Ways to Recover Database from Emergency Mode in SQL Server

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Published On April 3rd, 2024
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Recover Database from Emergency Mode

“The database of SQL Server that I am using has suddenly showing database in suspect mode. The issue is appearing for the first time so I have no clue about it. One of my friends told me that I can fix it to recover database from emergency mode in SQL Server. Now I am not able to recover it. Please tell me how to recover database from emergency mode in SQL Server?”

Are you an SQL Server user and your database got marked as suspected? Do you want to know how to recover SQL database from emergency mode in SQL Server? If your answer is yes to these questions, then continue reading this post & find out solution to alter database set emergency mode to normal.

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Suspect State Causes to Fix SQL Server Emergency Mode

Many SQL users often face situations when SQL database become suspect that users mark as emergency. This issue gives rise to a problem as users become unable to access that database. Users have to wait till the database returns to normal mode. And the situation becomes worse if there is no backup of that data.

SQL users can solve such circumstances by putting the database in emergency mode. It allows users to access their database even when it is marked as suspected. Using the mode, users get Read Only permission to access the suspected database hence can recover their data from emergency mode.

In this write-up, we will discuss method on how to recover database from an emergency mode in SQL Server, but first, let us understand What are the possible reasons for going Database in suspect state. However, before we proceed, users must go through these critical causes: 

  • Database Corruption: If your SQL database is marked as suspected, it means that something suspicious is going in it. The major cause of this issue is often the corruption in the SQL database itself.
  • Log File Corruption: If any transaction log file goes missing or becomes damaged, the database comes in Suspected mode.
    Sudden Server Shutdown: The unexpected shutdown of SQL Server can also put SQL Database is in Suspect Mode.
  • Virus or Malware Infection: Any kind of virus or malware attack can also be responsible for SQL Server database suspected mode.
  • Unstable Power Supply: If the power supply to the database is not stable, various issues may occur that can lead to making your database inaccessible.
  • Hardware Issues: Hardware problem can also become a reason for this SQL database problem.

What to Do if SQL Database is in Suspect Mode? Turn SQL Emergency Mode to Normal

If the users have a backup of their data, they can access it. Otherwise, the only way to access the data is to turn on the emergency mode for the database. If you use SQL Server 2005 or the newer versions, this method is compatible with your database. Then you can easily turn SQL database emergency mode to normal mode for sure.

How to Recover Database from Emergency Mode in SQL Server?

In order to recover SQL database from emergency mode, users have to go through these steps. Simply, there are 5 steps that users need to execute in order to recover SQL database emergency mode without any errors. Let’s begin with confirming the status of the DB first to understand all further steps.

1. Confirm the Suspected Status of SQL Database

The first thing that needs to be done in this case is to check the suspected state of the database. Users can check this by using the below command to access data from the database. If the database has turned into suspected one, the command will result into an error message.

SELECT *FROM database_name..table_name

2. Enable Emergency Mode for SQL Server

Once you are sure about the suspect state of SQL database, you have to put the database in the emergency mode. This is crucial to recover SQL Database in suspect mode for users. For that, use this command:


3. Fix the Damaged Objects

After the emergency mode is on, users should proceed to repair corrupted SQL Server Database . This repairing will help to remove all the inconsistencies responsible for the suspected mode. In order to do that, the database should be turned into single user mode. Users must remember that they can face some data loss during this process.

There are two ways to do so. The first one is the T-SQL method mentioned below. the second one is the tool steps present just after the T-SQL commands.


Software Steps for Fixing Corruption in Files

Step-1. Launch the Software  & Add MDF Files in application.

add MDF

Step-2. Select the File Scan Modes now to proceed further.

scan modes

Step-3. Set the Destination Server and Authentication type.


Step-4. At last, Hit the Export/Save option to recover SQL database emergency mode easily.

recover SQL database emergency mode

4. Switch the Database Back to Multi-User

When the repairing is over, permit multiuser access to the database with this command:


5. Make the Database Online

Finally, run this command to leave the emergency mode and put the database online.


Final Words

In this post, we have discussed how to recover database from emergency mode in SQL Server. We have also learned what causes for facing such terrible situation and how emergency mode in SQL Server allows us to access the database in any condition. Users can take the help of the manual solution of this issue given here to recover SQL database from emergency mode. But the problem is that this method is not suitable for the large sized database. For the sure-shot solution, an automated solution is the perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. Can I recover database from Emergency mode in SQL Server using backup?

Ans: Yes, you can restore the database from SQL emergency mode to normal healthy state using backup to get rid of SQL database corruption problem.

Q-2. What is emergency mode in SQL Server?

Ans: Emergency mode is a status introduced for SQL Server to process damaged databases. The Emergency mode is used when the DB reaches suspect state and we switch to emergency mode to read the data.

Q-3. Can I recover deleted database objects in SQL Server?

Ans: Using the advanced utility, you can recover deleted tables, views, triggers, stored procedures and other database components. This can help users turn their SQL database emergency mode to normal mode with ease.

Q-4. How to safely shutdown SQL Server?

Ans: There are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Through SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • Through net stop mssqlserver from a command prompt for a default instance.

Q-5. Is it safe to restart SQL service?

Ans: Yes, it’s safe. We do not need to worry about restarting the SQL Server services.


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