Resolved: Windows Could Not Start SQL Server Error 3417

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Query 1: “Please help! I have SQL server 2005, which was running perfectly till yesterday on Vista. Today, while connecting to the server, I was prompted with a SQL Server error 3417, which means that my master database needs to be rebuilt and repaired. I tried all the possible methods like checking my data files in data dir that it is not compressed, but there is no luck. Also, I used setup.exe in my installer CD to rebuild the master database. Unfortunately it seems that CMD is doing nothing. To rebuild, I used the following command.


However, the command runs but due to some reasons the master DB is not getting repaired. Please advise to fix SQL error code 3417, so that I can connect back to the server to ensure that my databases are not damaged or lost.”

Query 2: “Due to some requirement, I moved this folder: Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL to another drive. After that, I went back to the same location and I realized that SQL server has stopped working. The pop-up message was stating as given below,

Is there some reliable method to fix error 3417 in SQL Server. Please suggest!”

Wants to know what is SQL Server error 3417 and how to fix it? So, go through this article once and get the answer of all your queries.

Well! MS SQL Server is the world’s most popular and trustworthy server environment, which is used by both small scale and large scale organizations. The SQL Server has three types of files, which include primary data files and secondary data files with MDF and NDF extensions.

Although the corruption level for primary and secondary files are low, but still it is not unavoidable. At times, due to several reasons, this database files containing the user’s most crucial data gets corrupted. As a result, both the MDF and NDF files becomes inaccessible and leads to error 3417 in SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server Error 3417 – Know the Reason

There could be various reasons behind the SQL database to prompt SQL error 3417. This may be due to some Hardware failure, Virus intrusion, Improper shutdown while executing any transaction, Lack of memory space in the database. Apart from this, any discrepancy in the network account for the Data folder in Program files can also cause SQL 3417 error. Besides this, if any change to the Windows settings either intentionally or accidentally can cause error 3417.

How to Fix SQL Error Code 3417 Manually?

Sometimes some SQL server errors are self-explanatory, which means if a user tries to understand the message properly, then one can solve the error manually. SQL Server error 3417 is one such common error in SQL server database, which describes as “To know more, review the System Event Log.”

Therefore, to fix this issue, either user need to restore backup of the database or repair the database in case of corruption. Before this, you can also check whether the MDF file is compressed or not to fix SQL Server Error message 3417. Let’s get started and view each and every troubleshooting technique.

Approach #1: Decompress the MDF File

First of all, check the MDF file whether it is compressed and resides in a read-only database or filegroup. If it is compressed, then it needs to be immediately decompressed to fix SQL error code 3417. For that, implement the below steps sequentially.

Step 1: To begin with, go to the data folder and navigate to the MDF file.

Step 2: Confirm that both the database files(MDF and NDF) are compressed or not. If it is compressed, then go the Properties of the file and click on the Advanced button.

Step 3: After that, un-check the checkbox corresponding to Compress contents to save disk space option and click OK.

Step 4: After applying these settings, launch the SQL server from the Service Manager that will help you to resolve SQL Server error 3417.

If this method, did not work for you. Try to execute the below method!

Approach #2: Restore Database From Backup File

If you are still facing the error 3417 in SQL Server 2017 or below version, then try to restore the database from the backup file. Make sure the backup is the recent copy of the SQL database. You can follow this blog to recover database from SQL Server .bak file – How to Backup And Restore Database In SQL Server?

Approach #3: Repair SQL Server Database

In case the SQL error code 3417 is not resolved by above methods, then you have to repair your database. For this, SysTools SQL Recovery Software is the best. It is capable enough to repair both minor and major corrupted MDF (Primary Database File) & NDF (Secondary Database File). Once you repaired the database, then this error will not occur in the MS SQL Server.

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This tool is an efficient tool to troubleshoot SQL Server error 3417 in the different versions of SQL Server, including, SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 / 2008 R2, 2005, 2000.

Closing Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed all about SQL Server error 3417. All the workarounds to fix this issue also illustrated in this write-up. For users who are looking out for some reliable solution to fix error 3417 in SQL Server, then try to opt the software solution discussed in this article. Because, this is always on top and an instant solution to quickly fix SQL error code 3417.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q – How to Fix SQL Server Error 3417 Code?

A – You can either restore backup of the database or repair the database files.

Q – Can I repair database manually in SQL Server 2017?

A – Yes, use the DBCC command to fix the database. But, it will result in data loss.

Q – Is it possible to restore data from corrupted .bak file to fix error 3417?

A – First of all, you need to repair the backup file with SQL Backup Recovery Software. Afterward, restore the data.

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