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Today, both inculpatory & exculpatory evidences in the form of emails can be found on different platforms, and within varied storage types. Owing to the omnipresence of emails, the arena of email forensics has become largely significant. We deal with the provision of computer forensics email investigation services, forensic email analysis software to help investigators carve out information and minute details that remain undetectable to normal users. Thus, we offer equally versatile and proficient solution to deal with detailed parsing of email messages.

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Dedicated Email Investigation Software to Redefine & Simplify Email Forensics

  • Create Case Repository to manage complete case & analyze filtered evidence
  • Follow OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Process to search within the Image(s)
  • Email Forensic analysis of Google Apps, Exchange Server, O365, IMAP, iCloud, Outlook
  • Intelligent Link Analysis mechanism to track connection between the suspects
  • Capable to provide view of Hash Values i.e., MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and MD5 of emails
  • Allows to analyze and examine E01, LEF, DMG, Zip Archived file, and DD file data
  • Support search in multiple language i.e., Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish
  • Able to recover deleted email data and save the evidence in court acceptable format
  • Analyze & investigate Skype Messaging App details i.e., Chats, Calls, and SMS
  • Skin Tone Analysis mechanism use analyze pornographic or obscene images
  • Complete view of activities during mail examination using Logs Management
  • Generate a complete Export Report with all details in HTML, CSV & PDF formats

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Advance Evidence Search Mechanism

With email investigation software , a user is allowed to customize their search filters depending on the scenarios. One can take help of cultivated search facilities for example, In addition, a user can make use of other logical search operators (OR, AND, NOT) also on keyword search for accurate result. Being a forensic email analysis software, it provides users an option to search within emails and attachments.

Multiple Search Types

  • Regular Expression
  • Wildcard
  • Fuzzy
  • Stem
  • Proximity

Support Multiple languages

  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • US English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Spanish

Email Examiner

A Complete Range of Emails Support

With the help of Email Examiner software, an investigator can analyze and examine emails of around 80+ email clients. In addition, this forensic email collector also provides an extended support for forensic email analysis of both desktop and web-based email services. For example,

  • PST Microsoft Outlook
  • lotus-notes Lotus Notes
  • thunderbird Thunderbird
  • eM eM Client
  • tbb The Bat!
  • zarafa Zarafa
  • live-exchange Live Exchange
  • zoho Zoho Mail
  • google-apps Google Apps
  • gmail Gmail
  • hotmail Hotmail
  • icloud iCloud
  • windows-live Windows Live Mail
  • ofc365 Office 365

Advance Features Offered by Email Forensic Evidence Collection Tool
Best Email Forensic software for Email Investigation in Computer Forensics

Proper Management of Case

Proper Management of Case

The Case Management is one of the crucial facility offered by this Email Forensics Software. It let investigators to handle one or more cases altogether in a proper way. Management of cases is required in three different ways i.e. new case creation, already existing cases management, and editing in future. This Case Management facility of this email investigation software provides multiple options for case management. For example, Create case, Open Case, Export case, Save Case, Import case, and Delete case.

Analyze Multiple Email Format

Analyze Multiple Email Format

The Forensic Evidence Collection Tool designed in a way that it is capable to manage native email clients and web-based email services in an efficient manner to perform email investigation in computer forensics . This forensic email collector supports 20+ file formats including both web-based or desktop-based email services. One can analyze and investigates emails stored on Mail Servers also. For example, MS Exchange Server, hMail Server, Communigate Server. An investigator can search, bookmark, export, preview, and restrict export options on emails.

Multiple Views of Emails

Provide Multiple Views of Emails

The email view of Email Examiner software is powerful if it is capable to provides preview of scanned artifacts in multiple views i.e., Normal, Message Header, HTML, RTF, Hex, MIME, Property, Email Hop view, Attachment views. All this is supported by the email investigation software. All these details and facilities makes the process of detailed investigation much easier, quick, and convenient for the investigators for forensic email header analysis .

Analyze EnCase Forensic Image File

Analyze EnCase Forensic Image File

Email Forensics Software is designed with advance algorithm that is capable to scan, analyze, and examine EnCase Forensic Image Files of disk also. It includes E01, LEF, Zip Archive File, DD, and DMG. All these are basically an image files that are created when EnCase is used to image or copy a hard drive, USB, or CD. E01 is the extension of primary EnCase Image file.

Advance Link & Time Analysis

Perform Advance Link & Time Analysis

MailXaminer email analysis software has this Link analysis intelligence added in the email forensic investigation software. It let investigators visualize, analyze, and examine the email communication between two or more users. In addition, the tool is capable to keep track of both the direct and indirect conversation between the users. This Email Forensics Software has Time Analysis facility also to analyze the email conversation between the users on specific date, year, and decade.

Examine Skype Call, Chats, SMS

Examine Skype Call, Chats, SMS

With the help of this forensic email collector, investigators can even view the Chat details, perform call analysis, and view SMS details between different users of Skype application. All these SMS, Call, and Chat Details are maintained in the Skype Messenger application database. It provides an option to View, Export and Save chats and SMS in the documented format also.

Perform Advance Search With Operators

Perform Advance Search With Operators

This Email Examiner software provides a Super Grid Data filter that let users perform more accurate and improved search & Email Forensic analysis on the data. The Grid Count feature let them view multiple entries at once. This will let users search for particular keyword without going to search options actually. As the file is scanned completely, one is allowed to perform grid search by type keyword in the respective grid itself.

Export Case Report

Generate an Export Case Report

The reporting feature of Email Forensics Software has been made in smarter way to view and export after email forensics investigation . One perform forensic email analysis and export the reports of cases, keywords, bookmarks, tags, etc., in several output formats i.e., HTML, PDF & CSV. In addition, a user can export senders, recipients, domain-wise, domain-wise senders reports also without any limitation. However, all these details are very important as it need to be presented in the law enforcement agency.

Advantages of Using Email Analysis Software

Geo Location Mapping

To know the geographical location of particular image available in an email. After that, export the exact location in KML format to present as an evidence.

Proper Logs Management

It maintain log files of all activities during email forensics including details like scanning, search, report, tag, bookmark, not indexed.

Improved Document Support

Allows to examine & analyze documents in all formats stored. After scanning file, the Display panel will preview of scanned file and right panel will display the all artifacts available in it.

Email Examiner

Supports Hash Algorithm

SHA-1 is a hash function algorithm developed by NSA to check the integrity of data. Thus, in this email investigation software SHA-1 implementation will help the agents in identifying such emails..

Allows Tags & Bookmarking:

Allows to tag or bookmark any forensics evidence from mails, attachments, or search results.

Advanced OCR Proficiencies

Acquisition support for network offers assistance to investigators for scanning files from a "Network or Domain".

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Can I search for some particular type of files from a large size hard drive and analyze it for evidence using Email Examiner software?

Yes, this Email Forensics Software supports Grid Data Filter option that let users perform any search directly in grid. For example, a user need to type particular file extension in File Name grid, it displays the matched result for the same.

Yes, a user needs to check the SHA-1 option under Hash Settings to check the integrity of data.

In this email investigation software , a user is allowed to add, analyze, and examine E01, DD, DMG, LEF, and Zip Archive File type EnCase image file.

Yes, within forensic email analysis software you are allowed to search for an email in all files via specific keyword. In addition, a user is allowed to search for keyword in multiple other languages also, including Japanese.

Yes, the MailXaminer is capable to view, search, and export the chat carried out between the users.

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