Easy Trick to Restore Corrupted BAK File of SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008

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Published On August 4th, 2022
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Unable to restore BAK file in SQL Server ? Is your SQL BAK file corrupted ? If yes, then do not need to panic! In this blog, we will discuss the complete solution of how to restore corrupted BAK file of SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and other versions.

As we all know, we can create a backup of SQL database and restore it into SQL Server using SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS). But, the big question is that – it’s possible to restore corrupted SQL backup files. To answer this question about the restore process, we have comes with simple tips. Continue reading to get the easy and instant solution.

Before troubleshooting this situation, let’s understand a real-life scenario

User Query to Restore Damaged SQL Backup File

Hello, I unable to restore my SQL BAK file with SQL Server Management Studio. I don’t know what is the issue with it. Is my backup file is corrupted? Anyone please let me know that there is any possible way to check my SQL database backup condition. If my backup file is corrupt, how can I restore it. Thanks!”

Madelyn, New York

In the above section, we mentioned one user query related to SQL backup corruption repair and restore issue. There are many other queries about this topic. It is clear that there is no manual way to restore corrupted BAK file. In such a situation, we need to use the SQL Backup Restore software. This is a powerful tool to repair corrupt SQL BAK file and directly import BAK file SQL Server database. Let’s look out the working of the software.

How to Restore Corrupted BAK File of SQL Server?

First, you need to download SQL Backup Recovery tool by clicking on the below download button and install it on your system. Afterward, follow all mentioned steps.

Download SQL BAK Recovery

Step 1. Click Open button >> Browse to add BAK files and select version of SQL Server .bak file. Else, check the box Auto detect SQL server file (.bak) version to automatically catch the version.

load sql bak file

Step 2. Click on Multiple Backup File Option and add single or multiple BAK file by clicking on Add File or Folder option.

add files or folder

Step 3. After the files are loaded, select the files and click on the Recover button to recover corrupt SQL backup file.

recover corrupt bak file

Step 4. The software will display a preview of all the recovered data items. Select the required items and click on the Export button.

export recovered data items

Step 5. From the export window, choose SQL Server Database and SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts under Export To/As option.

export bak file to sql server database

Step 6. Choose the Database Authentication mode and provide the required information. Also choose the destination database.

choose database authentication

Step 7. Now, select the required database objects and select Export options between Export with only schema and Export with Schema & Data.

export with schema or schema & data

Step 8. Click on the Export button to start restoring SQL BAK file.

click export to export bak file in sql server database

Step 9. The will will display a completion message after export process is finished. Now, open the SQL Server database and review the restored data.

restore corrupted bak file

Done! This is the successful way to restore corrupted BAK file of SQL Server in a simple and quick manner.

Reasons for SQL Backup File (.bak) Corruption

There can be many reasons for corrupting SQL Server backup files such as-

  • Abrupt system shutdown while the backup database file is opened.
  • Virus attacks on the system where your SQL BAK files are stored.
  • Upgrading SQL Server from an earlier version to a new version can lead to corruption cases.
  • Some errors already exist in SQL Server and when you create a backup file, it automatically gets corrupted.

Why Select SQL BAK Repair Tool to Restore Corrupted BAK File?

The task to restore corrupted SQL BAK file can be only with SQL backup repair software as there is no chances to restore corrupted database manually. Using SSMS, you can restore the BAK file, but the corrupted files can not be restored. The SQL Server backup recovery tool is an ultimate utility that helps to repair corrupt SQL backup file and directly import BAK file in SQL Server database. The tool offers multiple features and some of them are as follows.

  • Able to restore multiple BAK file at once along with all components like tables, views, triggers, functions, etc.
  • The software helps to recover MDF, NDF and LDF database files saved in SQL backup file.
  • Option to export recovered SQL backup file to SQL Server Database and SQL Server Compatible Script.
  • Able to restore corrupted BAK file of SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and other versions.
  • Click on the Auto Detect option, if you do not know the actual version of your SQL Server .bak file, simple
  • After scanning and recovering the corrupt SQL BAK file, the software will displays a complete preview of data objects.
  • You can select only required SQL Server backup file objects to export them in live SQL Server database or .csv file.
  • The tool successfully operable on all Windows Operating System like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

The Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed the best possible way to restore corrupted BAK file of SQL Server using SQL Backup repair tool. The software recover full data from damaged SQL backup file and display a preview of all tables, views, stored procedures, functions, columns, etc. It gives Export option that helps you to export recovered data directly into SQL Server database. You just need to add credentials of SQL Server to perform the restore process. Download the software and easily restore corrupted BAK file of any SQL Server versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best solution to fix inaccessible BAK file of SQL Server?

Try the SysTools SQL BAK Repair tool which is an efficient solution to repair inaccessible BAK file in just a few simple steps.

How Can I Export BAK File in SQL Server?

There are two ways to export or restore the database from a BAK file in SQL Server. The first is the SQL Server Management Studio software and the second is the Transact-SQL command. Both methods are useful when the data is in good condition. If the backup file is corrupted, you must use the SQL Backup and Restore tool.

How Do I Restore SQL Database Backup Which is Unable to Open?

If you are unable to open and restore the backup of the SQL database, your data may be corrupted. In this case, you need to download the SQL backup recovery software for a quick fix.

Whats is the Reason Behind SQL BAK File Corruption?

There are many reasons by which SQL backup file got corrupted. Some of them are-
1. Sudden system shutdown
2. Trying to restore latest SQL version backup to older
3. Virus attack on the system.


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