Effortlessly Import PST Files to Shared Mailbox Office 365

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In this article, we will explain a step-by-step procedure for importing PST files to shared mailbox Office 365via a manual and automated tool. The automated tool we will be using is SysTools Office 365 import tool. This automated tool which is an advanced utility that overcomes the limitation imposed by manual solution – Tool provides effortless procedure import PST to shared mailbox Office 365 & other normal mailboxes also.

What is Office 365 Shared Mailbox?

Shared Mailboxes in Office 365 is one of the unique facility that attracts more customers. It is a special type of mailbox that can be used by multiple users simultaneously. Normally these mailboxes can be created & managed by the Administrator only. An Admin can grant access rights to multiple users. Generally different shared mailboxes are created for different departments so that users can send & receive emails from the same email address.

Many business organization often imports PST files to shared mailboxes so that data is available to all Office 365 user connect with that shared mailbox. This decreases the time for sharing the same PST file with multiple users.

We hope now it’s clear with you what shared mailbox commonly used for. Let’s have a look at the possible methods for importing PST to Office 365 shared mailbox without any hassle.

Methods For Importing PST Files to Office 365 Shared Mailbox

Microsoft provides its own method to import the PST file into the Outlook web app (Network Upload). But the problem is these methods are quite complicated and takes time to implement it. Performing a lengthy process every time when needed to import PST to shared mailbox of Office 365 is non-efficient for any organization. Additionally, the execution of such method requires good technical knowledge, as importing files into shared mailbox are not simple as importing PST to a normal user mailbox. So, to handle such complicated and time taking methods, we recommend Admins to use an automated tool that is specifically designed for such operations.

SysTools Import PST to Office 365 tool on the other hand is Microsoft MVP recommended tool for importing PST files in O365 account. This automated tool is embedded with unique and advanced features that helps Admin in importing PST files to Shared Mailbox or other user mailboxes of Office 365. Using the category and date-range filters, Admin can import selective data from PST file. Additionally, the tool offers an Incremental import feature, which will only import new data from PST file, if that PST file data has already imported before.

For better understanding of the tool, see its working steps, which are as follows:

1. First, Download the tool for free and Install it on your computer.

Download Tool Purchase

2. After launching the tool, click on ‘Is Admin’ checkmark and enter Admin Id & password for login.

login via Admin

3. Choose from Add File(s) / Folder option to import the PST files.

import PST files

4. In destination id section enter Office 365 Shared mailbox account ids.

enter Office 365 shared mailbox id

5. Next, select the category of data that needs to be imported from PST file and apply date-range filter for each.

6. Additional, use Include folder to import particular folder from PST file and set other filters (optional)

apply filters

7. Finally, click on Import button to start importing PST files into Shared Mailboxes of Office 365.

8. After completion of the process, the tool will provide an option to save report of the complete job.

successfully import pst to shared mailbox Office 365

Note: Free download the automated tool and get the option to import the first 25 emails from the PST file to the destination mailbox.


For the sharing of PST files among multiple users, Admins mostly prefers importing PST to shared mailboxes of Office 365. This makes the sharing easy and also protect the PST file to get in the hand of the unauthorized person. So, to execute such an operation we have explained the step-by-step process to import PST files to shared mailboxes Office 365 in the easiest way possible.

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