Top Method to View Thunderbird Email Message in Browser HTML Code

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Help me! I need to view Thunderbird email in Browser, but do not know how to do this? If anyone knows a suitable method through which Thunderbird display email as HTML supported browser, then please suggest me. So, I can easily view Thunderbird emails in Google Chrome browser.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a very popular mail client because of its free and widely supported feature. Many times it can be seen that users want to save their Thunderbird email messages in HTML format. So, in the absence of the associated mail client, they can easily view Thunderbird email in the browser. But in some situations, Thunderbird email information gets lost during the HTML conversion. In this article, we are going to discuss a way by which users can easily view Thunderbird messages in the browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox without any data loss.

Before going to methods, let us have a look over the benefits to convert email in HTML code.

Advantages to Open Thunderbird Email in Browser

Being a free email client, Thunderbird offers several prominent features. One of the options is email view in browser. Basically, an email in HTML format is similar to a web page and can easily open in the browser. Besides this, there are several advantages to save email in HTML file format;

  1. The email in HTML format looks more professional and interactive.
  2. Users are able to view images, cards, colors in the HTML email.
  3. If email is in browser-supported format then there is no requirement of the third-party email client to view. Users can easily open the mail in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.
  4. HTML facilitates the users to view email from any system on which internet is available.

How to Display Thunderbird Email in Chrome, Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox?

Here, three methods are described in order to view Thunderbird email message in the browser such as Google Chrome.

Method 1: Save Single Thunderbird Message as HTML

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird email client on the system.

  • Once it is open, select the desired email that you wish to view in browser.
  • Next, click on More drop-down button and select Save as an option from the list.

  • In Save Message As window, select the destination location and save a file as HTML Files format under Save as type as shown below;

  • In a few seconds, your email gets converted into browser supported HTML file format at the chosen folder.
  • To view a message in the Firefox browser, go to the HTML email and right-click on it. Select Open with>> Firefox as shown in the screenshot.

  • Finally, you can open Thunderbird email in Firefox browser in HTML code.

  • If you want to view email in Internet Explorer, then right-click on the email that saved in HTML format. Go to Open with and select Internet Explorer option from the list.

  • To display email in Chrome, right-click on the mail that converted into HTML format. Select Open with and then Google Chrome option from the list.

Method 2: Save Complete Email Folder as Browser HTML Code

The above-mentioned method is quite lengthy to convert all the individual message in HTML format. If users want all the email messages in browser-supported format, then go with this manual approach.

  • Open the Thunderbird application.

  • Select the folder that you wish to convert as HTML email code such as Inbox, Sent etc.
  • Click on the Menu button that located at the top-left corner. A drop-down menu opens, go to Tools>>ImportExportTools option from the list.

  • After that, click on Export all messages in the folder and then HTML format (with attachment).

  • Click on Select Folder to choose the location where you want to save the emails.

Once the Thunderbird emails get converted into HTML file format. Go to the folder and open the files in the desired browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others.

The recommended solution for MAC Users to View Mac Thunderbird Email in Browser

  1. Mac MBOX to HTML Converter is one of the best tool used to convert Thunderbird emails in browser HTML form on Mac platform. Besides HTML format, the software can also save Thunderbird emails in EML and PDF file format.
  2. Thunderbird saves all its email data in MBOX file format. In a situation, when users have orphan .mbox file, the tool can also export Thunderbird emails as HTML format. Also, the software automatically detects mail client such as Mozilla Thunderbird and browse its MBOX file and modify them into the desired file format.
  3. The software is not limited to the Thunderbird email client. Moreover, it is widely compatible with many email clients that supports MBOX format such as SeaMonkey, Eudora etc.
  4. The tool has a 100% conversion rate and intuitive interface design. No email formatting disturbed during the conversion process. As a result, users always receive the same file in HTML format that previously shown in MBOX format.
  5. The Mac MBOX Converter software can run on Mac OS X 10.13 and all in the earlier editions.

Note: Windows users can open & view Thunderbird emails in HTML using the HTML View option of the MBOX Converter.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed two manual ways by which users can easily view Thunderbird email in the browser. Besides this, we have also discussed an automated solution i.e., MBOX Converter for Mac operating system. This software export Thunderbird emails as HTML format in batch. So, users can open Thunderbird messages in the browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

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