into a video Meeting from a phone number. Also dialing out is very limited you can just call to and from the United State and Canada for free and charges may apply for other countries.

But Google Meets grant expands with call support from most countries in the world.

Limitations of Google Meet

There are various limitations of  Google Meet some of them are listed below.

  • During the education Meeting, the option of requesting to join from outside of the domain will not work for some users.
  • When you saying a window Google Meet. Sometimes the drop-down menu in the same window is not displayed.
  • During the video conferencing sometime, your browser freezes when screen sharing is selected.
  • Many users of Google Meet face the problem that they are not able to access Google to Meet on their mobile devices. Because each version of Google Meet is supported for 6 months after release.

Limitations of Google Hangouts

  • Group messages from chat will not be migrated to chat so the user has to access this group messages on the web at Google Hangouts
  • Phone calls and text messages using Google voice are not available through chat.
  • You can block the user but you cannot able to view the full list of block users.

Additional Difference Between of Google Hangouts and Google Meet

  • In Google Meet you can send chat messages in video meetings through the browser and mobile app. But in Hangouts, you can send chat only through the web.
  • Google Meet supports more than 50 different reporting API matrices. On the other hand, Hangouts support only 17 reporting matrices.
  • In Google Meet you can view presentations on high resolution and also pinch-to-zoom is available. But Hangouts support only low-resolution content.
  • The meeting URLs in Google Meet are unique but in Hangouts, the URLs can be modifiable.
  • Google Meet gives the option to record your meeting. But Hangout does not provide any option like this.

Final Thoughts

Google Hangouts become a standalone product in 2013. But as we said above it is now fully replaced by Google Meet video and chat by 2020 for all the G Suite users. Because it gives call encryptions high-quality video conferencing. And also Google Meet is an incredibly powerful business and one of the most popular features in G Suite.

But if you’re still on the fence regarding which of the two tools to use in or still confuse is Google hangouts and Google meets the same thing? Hence, in this write-up we have discussed all the major differences between Google Hangouts and  Google meet like working, features, limitations, related to   Google Meet and Hangouts that will clear your all doubt related to Google Meet Vs Hangouts.

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