DBCC CHECKDB Job Failed In SQL Server – Unable to Repair MDF Corruption

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Published On December 6th, 2023
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repair SQL database DBCC CHCEKDB job failed

Sometimes when SQL Administrator tries to use these command to check the health of databases, faced error while running the above commands. The DBCC Checkdb job failed in SQL Server and the process of checking integrity and any kind of corruption stopped.

To fix this DBCC CHECKDB Repair_Allow_Data_Loss not working issue, a user needs to find the root cause of the error, why DBCC CHECKDB failed while maintenance of the database. Since command are differently run according to different scenarios by various SQL Administrator. So let check some common scenarios where user face this issue.

Immediate Solution: If users cant repair SQL database DBCC CHECKDB command, they must find an alternative to resolve the issue of MDF file corruption, must use SysTools SQL Recovery Tool. With this software, the user can repair corrupt SQL Database file and restore data error-free.

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DBCC CHECKDB Command in SQL Server Environment

In SQL Server Environment to check the physical and logical integrity of object specified in Relational Database (RDBMS), DBCC Checkdb commands are used. These command helps Administrator to fix any kind of database corruption due to various cause such as Hardware or Software failure. Run DBCC Checkdb command regularly to check any error that leads to data loss of Users Database information or not.

Since this repair SQL database DBCC CHECKDB repair_allow_data_loss command some have some parameter and each parameter helps to check different level section of the database, some parameter is given below:


As commands describe to check the location and structure path of the specified database, since moving database file due to disk space to another drive accidentally, can cause an error and DBCC CHECK commands helps to fix any kind of issue regarding path.


As we know each database contains Row and Column and stored in table form to represent the fields. To check Table stored in SQL Database, DBCC CHECKTABLE command is used.


As we know Database Catalog files store meta details of database elements such as table files, view, index details, user details and SQL Environment.

Repair SQL Database DBCC CHECKDB Job Failed in Server

As we can see this DBCC CHECKDB Repair_Allow_Data_Loss not working issue faced by SQL Administrator frequently. Job failed can be different for the different user. Below mention some common queries faces by mostly user and try to mention the solution that can help Administrator to fix it.

a) Error code 1450 & 665:

“Hey, while running DBCC CHECKDB alter failed in SQL Server”. Getting message OS Error 1450 and 665. How can I fix this issue, so that run the DBCC Checkdb command properly?

DBCC CHECKDB Job failed In SQL Server

Solution: The error code 1450 and 665 occur to due to some storage location issue in MFT (Master File Table) and an instance known as ATTRIBUTE_LIST_ENTRY needed to maintain files in NTFS System.

Since SQL Server created a large number of sparse file for the database file and all these files get fragmented and lead to this error.

To repair SQL database DBCC CHECKDB job failed in SQL Server due to error code 1450 and 665, need to break up the large database file into multiple files. For the Complete process, please visit the link.

For more information about the issue, you can also visit Link

b) Error code 8967:

DBCC CHECKDB Repair_Allow_Data_Loss not working while collecting facts, message prompt while running in SQL Server 2008 Database. Want to fix issue urgent so that run command to fix catalogs files.

DBCC CHECKDB Job failed In SQL Server

Solution: Error code 8967 lead to DBCC CHECKDB failure issues when commands not able to check the consistency of Database created from SQL Environment. An error can occur due to corruption in meta-details or database snapshots. To fix it try to check the log sequence number and TABLOCK Hint (a locking mechanism to control table of the database)

To know more about the issue check out the below section:


c) DBCC CHECKDB Unable to Read and Latch page:

After getting this error, trying to repair corrupt SQL database. Before applying the command to repair database, is it possible to fix this issue.

Solution: Before trying steps to remove the corruption of Database of SQL environment, please check the space in Disk Drive, also check the growth of database size Link

Repair Corrupt MDF Database File of SQL Server

The DBCC CHECKDB Job failed in SQL Server database due to corruption issue in the MDF file. To recover corrupt SQL database, use Automated Solution developed by SysTools know as SQL Database Recovery Tool. A Standalone utility to Scan and Repair SQL Database Table and other meta-detail such as “Tables, Triggers, Rules, Functions and Stored Procedures. This software supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019 / 2017 / 2016 / 2014 / 2012 and ist Try the Demo Version of software from below download button:

Follow the Steps to Repair SQL database DBCC CHECKDB Job failed in SQL Server

  1. Install and Run the software on your system. After that click on Open.
Hit Open button

2. Browse the MDF file from your computer, Choose the Advanced Scan Mode.

Click Quick or Advance Scan

3. Now Preview the repaired SQL database components such as SQL Table, functions, stored procedure, views, indexes, etc.


4. Click on Export button and Select the database components. After that fill the required details to export data to SQL Server.

select destination


To check integrity, corruption, structure of the table, SQL Environment offers DBCC CHECKDB command. But while running command DBCC CHECKDB Repair_Allow_Data_Loss not working and prompt messages such as “failed to collect data, read and latch page issue” an error code 8967, 8967, 1450 & 665 occur. Try to fix DBCC CHECKDB Job failed in SQL Server using the solution mentioned in the above section or SQL Recovery Tool can be used to repair and recover SQL MDF Database file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. What is the best alternative of DBCC CHECKDB Repair Allow Data Loss?

Ans: If DBCC CHECKDB Repair_Allow_Data_Loss not working to resolve the SQL database corruption issues. You can use the SQL repair tool which is the best alternate method to repair SQL database DBCC CHECKDB and repair MDF corruption.

Q-2. How do I know if SQL database is corrupted or damaged?

Ans: You can execute this query to check the corruption in the database:  SELECT * FROM msdb.dbo.suspect_pages. Or you can simply use the DBCC command to check corruption.

Q-3. How can I remove corruption from MDF file in SQL Server 2016?

Ans: You can simply use SQL database recovery software which help you to fix MDF file corruption.