Email Forensics Software

Forensically Ingest, Search, Analyze & Export Email Evidence Data.

  • Create Multiple Cases in Single Tool for Better Management
  • Perform Email Forensics investigation on Several Desktop Email Platforms
  • Supports Multiple Cloud Based Email Platforms for Email Investigation
  • Load Acquired Disk Image Files of Multiple Types into the Software
  • Scan and Investigate Skype DB Files for Chat & Call Analysis
  • Apply Required Settings on Evidence Files for Customized Investigation
  • Preview and Investigate Email Messages in Several View Modes
  • 6 Search Types – General, Wildcard, Fuzzy, Regex, Stem, & Proximity
  • 5 Filters – AND / OR, Keywords, Standard, Custodian, & Tags
  • 3 Email Link Analysis Options – Person, Domain and IP Address
  • Several Standard & Media Filters to Analyze Certain Categories of Data
  • Advanced Dashboard to Have Complete Overview of Case
  • Easily Export and Save Email Evidences in 10 Export Types
  • Save Email Forensic Reports in CSV and PDF Format
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Email Investigation Software Supports a Wide Range of Email Platforms

With the help of Email Examiner software, an email forensics investigator can analyze and examine emails of over 80 email clients. In addition, this forensics tool also provides extended support for email analysis of both desktop and web-based email services. For example:

  • PST Microsoft Outlook
  • lotus-notes Lotus Notes
  • thunderbird Thunderbird
  • eM eM Client
  • tbb The Bat!
  • zarafa Outlook for Mac
  • live-exchange Exchange Server
  • ofc365 Office 365
  • Google Workspace Google Workspace
  • gmail Gmail
  • zoho Zoho Mail
  • hotmail Hotmail
  • icloud iCloud

and many more...

Search Evidences

Various Search Options in Email Forensics Software to Unlock The Evidence

With this email investigation software, a user gets several advanced search options to make the email forensics investigation process highly result oriented. These search operators are quite easy to perform and work seamlessly to bring you the desired results.

Additionally, there are some advanced filters as well to help email forensic experts bring out evidence with ease. An email examination expert can use any of these filters as per the requirements and extract desired results effortlessly.

Search Types

  • General Search
  • Wildcard Search
  • Fuzzy Search
  • Regex Search
  • Stem Search
  • Proximity Search

Search Operators

  • AND / OR / NOT
  • Standard
  • Custodian
  • Keywords
  • Tags

Thorough Analysis

Get a Clear Picture of Evidence Data with Sophisticated Email Analysis Software

Apart from the expertise of rendering email investigation for a diverse range of storage platforms, environments, and file types, we also hold a set of other majorly supportive skills. An email itself stores all the information required for detection and identification of a suspect or perpetrator. An extensive view on the right information set is all that is required to get to a conclusion. Thus, the email forensics software comes with various Advance Search and Analysis options for extensive analysis and forensics.

While advanced search options enable investigators to search through a batch of email messages, Link Analysis, Timeline Analysis, and Word Cloud help find the required proof without putting much effort in email forensics.

Export Options in Email Forensics Software

Export Evidence Data

9+ Export File Formats to Save Email Messages Data

Being a professional Email Forensics Software, when it comes to exporting selected data from evidence files, the tool offers as many as 10 export options. This means that you get multiple file formats to choose from to present the evidence in court.

Furthermore, when you choose any of these available export options, the software offers multiple customization options to the resultant files. For eg: In case of PDF as your export option, you get to apply naming convention, apply settings for attachments, apply bates number, etc. Thus, all these options make the Email Forensics investigation process quite simple.

Export Options

  • Attachment
  • CSV (Only Headers)
  • Concordance
  • EML
  • HTML
  • HTML Reporter
  • MSG
  • PDF
  • PST
  • TIFF

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Revolutionize Email Forensics

Advance Features of Forensic Email Analysis Software

Best Email Forensic Software for Email Investigation in Computer Forensics

Proper Management of Case

Case Management is one of the crucial facilities offered by this software. It let investigators handle one or more cases altogether in a proper way. Management of cases is required in three different ways i.e. new case creation, already existing cases management, and editing in the future. This email investigation software provides multiple options for case management like – Create, Edit, and Delete Case.

Analyze Multiple Email Formats

The Forensic Email Investigation Tool is designed in a way that it is capable to load and read both native desktop-based email clients and web-based email services efficiently. Additionally, a user can also add Disk Images as well as Skype Messenger DB into the software. The thing that most users like about this application is that this utility is a one-stop solution for email forensics and investigation.

Provide Multiple Views of Emails

Email Examiner Software is an advanced solution that generates preview of email messages that too in multiple preview modes. An email forensics expert can view emails in Normal, Attachment, Message Header, Properties, MIME, HTML, RTF, and Hex View. Thus, the forensic expert is able to perform extensive analysis on email data.

Forensically Analyze Disk Image Files

Email Forensics Software is also capable to scan, analyze, and examine multiple disk image files like E01, LEF, Zip Archive File, DD, and DMG. Once you load any of these disk image files, the software will thoroughly scan the data and list the email data files in the software’s custodian panel. Additionally, any documents like PDF, Word, Excel, etc. in the disk image file will be listed in the Loose Files tab.

Advance Link & Timeline Analysis

MailXaminer email analysis software also comes with an option of Link Analysis. This option creates a visual representation of email communication between two or more users. Hence, this will help you keep track of both the direct and indirect conversation between the users. Additionally, This Email Forensics Software has Time Analysis facility also to analyze the email conversation between the users on specific date, year, and decade.

Examine Skype Call, Chats, SMS

With the help of this email forensic analysis tool, investigators can even view the Chat details, perform call analysis, and view SMS details between different users of Skype application. All these SMS, Call, and Chat Details are maintained in the Skype Messenger application database. It provides an option to View, Export and Save chats and SMS in the documented format also.

Advance Search With Operators

This Email Analysis Tool offers multiple Search Operators to filter out only desired data from the added evidence file. These operators make the email analysis process a breeze as you will be able to shortlist the desired set of emails using those operators. The set of Search Operators are AND / OR / NOT, Custodian, Standard, Keywords, and Tag.

Generate an Export Case Report

The reporting feature of Email Forensics Software has been made in smarter way to generate customized reports. One can perform forensic email analysis and export the reports of cases, keywords, bookmarks, tags, etc. in two output formats i.e., PDF & CSV. In addition, a user can export senders, recipients, domain-wise, domain-wise senders reports also without any limitation.

Key Functionalities

Advantages of Using Email Analysis Software

Fabulous Solution with Key Features to Make Email Investigation Process Effortless

OCR Capability

The software comes with the option to enable OCR setting while scanning evidence file. This will enable finding the keywords within the attachments and documents as well.

Logs Management

Email forensics software maintains log files of all activities during the entire process including details like scanning, search, report, tag, bookmark, not indexed, etc.

New Search Instance

While performing searches on the evidence data, you have the option to create a new Search instance. The new instance will open in a new tab and will keep entire activity separate.

Intuitive Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard

Another useful feature of this Email Investigation Tool is its intuitive dashboard that shows widgets related to the evidence data and provides a detailed overview of the case.

Supports Hash Algorithm

While doing email forensic analysis, you can also apply Hash Settings to the evidence file. This application supports MD5, SHA1, SHA256 hash values.

Tags & Bookmarking

This advanced email forensics software allows users to tag or bookmark any forensics evidence from mails, attachments, or search results for future reference.

Ask Your Doubts

What Users Usually Ask About this Utility

Commonly Asked Queries Regarding Email Investigation Software

The default Case Data directory is - C:\ProgramData\SysTools MailXaminer\WorkSpace\data.
The default Index Data directory is - C:\Program Files\SysTools MailXaminer\.data\elasticsearch-7.17.9-windows-x86_64\elasticsearch-7.17.9\data

Yes, you can change the Case data directory but only before creating a case. Once you create the case, then you cannot change its directory path. However, in case of Index Data Directory, you can change the directory path but you will have to move the data manually to new location.

Yes, you can add damaged PST, OST, EDB files into the software and process them for forensics analysis. Moreover, if there are deleted items within the evidence files, this application can also recover deleted items from these files.

Yes, the software comes with various Hash Settings like MD5, SHA1, and SHA256. You can choose any of them and also select the email properties for which you want to apply these hash settings.

In this email investigation software, a user is allowed to add, analyze, and examine E01, DD, DMG, LEF, and Zip Archive File type EnCase image file.

Yes, within forensic email analysis software you are allowed to search for an email in all files via specific keyword. In addition, a user is allowed to search for keyword in multiple other languages also, including Japanese.

Yes, the MailXaminer is capable to view, search, and export the chat carried out between the users.

When you download a forensics report after complete email analysis, this best email forensics software gives you multiple evidence parameters to choose from. The parameters that you can choose are Tags, Keywords, Bookmarks, Cases, etc. Additionally, you can also choose the fields within these parameters that you want to export in a report.

Our seasoned professionals use different techniques to analyze email headers, message IDs, perform link analysis, document chain of custody, analyze the attachment files, recover deleted emails, and generate detailed reports of our findings.

With the help of email forensics software, we successfully trace the email's metadata, including the headers, to determine the path the email took and identify the source.

Email forensics investigation involves several steps. However, the 4 key functions include identification & prevention, Examine, Analyze, and finally reporting.

Images, videos, documents, and other files in the form of email attachments can act as evidence that can be extracted from an email. Apart from that time stamp, deleted emails, routing information, search history, metadata, etc can be gathered from email.

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