How to Migrate BOL Mail Email to Office 365 Mailbox?

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Want to know the solutions to migrate BOL mail to Office 365? Don’t worry! This blog post explores the excellent solutions for BOL mailbox migration to Microsoft 365. Moreover, we will also discuss the reasons for the email migration, so read this blog till the end!

BOL Mail is a Brazil-based email service by Brasil Online (BOL) with features like an anti-spam filter, IMAP and POP3 configuration for email clients and mobile apps, and Android, iPad, and iPhone interfaces.

Microsoft Office 365 (earlier known as Office 365 and now Microsoft 365) is a cloud-based professional suite with collaborative apps like PowerPoint, Teams, and Word, besides offering real-time app integration and conferencing facilities for increased professional productivity.

Why Shift From BOL Mail to O365?

Technical experts have many reasons for describing Office 365’s importance as the best professional email platform. The forthcoming points highlight the valuable features of BOL webmail to O365 mailbox migration:

  • Personal Account Creation: The first reason for BOL mailbox migration to Microsoft 365 is the facility to buy an individual O365 subscription plan for personal usage. It has a massive 1 TB cloud storage and robust data and email security with Microsoft Defender.
  • Email Protection Features: Another reason to migrate BOL mail to Office 365 is the progressive email safety benefits Microsoft offers with every subscription plan. Data Loss Prevention (DLP), threat prevention, password policies, and message quarantine (only for Microsoft Teams) help users secure their emails and other crucial data from untoward data access.
  • Easy Productive Collaboration: People using O365 benefit from excellent real-time productive collaboration on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other files. Moreover, the live presentation feature helps teams work efficiently on crucial projects without worries.

These factors describe the value of Office 365 as the go-to professional email platform. The following sections mention the methods to export BOL emails to MS Office 365.

How to Migrate BOL Mail to Office 365?

Since no manual solution is available for BOL mailbox migration to Microsoft 365, we will discuss the perfect method for email migration: automated software. The SysTools IMAP to Office 365 Migrator is the best choice for moving your BOL emails to the O365 mailbox with comprehensive data security. This software runs perfectly with all Windows computers without issues. This expert-recommended automated tool has many remarkable attributes for a seamless BOL webmail to O365 mailbox migration. The “Delta Migration” feature allows migrating only recent emails from your BOL email account to Microsoft 365, while the “Date Filter” helps with selective email migration to O365 between two dates.

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Steps to Export BOL Emails to MS Office 365 on Windows

  • Download and open the automated software on your Windows computer/laptop after activating it.
  • Select “IMAP” and “Office 365” as the Source and Destination under the Setup window.
    set imap and office 365 as source and destination
  • Next, select the “Email” checkbox under Workload Selection and click “Next.”
    select email in workload selection
  • Then, click on the “Other” option in the IMAP Server list in the Source window and enter your BOL Mail server details. Click “Validate” to verify the credentials, and click the “Next” button.
    select imap server
  • Enter your Office 365 administrator email ID and application ID under the Destination window and click “Validate” to confirm the details.
    enter destination account details
  • Next, add more users to migrate BOL mail to Office 365 in bulk using the “Import Users” option.
    import users
  • Now, click ” Validate” and confirm the Source App Password for the added account(s).
    enter the source app password
  • Finally, click “Start Migration” to export BOL emails to MS Office 365 with complete mailbox integrity.
    click start migration

How to Execute BOL Webmail to O365 Mailbox Migration on MacOS?

BOL email users having an Apple computer (MacBook or iMac) must use the expert-suggested SysTools Mac IMAP Migration Software for BOL mailbox migration to Microsoft 365 with total email data migration without data loss. You can use this software with Apple systems having MacOS X 10.8 to 13 versions. This software has many remarkable benefits for a flawless migration of BOL emails to the O365 account. The software maintains the folder structure of your BOL mailbox during the migration process, ensuring no problems with your emails. The Date Filter lets you migrate BOL mail to Office 365 between two specific dates, skipping the entire mailbox.

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Steps for BOL Mailbox Export to Microsoft 365 for Mac Devices

  • Download and start the automated software on your Apple MacOS computer after you complete all the requirements.
    launch the tool to migrate BOL mail to office 365
  • Select “Other” in the Source IMAP Account section menu and enter your BOL account address and password. Next, verify the entered details by clicking the “Validate” button.
    add source BOL mail account
  • Then, choose “Office 365” from the Host Name menu in the Destination IMAP Account section and enter your account credentials. Click “Validate” and confirm your account details.
    add destination office 365 account
  • Next, click the “Advance Settings” button to export BOL emails to MS Office 365 selectively using the Folder and Date filters.
    apply date and folder filters
  • Then, maintain your BOL email account’s folder structure during migration by checking the “Attach Source Account Tree” box.
    attach source account tree
  • Finally, begin the BOL webmail to O365 mailbox migration by clicking the “Start Migration” button.
    click start migration


We discussed the reasons and methods to migrate BOL mail to Office 365 in this blog. The reasons described here highlight Microsoft 365’s value as the go-to professional email platform for many people. The absence of a manual solution makes the automated software mentioned here the best solution for BOL webmail to O365 mailbox migration with total email data safety and no data loss.

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