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Forensically Acquire, Investigate & Report E-mail Evidences

Today, both; inculpatory & exculpatory evidences in the form of emails can be found on different platforms, and within varied storage types. Owing to the omnipresence of emails, the arena of email forensics has become largely significant.We deal with the provision of computer forensics email investigation services, forensic email analysis software to help investigators carve out information and minute details that remain undetectable to normal users. Thus, we offer equally versatile and proficient solution to deal with detailed parsing of email messages. Read More...

We extend completely scalable, focused, and flexible solution to accomplish the need of cyber forensic investigators for email forensics on messages obtainable from sources whatsoever, including; disk, cloud storage, web based application, etc.

Scenarios that Necessitates Email Forensics

While, espionage, intellectual property theft, phishing/bombing of an email account, or heavy spamming in it are usually the cases where email analysis is called for. However, deletion of messages, message storage itself getting corrupted or hard deleted from its storage, acts as one of the major obstacles faced during an investigation. Thus, in order to ensure that a streamlined investigation of emails is conducted.

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Our Provisions Towards E-mail Forensic

Web Based Email Forensics

Web based email accounts have become a very common possession amongst users and as a result, also a very common target of cybercrime, at the same time. Connection between both the aspects of webmail services has led to the rise in cybercrime conducted through or via emails, as a result of which data confidentiality and user privacy is being invaded largely.

email forensic analysis

We work towards lowering this ratio by recovering information of web based emails retentively to maintain originality of evidence. Most of the cases involve popular webmail clients like; Gmail, Yahoo,, Hotmail, as they are available for free and do not restrict any facility.

Key Role: Our primary role during a web mail investigation is to deal with large number of messages. Owing to its free services, account holders tend to keep a humongous storage of emails exchanged on the account. This usually poses serious issue in spotting potential evidence storing messages amongst the bulk collection of emails.Our role in this arena is highlighted by the widespread forensic email analysis services that we provided for different platforms like:

Key Benefit: The chief advantage of adopting our application is proven firstly during the intact and quick download of emails from web. And secondly during use of advanced facilities to find out specific set of emails from a bulk of storage.

Desktop Based Email Forensics

Use of desktop based emails programs are largely observed in organizational environment and for any commercial usage. The clutter free, customizable platform with storage at a local point makes it a secure option to share confidential data or business strategies with.

Security can be implemented through many additional layers of protection (encryption/password) but it only takes one loophole to break in. As a result of a local storage, it is easy to tamper with any/all traces of activities conducted on the client end.

desktop email forensics

Forensic email analysis software extends recovery of deleted emails ensuring the reversal of tampered items that could possibly prove of evidentiary value. Despite of hard (permanent) deletion emails are recoverable with their original details retained which makes the investigation more streamlined. The role we have here is of providing the service of investigating almost all desktop based email client repositories ranging from:

Key Benefit: Support for recovery of email messages purportedly hard deleted is provided for a large number of local email applications. Microsoft Outlook PST Data File, Offline Data File, Notes Database, Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac storage, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and many more are on the list.

Cloud Based Email Forensics

The biggest challenge during examination of a cloud based email account is the lack of control over evidentiary contents of a suspect account. We have equally potentiality for the forensics of emails with storage on the cloud.

cloud email forensics

Key Role: We ensure the extraction of emails from cloud based email accounts despite of their limitless count. With just the usage of administrator account credentials, we can instantly download any/all user account emails and enlist them for further investigation. We play a very important role in extending forensic services for a wide variety of cloud based email services including:

Key Benefit: Multiple accounts coming under a domain can be analyzed for any out of routine activity or communication. Moreover, auto generation of detailed link between users and domains can help quicken the investigation and sight possible suspects.

Disk Image Email Forensics

Disk images and virtual environment though are advanced and provide instant access to data and applications are also easily prone to vulnerability due to the unavailability of a dedicated protection of such storages.

Disk Image Forensics

Key Role: We dedicatedly offer email forensics from Disk images like; EnCase E01, DMG, and virtual environment even if the message storage source is deleted permanently.

Key Benefit: The restoration of permanently erased email storage files is the key benefit we serve through our email forensics for disk images and virtual environment to help rebuild artifacts in their original and native form for further investigation of evidence.

Why Choose Us ?

Apart from the expertise of rendering email forensics for a diverse range of storage platforms, environments, and file types we also hold a set of other majorly supportive skills. An email itself stores all the information required for detection and identification of a suspect or perpetrator. An extensive view on the right information set is all that is required to get to a conclusion. Thus, for the same we offer a combination of Advance Search and Multiple Views of different portions in an email besides other powerful facilities.

While advance searching lets investigators search through a bulk of messages on the other hand a multiple set of views at the different portions of an email and its headers helps identify and locate suspect.

This is a glance at the improvements in email forensics that we endorse through our solution. There is a wide range of likewise powerful peculiarities like; analysis of image based media on the basis of percentage of skin tone detected, regular expression based search, bookmarking of potential evidence, email data classification, detailed reporting of investigation stages, etc., that enhance the entire experience of email forensics.